D-Tools MVP manufacturers realize the importance of bringing you their product information and have chosen to support the D-Tools user community by joining the program and making their product data directly available through D-Tools SI software. Read on for the latest manufacturer news and product updates. This month, read news about Atlona, Kramer, Tannoy, Lutron, Leon Speakers, Universal Remote Control and more!

Atlona Technologies Introduces New Professional 16×16 DVI Matrix Switch with Audio, the AT-DVI1616-A

AV market is beginning to see digital matrix switches with a greater number of inputs and outputs; however early DVI switcher adopters were limited to 4×4 and larger solutions were extremely expensive and very complicated to use. Atlona Technologies, a solution based manufacturer of AV connectivity products, has researched the project and built a new line of Professional DVI switchers based on the same technology that all the other Atlona’s Pro switchers (such as RGB and VGA) were built on.  For those who need more than 8×8 (AT-DVI0808 & AT-DVI0808-A), there is the AT-DVI1616-A.   Like the AT-DVI1616, this unit is a 16×16 DVI matrix switch geared for video wall and small scale digital signage; however the AT-DVI1616-A unit comes with supported Audio.

This rack mountable digital matrix switch is designed to be controlled through RS-232 with the included software from any computer, or via third party control systems such as Crestron or AMX. The unit also features an Ethernet port, which allows control through a network as well. The AT-DVI1616-A showcases an EDID learning function that shortens switching speed considerably and maintains the digital “handshake” between source and display. With Atlona’s AT-DVI1616-A, users will never experience signal loss degradation due to signal routing, or dropping picture on one source when switching video on another. Not only can this unit support High Resolutions up to 1920×1200, but the Atlona DVI Switchers are featured with re-clocking technology which allows a use of long cable runs on both the inputs and outputs.

With an MSRP of $8,499, the AT-DVI1616-A provides the most flexible and cost effective solution in the market for users routing high definition with audio from any 16 DVI sources to 16 High Definition DVI compatible displays simultaneously. This unit is perfect for broadcast rooms, multi council-chambers, television teaching rooms and command center application where multiple DVI monitors are required. Atlona builds each unit per order adding features such as Audio or additional TC/PIP support as needed.

Atlona’s AT-DVI1616-A DVI Matrix Switchers with Audio are currently available for order and ship within one week from time of purchase.

Kramer Introduces VA-1VGAN EDID Emulator
VA-1VGAN Ensures Proper Signal Management in Systems

Kramer VA-1VGAN Press Release
Kramer VA-1VGAN Photo
Hampton, New Jersey – Kramer Electronics is pleased to announce the introduction of the VA-1VGAN computer graphics EDID emulator.

As part of the Kramer TOOLS™ line of compact solution products, the VA-1VGAN replaces the VA-1VGA.  The new VA-1VGAN is housed in the smaller Kramer Pico TOOL™ enclosure making it more convenient and easier to use in any installation.  The VA-1VGAN also carries a list price that is $90 less than the older model making it extremely economical as well.

The VA-1VGAN captures and emulates the EDID data of a display.  EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) is a data-structure consisting of 128 pieces of information that a display provides to the graphics card of a connected computer source. The EDID describes the display’s capabilities so that the source can output the best possible signal for that display.  The source and the display exchange this information over the Display Data Channel 2 (DDC2) using pins 12 and 15 of a standard 15-pin HD computer graphics video signal connector.

Kramer’s VA-1VGAN ensures that if a display is turned off, temporarily disconnected or is out of communication with the source, the source continues to output the best possible signal resolution.  The VA-1VGAN makes the source think that the display is still directly connected even when the EDID information is unavailable.

Systems including matrix switchers, distribution amplifiers, 5-wire coax signal distribution and twisted pair range extenders are typically unable to pass EDID information, since pins 12 and 15 from the source are not available.  In all these instances, the VA-1VGAN captures EDID information from the display when it is inserted into the system just after the source and it sends the EDID information to the source allowing the best possible signal resolution to be output at all times.  Even if the DDC2 channel does not connect the source and the display, the source will still effectively “see” the display.

