dataAs a Project Manager or other Administrator, it can be a challenge to keep up with all that is going on with your projects and people. The reporting tools in SI 2015 are pretty robust when you need to obtain data from a project (or task or service order). There isn’t the ability (yet) to report on all projects at the same time. However, there are ways to gather the data you need from multiple projects, which will help you keep track of, and ultimately, analyze activity:  Excel Reports and exporting Project Explorer data.

Excel Reports

Excel reports can be run on up to five projects at a time. There are standard Excel reports included in SI 2015, but you can also create your own. Go to Start -> Reports -> Manage Reports to run the Excel Report Wizard.


When selecting the fields you want to display on the report, there is a choice between Simple (the most common used fields) and Advanced (all available fields) .

excel wizard

You can also build Excel reports manually. This process is more complex. Click here for complete instructions.

Project Explorer Data

Project Explorer data can be exported to Excel or PDF. The data is exported according to the columns that are displayed in the Project Explorer. These columns can be customized, grouped, and filtered to suit your needs. Export will send data for all projects on the page (maximum of 250) to Excel or PDF. The following examples show the Export -> Excel option.

Project Explorer export

To customize the columns, create a custom Layout. This way, you can select which columns will display in the Project Explorer.

create custom layout

Once the custom Layout is created and applied, click Export -> Excel. Only the data for the columns displayed in the Layout will be exported to the Excel spreadsheet.

To group columns, drag and drop the column header to the grouping section above the list of projects. When the data is exported, it will be grouped by the column selected. For example, if you want to see jobs by the status, drag and drop the “Progress” column header to the group section, then Export to Excel.

group column

group column2

By default, the Excel spreadsheet will collapse the groups. Click the plus (+) sign on the left to expand the lists of projects.

excel group column

Another option is to use the filter tool (funnel shaped icon) on the column header. To filter to jobs with the status of “Estimating”, click the filter icon on the “Progress” column header to select. Then Export to Excel.

column filters

The Excel spreadsheet will display only jobs with this status.

filter column header

Contact the Support Desk or schedule a training session for more help on this topic.