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Here is the latest news and product announcements from D-Tools MVP program members.

Updated MVP Data:

Bay Audio
Leon Speakers


Atlantic Technology and Solus/Clements Introduce Revolutionary H-PASTM Bass Technology

Atlantic Technology and Solus/Clements, two highly respected US loudspeaker manufacturers, announced that they have joined forces to develop, market, and license a revolutionary new loudspeaker design protocol capable of delivering deep, low-distortion bass response at output levels unobtainable through conventional bass-alignment techniques. In particular, this technology will allow speakers with smaller cabinets and drivers to achieve levels of performance normally associated with much larger speaker systems. Proof of concept prototypes will be demonstrated at the CEDIA Expo in Atlanta, Georgia from September 10 through September 13, 2009.

The new patent-pending system, called H-PASTM, (Hybrid Pressure Acceleration System), combines elements of several speaker technologies: bass reflex, inverse horn, and transmission line. Using a unique cabinet design, these technologies are cascaded one to another to pressurize and accelerate low frequencies. In addition, the signals travel through a passive resonance/harmonic distortion line filter. The final result is the ability of an H-PAS design to deliver extended deep bass with exceptionally low distortion.

H-PAS does not require the use of special drivers, any kind of on-board electronics or outboard equalization — it is a purely passive system, completely compatible with all amplifiers and AV receivers.

The inventor of the technology is Philip Clements of Solus/Clements Loudspeakers, a 30-year plus CE industry veteran and loudspeaker designer. For the past eight months, Clements has worked closely with Atlantic Technology to develop a range of compact designs using H-PAS protocols. Clements has contracted with, and appointed Atlantic Technology as the exclusive licensing agent for the technology, and will now continue its development together with Atlantic.

The H-PAS demonstration model that will be on display at the CEDIA Expo utilizes two 4 ½-inch drivers in an enclosure of approximately 1.4 cubic feet to produce bass that extends to 29 Hz  (-3dB) at Sound Pressure Levels that exceed 105dB. Bass harmonic distortion is under 3%. Comparable performance in a conventionally designed loudspeaker system would require bass drivers of at least triple the size in an enclosure at least twice as large.

Atlantic Technology anticipates shipping its first H-PAS product, the H-PAS-1 floor-standing speaker, in the 4th quarter of 2009. Solus/Clements will also deliver an H-PAS 6-1/2-inch tower and bookshelf model to be available early next year.

Additionally, Atlantic Technology will be licensing H-PAS technology to other manufacturers. The new system will be demonstrated by appointment to interested parties at Atlantic Technology’s CEDIA Expo booth 3001.


Atlona Technologies releases the HDAiR, a wireless USB to HDMI or VGA converter. Both XP and Vista compatible, this one of a kind device will allow users to connect any USB enabled computer or laptop wirelessly, to any HDTV or projector via VGA or HDMI. The unit wirelessly transmits high resolution signal from a small USB adaptor connected to a computer, to a receiver unit placed next to the display.  The HDAiR is designed to transmit high-resolution content up to 30ft. With quick and easy installation, this unit is perfect for any consumer and commercial application.

Atlona’s AT-HDAiR uses chipsets developed by Wisair to transmit USB protocol over Ultra wide band (UWB) frequencies. “Atlona and Wisair have many more products in the works.” says Atlona Product Manager, Michael Khain. These various new products featuring “Ultra Speed by Wisair” will all be fully compatible with each other, allowing users to connect to various devices such as printers, displays, audio receivers, Human input devices, and more.  With the AT-HDAiR, extend any computer wirelessly from the display at lengths up to 30ft and resolutions up to 720p or 1440×1200. For more information please visit


At the upcoming CEDIA Trade Show in Atlanta, GA., Kordz will be introducing its new flagship HDMI cable series – EVX. All EVX series cables guarantee High-Speed performance from 1 meter to 18 meters in length.

