validation_errorItems in a project are now validated in the latest build of SI 2015. This validation process will label items in a project to indicate that they are invalid if there is a zero or negative value in specific fields. By default, the Item Validation Settings will validate all of the following fields:


Unit Cost

Unit Price




Labor Hours

This is an important feature. For example, you would not want to send a proposal to a client that has items with $0.00 unit price that are not intended to be free of charge. The validation error icon would mark these items to indicate that they are invalid. Hover over the icon and the “Validation Errors” flag will display the details.


It is definitely a time-saver by allowing you to quickly see important fields that were missed or data that was entered incorrectly. To correct the errors, click the icon and it will open the Product Editor.

The validation feature can be modified to fit your needs. In the Project Editor, go to Settings > Item Validation Settings to set which fields to check in the validation process.

validation settings

If your company does not use phases, for example, uncheck the “Unassigned Phase” setting and the validation process will ignore items that do not have a phase assigned. Changes to the Item Validation Settings are global.