The all new Sonance Cinema In-Wall 12-500 and 10-250 Subwoofers are high performance, component systems that match the Sonance Cinema LCR and Surround speakers in visual esthetics and acoustic performance.

Both the SUB10-250 and SUB12-500 systems feature new, low-profile custom-designed drivers. Both the 10” and the 12” have the same ultra-low distortion neodymium motor structure and large diameter 4” voice coil for high power-handling and minimal dynamic compression. Additionally, both drivers have rigid, cast AL frames and dual centrally-mounted spiders to maximize the linear movement of the laminated carbon fiber/honeycomb woofer cone. The Cinema 12-500 In-Wall Subwoofer incorporates a 12” driver and the 10-250 a 10” driver.

Sonance Chief Engineer Todd Ryan comments on his design goals for the new subs, “In designing the new Sub 10-250 and 12-500 as replacements for our original Cinema Subwoofers, the main goals were increased overall bass output, greater low frequency extension, minimization of sound transmission to other rooms and ease of installation in 2 X 4 stud walls. Both the 10” and 12” drivers were specifically-designed to handle the full output of their matching amplifiers without any hint of stress or strain. The new systems are the perfect subwoofer compliments for the Cinema 1 and Cinema 2 Series LCR and Surround speakers and I am very pleased with their performance.”

Todd Ryan continues, “The Cinema Subwoofer Enclosures are the most rigid, damped and sophisticated design ever produced by Sonance. Each enclosure is constructed of ½” MDF for the front and back and 1” MDF for the top, bottom and sides. There are two internal extruded aluminum braces that run the length of the enclosure for increased rigidity with minimum obstruction of air flow. Mass dampening pads and long-strand fiberglass line the enclosure walls for control of internal standing waves. In addition, a ‘floating’ enclosure design, in which the front and back panels are actually inset from the drywall, greatly minimizes vibration transfer to adjoining rooms. Both enclosures fit in a standard 2 x 4 stud bay and blank pre-construction plates are included for easy installation.”

The outboard Cinema Subwoofer Series Amplifiers feature a high-efficiency Class D output stage, are two rack spaces high and have optional rack ears (90603). Inputs include line-level and speaker-level. The 10-250D and 12-500D Amplifiers have custom filtering and equalization specifically matched to the SUB10-250 and SUB12-500 drivers and enclosures. Each amplifier is capable of easily driving up to two woofers in parallel.

Keeping in mind the different installation stages needed by the CEDIA professional, the new Cinema In-Wall Subwoofer systems are available in three pieces; a woofer driver/grille, an in-wall enclosure, and the outboard amplifier. Alternatively, complete systems are available consisting of (2) woofer drivers, (2) enclosures and (1) matching amplifier.

The SUB10-250 system extends down to 30Hz and is capable of producing 108dB of output at 1 meter. The SUB10-250 System is recommended for rooms up to 2500 cubic feet. The SUB12-500 System extends down to 25Hz and can produce 114dB of output at 1 meter. The SUB12-500 System is recommended for rooms up to 3500 cubic feet. For larger spaces or higher playback levels, use additional SUB12-500 Systems together in concert.

Both the SUB10-250 and SUB12-500 use the sleek micro-trim grilles that Sonance introduced with the Visual Performance Series in 2008. Since the acoustic pressure generated by the new subwoofer drivers is much greater than standard VP models, the grilles are held in place with larger and more numerous magnets. Both grilles are held in place with 40lbs of force. The 10-250 has 32 Neodymium disc magnets and the 12-500 has 40. When installing these new subs, the driver goes into the enclosure, the magnet frame is installed and then the grille is carefully put into place. Make sure not to get your fingers sandwiched between the grille and the magnet frame!

Todd Ryan comments, “In comparing the SUB10-250 with the older Cinema 1 SUB System, the main improvements are that the SUB10-250 has an acoustic enclosure as part of its design so the performance will be much more predictable room to room. Further, it extends about 7Hz lower in frequency and the matching SUB10-250D amplifier has more than double the amplifier power for greater output and more headroom. And, the SUB10-250 includes the micro-trim grille as Cinema LCR and SUR models, so the overall styling is the same. The SUB12-500 improves upon the older Cinema 2 Ultra SUB System in every category. The main improvements are that the SUB12-500 extends about 10Hz lower to 25Hz, which is a substantial improvement and has greater overall authority. Additionally, the SUB12-500D amplifier has over double the power of the Cinema 2 Ultra SUB so it will have more palpable bass impact and dynamic headroom. Lastly, the older Cinema 2 Ultra Subwoofer system only fit in 2×6 walls. The new 12-500 system works easily with standard 2×4 walls.”

The Cinema Sub 10-250 In-Wall System (92897) has an MSRP of $3500 and the Cinema Sub 12-500 System (92896) MSRP is $5000. Both systems are scheduled for shipment in July.