CEDIA 2009 D-Tools Special

Drop by Booth # 6425 and get the CEDIA Show special EVO 1 meter HDMI Cable for only $10.00. This Gen 4 cable is the latest in the HDMI Cable technology. For more information on the EVO, EVS, and EVX HDMI Cable line, please visit our website:

This promotion is for D-Tool clients and MVP members only.

For more information, please contact Michael Schaller @

Premium High Speed HDMI Cables

The EVX series of HDMITM cables represent the pinnacle of HDMI cable technology. To meet the stringent demands of HDMI ‘High Speed’ compliance at long lengths, new design principles had to be implemented. Development of the Kordz GEN-4 cables began as a ground up project with this flagship principle in mind. All other GEN-4 HDMI cables borrow technology from this series, but compromise to meet a price / performance ratio. One of the key developments in the GEN-4 HDMI cables is the new Kordz Bitrate Optimized Soldering System (B.O.S.S.TM) termination method. Previous generations of Kordz cables utilized hand soldering methods, as do most brands of HDMI cables today. B.O.S.S.TM termination uses a hi-tech automated soldering process that ensures complete consistency in size and quality of each and every solder joint. In addition, the new flat geometry cable provides increased performance, improved flexibility and reduced weight. High AWG cores are utilized throughout, while class-leading 7% silver plated solid-core conductors are used in the sensitive TMDS channels. The result is what we believe is the best you can buy, regardless of price.

  • High purity 7% silver plated, high AWG cores provides minimal digital jitter for class-leading picture and sound
  • Triple shield TMDS channels – 2 × mylar foil wrap layers, plus copper braid
  • Lightweight aluminum shell and premium Pearl PVC cable jacket
  • Full CEC support for remote control via HDMI with compatible hardware
  • High Speed 10.2Gbps on all lengths
  • 1m / 3′3″ – 5m / 16′4″ lengths feature exclusive cotton/nylon sleeve for a soft and silky texture
  • 7m / 22′11″ + lengths feature MagnifEYETM active power harvesting technology
  • Caters for all features of HDMI 1.3 and even 1.4 (except ethernet functionality)
  • Official HDMI Adopter status
  • Kordz® IMMORTAL lifetime warranty


Marantz America, a world leader in advanced home entertainment solutions, is introducing three new audio/video receivers geared to meet specific user needs and expand the realm of possibilities in 21st century home theater enjoyment. Marantz’s new A/V receiver offerings include two Bluetooth-capable models, the SR6004 (SRP: $1,249.99) and SR5004 (SRP: $849.99), as well as the new “Slimline” Model NR1501 (SRP: $599.99), designed to offer consumers and custom installers a space-saving receiver solution. The SR6004 and SR5004 replace the SR6003 and SR5003, respectively, and are scheduled for availability later this month. The NR1501 replaces the SR4003 and began shipping in July 2009.

Bluetooth Capability for More Flexibility in Great Sound
Both the Marantz SR6004 and SR5004 are Bluetooth capable home theater receivers, designed to work in conjunction with Marantz’ new RX101 Bluetooth receiver (SRP: $129.99). The RX101, which is powered by the receiver, is included with the purchase of the SR6004 and may be purchased separately for use with the SR5004. The RX101 works by receiving audio signals from Bluetooth-enabled devices (PDAs, PCs as entertainment devices, etc.) and sending them directly to the connected receiver, allowing users to enjoy great sound and more flexibility from their home entertainment sources. Users may listen to streaming audio from their Bluetooth-enabled cell phones, MP3 players, computers or other devices, including the iPhoneTM and iPod Touch®*. For total convenience, the RX101 may be placed anywhere in a room for ideal reception of a Bluetooth signal; and because the RX01 also functions as an IR sensor, users can literally hide their Marantz system behind closed cabinet doors and still control it by pointing their remote at the RX101.

