iPort, inventor of the world’s first in-wall digital media system for the Apple iPod, have announced a new comprehensive system troubleshooting tool. Both In-Wall (IW2) and Free-Standing (FS2) are covered, including the newer GUI-based FS-23.

IW                                                           FS

In-Wall                                           Free-Standing

Available as a quick download from iportmusic.com under ‘Product Support’, the iPort Troubleshooting PowerPoint clearly explains all the individual iPort system components and wiring topology. More importantly, it details a step-by-step process of how to solve most technical issues that might arise. Power, Audio, Video, IR, RS-232 and USB synching (where applicable) are all covered in-depth.

iPort recommends downloading and reviewing the presentation prior to the actual installation. Dealers will then be fully-prepared to deal with the key technical issues 24/7 without the absolute necessity to stop and call technical support. However, if live support becomes necessary, iPort Technical Support is available from 7AM to 5PM Pacific Time Monday through Friday.

Buzz Delano, Business Development Consultant for iPort states, “Dealer and installer reaction has been very positive. Even experienced dealers have reported learning new important information vital to the success of new installations and that will shorten the service call time on existing systems.”

The presentation can be downloaded at: http://www.iportmusic.com/support/free-standing