The Kramer VA-1VGAN is in stock and available with the U.S. list price of $105.  Complete product information can be found at www.kramermatrix.com .

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Best regards,

Clint Hoffman

Vice President Marketing
Kramer Electronics, USA
96 Route 173 West, Suite 1 – Hampton, NJ 08827

www.kramerus.com www.sierravideo.com

Phone: 908-735-0018 Fax: 908-735-0515

URC Introduces Monthly E-newsletter: Control the Universe

URC is always looking for ways to further engage and inform its dealers. Its new Control the Universe monthly e-newsletter, which debuted in March, is its latest innovation.

At the beginning of every month, Control the Universe informs dealers and installers of all the latest news from URC: product introductions, industry partnerships, training opportunities, new dealer programs, software updates and more. It also provides valuable business and technical tips from URC employees and dealers alike, as well as links to videos and content on URC’s dealers-only site, the URC Control Room.

Interested parties can sign up to receive Control the Universe at www.universalremote.com/newsletter.

Mirage Media Server by Autonomic Controls

Manufactured by S1Digital
Ships March 2010

Quick Start Guide and Specifications can be found at http://www.autonomic-controls.com/products_hardware_mirage.php

Four Output Media Server

Integrated streaming media server with one video output and four IP controllable audio outputs.

Your Digital Media Source

Play local content, create and stream Pandora radio stations and listen to Sirius/XM radio and internet broadcasts via broadband.

DRM Compliant

You can authorize the Mirage Media Server with your account information as one of your five iTunes devices, enabling legal playback of DRM content.

Remote Management

Monitor hardware health, perform firmware updates, and configure options remotely.

Automatic Synchronization

Included synchronization utility silently uploads your iTunes and Windows Media Player content to the server in the background, including playlists.

Designed for Integrators

Engineered specifically to be integrated with control platforms. Includes pre-built control modules for Crestron, AMX, URC MX-6000 and RTI systems.

Award-Winning Technology

Industry-acclaimed MCS technology independently manages multiple content streams from a single server for a unified, DRM-compatible media solution.

Did you know?

The Mirage Media Server allows you to create new Pandora stations on the fly….right from integrated touchpanels.

You can even create a new station based on a song in your library or one playing on Sirius/XM radio…with just a single button press.

Release of  new Mirage Media Server Click here for more information. http://www.autonomic-controls.com/products_hardware_mirage.php

An upcoming Webinar for Mirage Media Server is scheduled for April 21, 2010 – details to follow in Autonomic’s April Newsletter!

BG RADIA Launches New In-Wall Surround Speakers

In-Wall Planar Ribbon Surrounds Redefine Surround Speaker Performance

BG Radia, the world leader in planar loudspeaker technology, announced the debut of two new planar ribbon surround speakers for in-wall or in-ceiling applications. The SS-202 and the SS-303 are made in the USA, are priced at $1000 and $2000 respectively each MSRP, and will ship in late April.

The SS-202 and the SS-303 are bipolar speakers that produce a very large diffuse soundfield.  Both are designed to be used in-wall or in-ceiling, and both share their speaker drivers with the rest of our acclaimed primary speakers, both woofers and planar ribbon midranges and tweeters. By carefully adjusting mounting angles and studying how the adjacent speakers interact as they form a series of coherent sound waves, both speakers not only have very wide dispersion to fill the room, but also exhibit very linear and smooth frequency response over their entire response area. They maintain the same tonal quality and the same detailed and articulate sound, whether listeners are right in front of a speaker or well off-axis.

The SS-202 is a two-way speaker, featuring four 4” Neodymium woofers set in a concave array, and two Neo3 3” planar ribbon tweeters in a convex array. It is approximately 12” square.  Its depth allows it to fit into a standard 2 x 4 framed wall, even using its optional extruded aluminum back box. It’s available in black or white, or can be custom painted on-site to match the room.