NR1501’s “Slimline” Chassis Solves Space and Placement Issues
The new Marantz NR1501 was designed to solve a common problem for custom installers and consumers – how to integrate today’s most advanced audio/video capabilities into a home entertainment system without the addition of another large component. The super-compact NR1501 solves this problem with its unique “Slimline” chassis. Just over 4″ high and 13″ deep, the NR1501 is approximately half the size of most traditional A/V receivers, allowing it to fit comfortably on a normal shelf or in a standard cabinet. Adding to its elegant cosmetics, a contoured front panel combines aluminum and glass-reinforced resins for maximum shielding, dimensional stability, and sophisticated styling.

For more information please visit


McIntosh Laboratory, a global leader in home entertainment that has defined the highest quality in sound reproduction for 60 years, today announced the introduction of its 60th Anniversary MXA60 Executive System, the company’s first-ever standalone integrated audio system. Designed by the same team of renowned McIntosh engineers who created the company’s high performance Reference System, this ultimate-quality tabletop system features a high-performance 75-watt-per-channel amplifier, state-of-the-art CD/SACD/MP3 player, vacuum tube preamplifier, as well as an AM/FM/RBDS Tuner and high performance, two-way bass reflex loudspeaker system that packs all the legendary McIntosh sound into a smaller package. It is scheduled for availability in October 2009 for a suggested retail price of $7,500.

With its solid all-metal casework, anodized aluminum accents, backlit glass faceplates with Peak Reading Wattmeters and heirloom quality construction, everything about the new MXA60 is unmistakably McIntosh – reflecting the company’s 60 years as a leader in world-class luxury audio.

In addition to all the familiar and renowned McIntosh design themes, the MXA60 features the superior music reproduction technologies that have cemented the company’s singular reputation among audiophiles. The powerful 75-watt transistor-based amplifier features Sentry Monitor fuse-less short-circuit protection and Power Guard anti-clipping circuitry to ensure distortion-free performance and reliability. The preamp’s advanced hybrid transistor/tube design utilizes a dual triode tube design for the purest music reproduction capabilities.

Weighing less than eight pounds, the MXA60’s dual low-distortion loudspeakers create a rich soundscape perfect for enjoying ultimate quality audio performance in any sized room. The MXA60’s two-way loudspeakers were fashioned in the tradition of the revered mini-monitors of old, providing an astounding level of high-quality audio from a surprisingly compact package. To achieve their high level of performance, the speakers feature custom designed mid-woofers with a four-inch diameter – providing a magnet structure that is proportionally much larger than is typically used in speakers of comparable size. For more information please visit


NetStreamsTM, the global leader in IP-Based Networked Audio/Video distribution, announces HDMI over Internet Protocol for DigiLinXTM the worlds first completely IP-Based Multi-Room Audio/Video and Control Distribution System. The ViewLinX Micro decoder allows the addition of Digital Connections to your IP Video distribution needs.

The new ViewLinX Micro offers HDMI and DVI output for digital connection to any display device, and offers full two-way serial communications via built in control port. An innovative micro IR receiver is also provided to allow full system-wide control. Sources located anywhere on the network can be controlled with any remote via StreamNetTM Infrared over

Internet Protocol routing technology or IRoIP. The ViewLinX Micro has it all, complete twoway system control, High-Definition video, and digital audio distribution all over your existing data infrastructure without any “out-of-band” or additional wiring requirements. This allows a simple and easy implementation no matter how many zones or how large your building, stadium or campus facilities project may be.

StreamNetTM adjustable compression modes provide installers with unparalleled AV distribution design flexibility. Each source can be configured with any of the eight StreamNetTM compression modes. Choose from fast moving Live sporting event modes that are optimized for fast motion and quick pans, or to Digital Cinema modes that offer incredible grayscale and depth of field for a smoother film-like image quality.

The ViewLinX Micro has a patent pending, innovative and unique mounting system that can be surface mounted onto a wall or any 2 gang electrical box, with dual power and Ethernet connections on the side and bottom of the unit. The VESA Mounting Interface Standard (MIS) allows the decoder to be mounted between the flat panel display and wall mount bracket resulting in a clean and secure professional installation.

