MRX700 IOsWe at D-Tools know how much users appreciate Inputs and Outputs in product data. I/O’s are great for schematics and other system designs, and downloading these from the D-Tools library saves valuable engineering time.

Now that our flagship product SIX has been successfully released, the data team at D-Tools is turning its attention to adding more I/O’s. In fact, during the last 3 months, we’ve added I/O’s to over 2000 products, including 1100 in April alone. In addition, we’re working behind the scenes to streamline our data collection, so that we can get even more I/O’s to our users down the road.

This effort is not in isolation. More and more of our MVP partners are providing I/O data to us. Our development team is working on improved schematic drawings. I/O data from our extended library is making its way into our main library. Our users are submitting data requests like never before, helping us stay focused on what it most important.

So, we’ve got I/O’s on our mind, and we’re committed to getting users the information they need to create great system designs. That’s what we do here at D-Tools.  If you have any comments you’d like to contribute, add them below or email Otherwise, it’s back to work!