The SS-303 is a larger three-way system, suitable for extremely large, high-performance theater systems. It features two 8” dual-gap woofers, the same as used in BG’s flagship speakers, two Neo10 10” planar ribbon midranges in a concave array, and two Neo3 3” planar ribbon tweeters in a convex array. The SS-303 will also fit into a standard-depth framed wall, with or without a back box, and measures 32” x 11-5/8”. Like all BG Radia speakers, it is also available in black or white, or can be custom-painted to match its environment.

Hall Research Introduces Daisy-Chainable Video-Over-UTP Receiver

CONTACT: Galel Fajardo
1-800-959-6439 Ext. 234

Hall Research announces today the release of the latest addition to its Mini-Cat® series of Video-over-UTP product line, the URA-XT. This device receives HD or PC video and audio on standard Cat5e/6 UTP or STP cables. VGA/YPbPr high resolution video and audio outputs are available on the unit as well as an RJ45 output port for sending the restored signals to downstream receivers.

The URA-XT can accommodate a total daisy-chain length of 3,750 feet (1,143 meters). The URA-XT supports all PC or HDTV resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 and is compatible with a broad selection of UVA Senders in the same product category. The unit is housed in a compact metal enclosure with surface mounting provisions and includes a universal power supply.

Sophisticated video enhancement circuitry restores cable signal attenuation, as well as aligning the skew in the RGB signals due to inter-pair twist ratio variance of the UTP cable.

The URA-XT has a suggested retail price of  $349.00s and is available through all of Hall Research’s authorized dealers worldwide. To search for an authorized dealer, you may visit www.HallResearch.com.

Wireless Driveway Sensor Adds to HAI’s Wireless Product Family

HAI’s newest product, the Wireless Driveway Sensor, provides advanced notification to homeowners or business operators.  The sensor recognizes vehicles using Earth’s magnetic field and detects moving metal objects that pass it.  Then, it tells the automation system to enact a chain of events.  Such automation features can include activation of surveillance video (recording, or viewing on TV/Touchscreen), exterior lighting, and even alarm.  The unobtrusive device is simple to install, via the included ground stake or wall/post mount, requiring no digging or running of underground cables.  The Wireless Driveway Sensor is part of HAI’s wireless security product line, which requires the use of an HAI 64 Zone Wireless Receiver (HAI part number 45A00-1).  The Wireless Driveway Sensor is expected to be available during the 2nd quarter of 2010.

Kordz Introduces New PRO Series HDMI Cables

Kordz, a leading manufacturer of high purity HDMI cables, announces the new line of PRO series cables specifically engineered for custom installers.  A breakthrough in performance, the PRO series borrows from the leading construction technologies of Kordz GEN-4 series HDMI cables and applies them in a more economical package.

Unassuming in looks, the PRO line features B.O.S.S.™ auto soldering for optimized cable bandwidth with minimized jitter and a pre-moulded PVC/ABS boot assembly to eliminate shell induced capacitance. Kordz ProFit™ connectors allow for a truly reliable fit into the HDMI socket and are found on all lengths in the line.  With round cable profile for 360° flexibility, all PRO series lengths are supplied in PE bags for economy and ease of transportation.

“Kordz PRO Series will bring innovation from the GEN-4 series with a flat profile and advanced soldering to the custom market,” said Michael Schaller, Director of Kordz USA, “PRO series cables have been specifically designed to pair with high end AV devices and meet the demand for high speed compliance even at long lengths.”

Kordz PRO Series HDMI cables features include:

  • Purpose designed commercial grade
  • 100% HDMI Compliance ensures certifiable performance
  • ProFit™ Connectors fit firmly into HDMI receptacle
  • All lengths support FULL HD 1080p*
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Kordz® IMMORTAL lifetime warranty

The Kordz brand of interconnects has quickly grown to a highly reputable level, offering true mid-to-high end performance with a primary focus on proven construction methods and dedication to quality and provable performance.  For more information on Kordz HDMI cables, visit www.kordz.com.