NetStreams is also developing a new Digital input MediaLinX, and Digital Output ViewLinX products that feature fully uncompressed High-Definition signals at 1080p via HDMI over IP, and full HDCP 2.0 support. For more information please visit



Onkyo has introduced three network- and internet-radio-capable, 9.2-channel THX Ultra2 Plus certified A/V receivers that deliver all the power, processing, and features to support cutting edge home theater and whole-house entertainment. The three new models, the Onkyo TX-NR1007, TX-NR3007, and top-of-the-line TX-NR5007, will all be shipping to dealers before the end of September.

All three new receivers include a rear-panel Ethernet port, and provide advanced networking capabilities with streaming for Pandora, Rhapsody, vTuner, and Sirius Internet Radio services. Each receiver is Windows 7 compatible, and carries DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) 1.5 certification, ensuring optimal compatibility with other network-enabled equipment throughout the home.

The two top models in Onkyo’s TX-series AV receivers, the TX-NR5007 and TX-NR3007, feature eight and seven HDMI 1.3a inputs each, respectively, including one on each front panel. Video processing, including upscaling of all video inputs to 1080p/24, is handled by an advanced HQV Reon-VX chipset. The less expensive TX-NR1007 features a total of six HDMI inputs on the rear panel, and 1080p upscaling via Faroudja DCDi Cinema processing. All three models include dual parallel HDMI outputs, allowing for display of current programming on dual monitors, simultaneously or independently, for increased setup flexibility. These models also include powerful ISF Certified Calibration Controls (ISFccc) for independent optimization and fine-grain adjustments of a full range of video sources, including day, night, and custom modes for each input.

The TX-NR5007, TX-NR3007, and TX-NR1007 each include Onkyo’s exclusive Universal Port, allowing for one-cable expansion with the company’s HD Radio tuner and/or iPod dock unit. Each model is firmware updatable via Ethernet or (on the TX-NR5007 and TX-NR3007) front panel USB port. All three include Onkyo’s new bidirectional and customizable preprogrammed remote control that dramatically simplifies the process of programming all the components in your system.

The Onkyo receivers will be available in September at suggested retail prices of $2,699 for the TX-NR5007, $2,099 for the TX-NR3007, and $1,599 for the TX-NR1007.  For more information please visit

panamax_logoPanamax, a world-leading provider of AC power management solutions, announced the latest addition to its UPS family: the MB1500. Designed to be used in conjunction with one of Panamax’s many power management products, the MB1500 protects critical home theater equipment in the event of a sustained power event by providing a battery back-up, while including additional surge protection, Automatic Voltage Regulation, and Linear Filtering Technology (LiFT) for the ultimate combined power solution. In addition, the unit is Panamax’s first product to be compatible with the company’s BlueBOLTTM technology for secure, hosted IP (Internet Protocol) system monitoring and control.

For home theaters, the MB1500 provides a 12A capacity with 1500VA battery back-up to prevent critical equipment from losing its setup configuration and stored data, while avoiding hard disk crashes in the event of a sustained power event, such as a power outage. The unit’s dual discrete learning IR output controls protect projection equipment by allowing projection display lamps to go through a proper cool-down cycle before shutting off, saving money on replacement costs.

BlueBOLT allows voltage and current consumption to be monitored in real time or tracked over a time period. E-mail notifications are sent when power anomalies are detected, allowing installers and end-users to take immediate action in the event of a catastrophic surge, brownout, blackout, or other power event. BlueBOLT also provides a simple and convenient way to manage energy consumption by cutting off all current to select components, thereby eliminating wasteful stand-by power in an A/V system.

The MB1500 features a RS-232 serial port, for connection and communication between the unit and an automation or control system. This RS-232 port allows installers to program a number of variables, including the critical load battery threshold. An optional 2-RU battery extension pack, the BATT1500-EXT, is also available to virtually double the battery life of the unit.

