Did you know that you can look up tax rates? When you are working with a customer who is outside of your region, you can quickly find the tax rate to apply to the project.

SI has default Tax Settings that are configured in the Control Panel > Tax Settings. These rates will apply to every project you create. However, you can change tax rates on a per-project basis as well. Changes to the tax rates in the project will stay within that project only. This is also where you can look up tax rates. All users of SI have the option of doing a tax lookup through the Avalara integration.

In the project, go to the Settings tab > Tax > Settings. At the bottom of that screen, you’ll see “Look up taxes based on your project address”.

You can choose which Client address you would like to get the tax rate for: Billing or Site

The addresses can be edited on the fly and also validated (according to the United States Postal Service).

Select how you want to add the tax rate: Product, Labor, or Product and Labor tax. There is also an option to save the tax rate to your defaults in Control Panel for later use.

If you have questions about this feature or anything else, please do hit up the Support Desk (supporthelp@d-tools.com). We’re happy to help!

If you don’t see this feature, you probably need to upgrade. Reach out to csm@d-tools.com for assistance.