Leon Speakers’ New Aaros 10” Ultra-Thin Subwoofer Delivers Theater-Grade Performance in Compact 4.5-Inch Deep Enclosure

Leon Speakers today introduced a new dimension in living space and dedicated home theater with the Aaros 10” ultra-thin subwoofer. The Aaros 10” subwoofer (A10-UT) packs theater-grade performance along with musical finesse in a sleek, compact enclosure with a depth of only 4.5-inches. Designed to meet the audio and design demands of living-space theaters, this modern, sculptural subwoofer looks impressive in the foreground of any home and can be customized to complement any décor.  The A10-UT is also convertible to a downward-firing position to easily fit under a couch or hide away in any cabinet, delivering extreme versatility and impactful low end to any space.

Featuring a highly specialized 10-inch aluminum cone driver, the A10-UT boasts 400 watts with minimal distortion. Housed in a fully-sealed enclosure, reinforced with a solid aluminum baffle and back that is hand-crafted and machined in Ann Arbor, MI, the 45-pound A10-UT produces the bass response matched to the space for which it is intended. It can be further customized to match any color or finish to complement the look of any room. Paired with Leon’s brand new L3-1K 1,000-watt, class A/B subwoofer amplifier, the Aaros sub naturally reproduces the tight musical low tones necessary for critical two-channel listening, and effortlessly handles home theater low-frequency effects with impeccable clarity and precision.

“This thin form factor subwoofer challenges all conventions in speaker design by pushing the boundaries of performance, versatility and placement,” said Noah Kaplan, co-founder and president of Leon Speakers. “As the latest addition to our custom-built loudspeakers for Living Space Theater, this highly refined sub integrates seamlessly into any room while controlling the impact of the most demanding movie tracks.”

To complement the A10-UT, Leon’s L3-1K subwoofer amplifier delivers the power, finesse and flexibility that the subwoofer deserves. Its adjustable crossover, variable phase, and tunable EQ allow installers to tailor the sound of the sub to match any room.

Leon continues to deliver high-fidelity, immersive audio solutions for Living Space Theater, where theater systems don’t just match a particular display, but integrate seamlessly into any room where the audiovisual experience is enjoyed. The Aaros 10” subwoofer is perfectly tuned to complement Leon’s Horizon and Profile Series speakers to create the perfect theater system for any room.

Custom-built in Ann Arbor, MI, the A10-UT is sold with Leon’s L3-1K 1,000 watt subwoofer amplifier at an MSRP of $2,695 for one subwoofer or $3,995 for dual subwoofers.

RadioRA® 2…the next generation of wireless control for lights & shades
Great Value • Ideal for Retrofit • Saves Energy
• PC setup tool provides easy design & programming
• Scalable system from 2 to 200 devices
• Energy-saving benefits dimmers and sensors
• Enhanced integration capabilities
• Direct control of Sivoia® QS Wireless shades

NEW! RadioRA® 2… the next generation of wireless control for lights and shades from Lutron®
Great Value • Ideal for Retrofit • Saves Energy
This new product takes the original Lutron RadioRA concept to a whole new level incorporating more than 10 years of RF experience, customer feedback, and new innovations. The result is a completely redesigned lighting control solution tailored to customers’ needs. And since installation requires no new wiring, it is an ideal solution for retrofit applications in a single room or the entire home.

The new RadioRA 2 system provides simple, convenient control of lights, Sivoia® QS wireless shades, and more.
Features include:

New System Components
– Main repeater with astronomic time clock, RS-232 and IP integration built-in
– Lutron’s new seeTouch® hybrid keypad-dimmer for retrofit applications
– Wireless Pico™ Control
– Radio Powr Savr™ occupancy/vacancy sensors
– Native system support of GRAFIK Eye® QS lighting control and Sivoia® QS shading solutions – no interfaces required
PC setup tool
Intuitive system programming application makes RadioRA 2 easy to design and program using a PC.
– This feature allows the programmer to define zones and locations, light and shade levels, occupancy/vacancy sensing, etc. in every room in the home from one convenient location – saving time.
Open Integration
– Public integration protocol allows devices capable of sending and/or receiving RS232 or IP commands to control lights and shades.
– Two-way communication provides the ability to monitor the status of lights in the home from popular remote controls, home automation
systems and PCs.
RadioRA 2 is scalable from two to 200 devices (includes dimmers, shades, keypads, etc,)
Components can be added at any time to grow the system from a single-room to an entire home solution.

