D-Tools:  Many dealers are interested in getting into remote monitoring and beginning to build recurring revenue.  CCS is attracting the very best integrators in the country; what is it that they see in your technology that makes them gravitate to your solution?

Caleb:  CCS is the only monitoring solution that addresses cyber security, remote access accountability and long-term analytical and diagnostics capabilities that the integrator is going to require to properly manage their client’s on-going technology needs, not only for today, but well into the future.  Quite frankly, just giving an integrator up/down status or being able to email someone when a product falls off line, addresses only the most basic functionality of remote network monitoring.  We weren’t just awarded a $2.2 million contract from the U.S. government to merely email them up/down status on the tens of thousands of devices that are being monitoring globally.  Our system goes well beyond basic cloud-based monitoring solutions, having been in development for over 10 years now.;

D-Tools:  What are the basics of the Home Cyber Shield™ system?

Caleb: With the majority of today’s home technology products being dependent on network connectivity, clients and providers want the ability to remotely access and support the equipment now being installed in clients’ homes. The Home Cyber Shield™, recently named CEDIA’s 2010 Best New Product of the Year, allows quick and easy access and support for advanced home systems, without costly tech training or specific knowledge of the client’s network. Whether it’s a breach in a high-end security system, or an appliance gone awry, the Home Cyber Shield allows the homeowner or service representative to remotely monitor, diagnose, and manage issues.

D-Tools: What security advantage does the Home Cyber Shield offer a company?

Caleb: As equipment within the home is increasingly connected to the internet via a digital network for evaluation and servicing, the home becomes more vulnerable and exposed to unauthorized access than ever before. The Home Cyber Shield™ system allows an integrator to provide constant evaluation of home systems, increase their reliability and guard against unwarranted intrusion.  With our SAM – Secure Access Management – technology, all permissible access is logged and recorded.  Our industry can now provide full accountability of our virtual movement inside customer homes, adding a level of professionalism unheard of in our market channel.

D-Tools:  How is your system different then some of the other solutions on the market?
Caleb: Our solution is a hybrid between a multitenant application and a multi-instance application. Let me explain what I mean; our solution has each client (homeowner) with their own server (multi-instance); however each of these servers reports back to a master dealer server at which time all of the data is combined on one machine, but can be separate by user or client (multitenant).

D-Tools: What sets the Home Cyber Shield apart from the others?

Caleb: I believe our solution actually provides the best “management system” on the market for one important reason:  we handle device authentication and credentials. With our product, an end-user can connect to any IP device being monitored by the Home Cyber Shield™ that they have been granted permission to access, all without needing to know the IP address, port information, user name or password. Each time a technician accesses a piece of equipment, the system logs and records it, thereby providing a form of accountability and security that is unprecedented.  Equally important is the ability to remove a user’s access by simply removing their account from the master server, thereby taking away their ability to log into equipment without permission. This functionality opens up an integrator’s ability to have non-IT savvy technicians perform basic networking troubleshooting. In addition to these attributes we have robust reporting capabilities that allow an integrator to analyze what is happening on client networks, not only recent history but up to 13 months of analytical data.

D-Tools:  What is the advantage of your D-500 dealer server?
Caleb:  The D-500 dealer server provides the dealer with a global view of all of their clients. This structure fundamentally is the same for all solutions in the CEDIA channel. The key philosophical difference is who provides/owns the multitenant server (dealer server). In our model the integrator owns both pieces and are therefore not dependent on us to run your business.  All other solutions on the market are “cloud based” which has the benefit of a lower initial investment but the disadvantage of being completely dependent on a third party to insure you are able to provide this service to your clients.  Both models are viable, however as I architected our solution I did not want to make a dealer dependent on a third party to provide its service to the client.

D-Tools: What can the Home Cyber Shield monitor?
Caleb: We have the ability to determine a devices statues through several different methodologies, ping ,syslog, SNMP ,WMI, Cisco Netflow, HTTP availability, DNS availability. We also have in different stages of development modules for control systems that allow the control system to communicate the status of their attached devices (IP or non-IP, e.g. contact closure open or closed, RS-232 statues etc.).

D-Tools: What about devices that are not covered by one of the above methods?
Caleb:  For devices or services not covered by one of these methods, we have a fairly extensive API that allows us to bring in many different data sources and monitor their status. In addition to these software methodologies we offer a couple of hardware solutions that convert non-IP devices, primarily devices that are simple contact closure or communicate via RS232 , into devices that we can monitor directly with no control system involved. This addresses thermostats and physical security if no control system is installed along with them.

D-Tools: Is it correct to say you can monitor non-IP devices?
Caleb: We can monitor non-IP enabled devices through the use of a translator if you will, at some point in time the information that you want to monitor must be converted to an IP based format. We have more options for this translator than most of the other monitoring solutions.

D-Tools: What makes the Home Cyber Shield so powerful?
Caleb: Our solution replicates the same technology as deployed by the U.S. Department of Defense to monitor our national defense systems.  The Home Cyber Shield™ is the award winning, patent-pending technology from Certified Cyber Solutions that sets up a protective layer to guard against both operational interruption and security threats by remotely monitoring, managing and securing today’s high tech home systems from anywhere.

D-Tools: How does a dealer get started with Certified Cyber Solutions?

Caleb:  We have made getting started very easy for the dealer. We have introductory offers now available that make this the right time to change the playing field for your clients.  With a starting price at $1,499 for the home server and monitoring as low as $299 per year, we make this very affordable for dealers and their customers.

D-Tools: What is the iBoot Product line?

Caleb:  All too often an issue such as internet or cable/satellite downtime may be resolved simply by rebooting the modem.  Now, this service reset may be done automatically and remotely through the Home Cyber Shield™ system and our iBoot Network Support products. The iBoot Network Support product group are a series of rebootable, Ethernet power supplies.  The iBoot comes in a single outlet version, either AC or DC, or an 8 outlet version that is available in a 15amp and 20 amp versions.

D-Tools: How does someone become a Home Cyber Shield Dealer?
They can contact Certified Cyber Solutions at 843-408-0033 or email us at info@CertifiedCyberSolutions.com.  We have Representative firms across the country that are more than glad to work with dealers, as well as an internal staff to answer any questions a dealer might have.