The UPS features eight battery-powered, surge-protected, and voltage-regulated outlets (four “non-critical-load” outlets, and “four critical-load” outlets) that ensure temporary uninterrupted operation of connected equipment during a power failure, while resettable 12A circuit breakers provide overload protection. The MB1500’s front panel offers an intuitive menu navigation system and 2-line LCD status display. A line fault indicator illuminates in red to warn the user that a wiring problem exists.

The MB1500 and BATT1500-EXT are available now at MSRPs of $1,299.95 and $649.95 respectively. The MB1500 replaces the current M1500-UPS-PFP, which is now discontinued. The BlueBOLT-CV1 will be available in Q4 2009. For more information please visit


SI to Host In-Booth Theater Design Discussions During ’09 CEDIA Expo

SI is proud to announce that it, along with Sam Cavitt of Media Environment Designs (MED), will host several in-booth discussions on private home theater design during the 2009 CEDIA Expo, held in Atlanta at the Georgia World Congress Center, booth 1137.

The events will take place:

  • Friday, Sept. 11 from 10:30am – 11:30am
  • Saturday, Sept. 12 from 3:00pm – 4:00pm

Cavitt will give a talk about how screen specification relates to the essential elements of private theater design and impacts the ultimate private theater experience. These discussions are designed to provide show attendees with some valuable information about private theater design as well as provide some time for Q&A/ “town-hall” style discussions. Specific SI products will be used as examples, and the discussions will be focused on tips for essential elements for private theater design.

SI would like to invite all of our D-Tools users to attend a talk given by award winning trainer and Theater Designer Sam Cavitt. Sam will host a discussion on Residential theater design and selecting the right screen material for home theater.

As a D-Tools MVP we are very excited to be working with a D-Tools CP in exercising all of the strengths associated with joining the d-tools family of professionals. Having used D-tools myself for 8 years now I understand the importance of not only high quality data but quality information as well.  – Blake Vackar, Director of Sales, SI.

For more information please visit

thiel_logoTHIEL at CEDIA 2009

THIEL Loudspeakers will be meeting with both current dealers and interested prospective dealers at Booth SR-16 (located in Hall C) hosted by it’s rep firm, WSR Sales and shared with PHC. Although not actively demonstrating product, THIEL will be introducing two new models, including the DewPointTM outdooor on-wall/onceiling speaker and the USS SmartSub® sub woofer.

Visitors to the booth will also have the opportunity to see a pair of Gibson “Burst” finish, Les Paul Signature Edition CS3.7s. One of only 13 pair to be produced, these very special THIELs will be auctioned off for charity sometime in 2010.

Contact Ken Dawkins, Vice President, North American Sales (, Dawn Cloyd, Director of International Sales (, or Gary Dayton, Customer Service Manager ( to set up specific meeting appointments.

THIEL Loudspeakers designs and builds high performance loudspeakers for home audio and video sound systems. THIEL loudspeakers are thoroughly engineered with innovative design techniques and premium components to provide the highest level of sonic accuracy for extraordinary realism. THIEL offers thirteen hand-crafted models, including: the in-wall and in-ceiling PowerPlane®1.2 and HigherPlane®1.2; surface mount PowerPoint®1.2; the ViewPoint® for use with wall-mounted video displays; the DewPointTM Surface Mount Outdoor Loudspeaker, the SS1, SS2, and SS3 SmartSub® subwoofers; PXO5 SmartSub® crossover; shelf model SCS4, and MCS1; and floor-standing CS1.6, CS2.4, and CS3.7. All are available in a wide variety of real-wood and painted cabinet finishes to enhance any home décor. For more information please visit



Where does this solution fit best?