RadioRA 2 uses Clear Connect Radio Frequency (RF) Technology™, Lutron’s reliable, wireless, communication technology built on over a decade of experience with more than one million RF devices installed. This technology ensures optimal performance in retrofit or new construction applications.

As with all Lutron products, RadioRA 2 will provide end-users with enhanced ambiance in their homes, provide convenient control of lights and shades, and save energy.

For more information, or to attend a RadioRA 2 training event in your area, visit www.radiora2.com.

THIELs Sing in Vegas at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show

Thanks to our own Gary Dayton and Bryston’s James Tanner, we managed to exceed the terrific CS3.7 demos from past shows. Some of the best ears in our industry were astounded at the imaging and detail in our system and a few called it the best sound they heard at CES. Of course having WireWorld cables and all Bryston and Torus electronics perfectly dialed in with our CS3.7s and SmartSub SS2s didn’t hurt either.

THIEL also showed static versions of the new DewPoint Outdoor Loudspeaker and USS SmartSub® which we hope to begin shipping in Q2. Perhaps the most enthusiastic comments were directed toward a static display of THIEL’s new SCS4T, a floor standing version of our hot SCS4 bookshelf. (EHX attendees in Orlando, March 25-27, were treated to a live demo of the SCS4T as well.)

Thursday evening was a special night for the folks at THIEL as we honored the late Jim Thiel with a reception attended by over 150 guests. Featured speakers included long time THIEL dealer Simon Zreczny of Audio Consultants, our friend and PR guru Micah Sheveloff of WircMedia, Stefan Blanc of Audio Focus, THIEL distributor in France, THIEL employees Lana Ruth, Ken Dawkins, and Dawn Cloyd, and Larry Archibald, former publisher of Stereophile. Kathy Gornik provided both a moving tribute to Jim and a glimpse into THIEL’s strong future going forward.

With attendance actually up over last year and a cautiously positive vibe from the dealers, distributors and press we met with, CES was a significant success for THIEL as we position ourselves for a big rebound in 2010 and beyond.

Gibson Burst CS3.7s a SoHo Showpiece at the Savant Design Center

Savant Systems, a leading manufacturer of home automation solutions, opened a showcase design center in the SoHo district of New York City last November. Through the efforts of our shared PR Firm, WircMedia, THIEL’s Gibson finish CS3.7s are featured in the residential experience portion of the center. Also part of the home theater system are THIEL MCS1s and SmartSub® SS2s.

Read more about the center here (http://www.your-story.org/savant-to-unveil-deluxe-manhattan-design-center-28528/)  or view a photo gallery here (http://www.customretailer.net/slideshow/savant-nyc-experience-center-opens).

3D Materials Available from Steward Filmscreen!

Silver 3D is a specialty fabric designed to optimize stereoscopic, two channel 3D displays. The fabric employs special metallic elements, formulated to preserve light polarization. The high gain and high contrast of the fabric helps compensate for the losses incurred when using polarization filtration technology. Silver 3D offers a wider viewing cone then competing fabrics with similar gain specifications. The open/closed ratio, otherwise known as “ratio of extinction”, of Silver 3D is the industry benchmark for front projection fabrics.

StarGlas 60*, Stewart Filmscreen¹s ground breaking rear screen tech nology offers stunning images for 3D applications and virtually anywhereŠinside and out, regardless of ambient light conditions. This specifically engineered projection screen is a genuine building material that can be used to create unique and exciting visual presentations in store fronts, glass stairways, lobbies, or tabletops. StarGlas 60 is excellent for passive 3D applications due to its ability to retain polarization and offers unsurpassed contrast levels at sizes over eight times larger than any other manufacturer.

*Made under U.S. Patent 7253953 by Stewart Filmscreen Corporation