Integrity Audio Visual Reduces Estimation Time by 50%, Increases Closure Rate to 95% with System Integrator Software


  • Decreased efficiency due to unexpected yet rapid company growth
  • Increased errors and omissions stemming from manual processes
  • Lengthy project turnaround time and numerous lost opportunities


Based out of Boise, Idaho, Integrity Audio Visual is a family-owned operation that was founded in 2004. Like many integrators, it was a humble beginning; the team worked out of a garage and used the family’s minivan as the company cargo van. However, this didn’t last long. Guided by a deeply rooted philosophy that success stems from trust and superior service, Integrity Audio Visual was soon reaping the rewards of their hard work and dedication.

In late 2011, Integrity Audio Visual experienced rapid, unexpected growth that nearly quadrupled the size of their company. The team was now designing and installing corporate boardrooms, church AV systems, military control rooms and interactive classrooms, and were also facilitating event production and equipment sales. Integrity AV’s workload surged, and the team soon found themselves looking for new methods to improve the Company’s operational efficiency and accuracy. The IAV team did their research and ultimately implemented D-Tools System Integrator (SI) software to provide the scope and support required. “We examined three solutions,” said Ethan Wheeler, Certified Technology Specialist at Integrity Audio Visual. “To put it simply, D-Tools was the best fit for our organization.”

Ethan, along with others on the Integrity team, had previous experience with D-Tools but further deliberation was needed before deciding on a solution. “With D-Tools, the price was competitive, the feature set was perfect, and we knew from past experience that the interface was by far the most user friendly.”


Two of the largest problems that Integrity AV faced as the company expanded were managing the numerous variables that exist within each project as well as efficiently and effectively executing each project from the beginning. “Our absolute number one priority is to execute our projects quickly and efficiently,” said Wheeler. Because Integrity had no way to track the various stages of each project, costly slowdowns and errors began to occur. “We had serious issues getting accurate quotes out on time,” he recalled.

Like many companies, Integrity AV created estimates in Excel, drawings in Visio, ran orders through QuickBooks, and invoices through production/rental software. While these are all very powerful tools when used independently, without a way to integrate them, accuracy, reliability and turnaround times suffered, ultimately impacting the Company’s profitability.

Knowing this could damage their reputation and diminish their growth potential, and because of their intense focus on efficiency, Integrity AV sought out a way to manage all aspects of their projects from within a centralized, easy-to-use system in an effort to streamline their business processes.


  • Implemented D-Tools SIX software platform
  • Reduced Estimation time by 50%
  • Increased Project Estimate closure rate to 95%
  • Significantly reduced Project Delivery errors

“D-Tools is the core, the Grand Central Station for everything our organization does,” says Wheeler. “Even without fully utilizing all of the features D-Tools provides, we’re able to track the most critical project components from a centralized place, which significantly increases efficiency and keeps our team organized and mindful of the available budget.”

Within the D-Tools software platform, salespeople can generate proposals, design teams can review and help design projects, project managers can generate purchase requisitions and the installation team can schedule labor and assets. Because of Integrity’s high volume of work, the tracking of these essential processes within D-Tools has solved their greatest challenge by providing a central hub; essentially delivering the missing link to their Company’s success.

Integrity AV has seen an increased closure rate on jobs due to their quick turnaround times and professional proposals provided by the D-Tools platform. “The depth and breadth of information provided in the D-Tools Product Database alone saves our team countless hours. I simply can’t overstate that point,” Wheeler added.

Integrity’s use of D-Tools software has allowed the team to dramatically increase the number of satisfied customers they have by streamlining processes, creating more professional proposals, and executing projects both quickly and efficiently.

Commercial AV systems can be complicated and understandably difficult for some clients to understand. However, when provided with professionally designed proposals that are tailored to address their specific needs, most clients will have the confidence they need to make the decision to move forward. To further simplify the entire process, D-Tools enables high-tech lingo and 20-digit model numbers in an equipment list to be substituted for large pictures and easy-to-read pictorial line diagrams. “We get fewer questions,” Wheeler said. “Compared to the spreadsheets and stacks of alphabet soup our competition is sending out, by implementing D-Tools, it’s easy for Integrity AV to become a prospect’s first choice right from the start.”


The results Integrity AV achieved through the use of D-Tools were instant and significant. “D-Tools has cut our estimating time in half, if not more,” says Wheeler. “Not only are we able to visualize projects more quickly and completely, we’re not losing details like we were previously in the transition from sales to the installation phase.”

Since Integrity first began using D-Tools SI, the Company currently has over a 95% closure rate on quoted projects. Wheeler attributes this major success rate to their ability to keep track of equipment on each order, which D-Tools has made “infinitely easier and more efficient”, and has led to fewer missed or delayed orders for the Integrity AV team. The efficiency, quick turnaround time and professional looking proposals that Integrity has achieved through the use of D-Tools has made a significant improvement to the quality and quantity of work that they do.

“The hardest decision for Integrity AV to make was which estimation and design software we were going to employ to support our team’s efforts. We looked at a number of solutions but D-Tools was clearly the best fit,” noted Wheeler.

After the decision was made to go with D-Tools and the team got onboard, improvements were seen immediately. “It was really easy to get started – the basic features and functions of the system were very straightforward.” Since 2011, Integrity AV has quadrupled in size. While they cannot directly attribute this growth to the implementation of D-Tools, the team is adamant that the D-Tools System Integrator software platform has fostered and facilitated significant growth for the company.