Dealers that work with Crestron & AMX, Tripp Lite has 4 UPS systems with drivers for seamless integration – (note 3 of them are from the Pure Sine Wave Series)

What makes the Pure Sine Wave Series different then the rest of the AV UPS systems out there?

The Pure Sine Wave series is the only AV UPS system of its kind to re-generate new clean power delivering a Pure Sine Wave 24/7. (note pure sine wave provides a constant 120v – 24/7 unlike some automatic voltage regulation ups systems which can only provide Pure Sine Wave when it’s on battery).

The Pure Sine Wave series power plant provides the very best in EMI/RFI harmonic filtration along with surge/spike protection and offers a zero transfer time to battery power unlike all the other companies in the AV marketplace with AVR which have a 2 to 8 millisecond delay.

What’s important to your engineers is no matter what’s happening with the voltage on the input side, the output is always a clean Pure Sine Wave – 24/7. This is a great feature if there is ever a generator on site, because it will never allow the inlet rush of over-voltage current get to the equipment when the generator kicks in.

The AV Power Partner Solution difference.

Todays AV System Designers are looking for a quite solution, The Pure Sine Wave series are much quieter then any equivalent from the computer / IT channel.

On the engineering side they have a larger internal engine for that additional headroom.

Drivers for Crestron & AMX, Tripp Lite give the dealer more choices for any system size starting at $299.95 to $2229.95 MSRP (note the HTR05-1U for $299.95 is AVR)

MSRP unilateral pricing is strictly enforced on The AV Power Partner Solutions.

Addition Feature sets

All of these UPS systems offer the option of IP manageability.

1), Providing remote power diagnostics, control & access.

2), Sending email notification of a power outage, battery status, temperature humidity, or with a contact closure, know if someone has opened the back of the rack etc……. within a clients system.

3), Most important the ability to reboot the system remotely from anywhere in the world, which in the long run saves money not having the cost to roll a truck every time there is a need to unfreeze a system. (as we know in this industry nothing ever locks up)

For more information please visit the Tripp Lite AV Power Partner Website.


Think You’re a URC Top Gun? Prove It at CEDIA!

Indulge your competitive streak at CEDIA EXPO by taking part in Universal Remote Control’s Top Gun Programming Contest!

With CCP, URC’s new universal programming platform, every skilled installer can program URC remotes faster and better than ever before. How much faster and how much better is up to you! But don’t worry: Everyone’s a winner in this contest! So come win your wings and enjoy an afternoon of Fun, Games and Great Prizes. Plus, you can enjoy BIG DISCOUNTS on URC equipment!

The date is Thursday, September 10. The location is Room A412 at the Georgia World Congress Center. The fun will take place from 12:15 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Be there!

And that’s not all, CEDIA attendees: Everyone who attends any URC training session at any time during CEDIA will take home a high-quality Ogio brand backpack. This upscale backpack features a front pocket with organizer panel, dual mesh water bottle pockets and a drop-in audio pocket with headphone cable port-and it comes with a 30-year warranty! For more information please visit


Wisdom Audio Sage Series L150i Recognized as a Finalist in 2009 CE Pro Best, CEDIA Manufacturers’ Excellence and Residential Systems Resi Awards
For those customers seeking the ultimate architectural loudspeaker, the L150i is the solution. Merging the benefits of an integrated loudspeaker with the superior qualities of a true PMD line source and outstanding low frequency performance, the L150i is in a class by itself. Capable of unprecedented dynamics, low distortion, high resolution, faithful timbre reproduction, three dimensional sound staging and freedom from compression, this system can be compared with the best freestanding systems and needs to be auditioned to be fully appreciated.


Wisdom Audio Sage Series S90i Recognized as a Finalist for the 2009 CE Pro Best Award
The unique solution offered by the S90i complements not only Sage Series systems, but any system in which the customer demands an in-wall solution with no compromise performance. Previously, in-wall subwoofers presented a significant performance compromise. The S90i has set the bar higher, offering a level of performance among in-wall subwoofers that was previously unavailable.