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Founded in 2005, VidaBox has a history of creating innovative and award-winning products, such as the world’s first production hybrid Blu-ray and HD DVD player in October 2006 with the LUX™ and MAX™ systems. The company’s primary focus started with custom-made, Windows-based media centers, but their product lines quickly branched out as demand for even more fully-featured solutions rapidly grew.

Today, VidaBox produces a variety of digital entertainment and control systems such as media servers, dedicated audio servers, and other integrator-friendly AV accessories. Their wide range of products include support for multi-room AV distribution of Blu-ray, DVDs, music, pictures, video, and other digital content.

SWC_HeadshotSince Vidabox just renewed their MVP Partnership in February 2013, we thought it would be a perfect time to chat with Steven Cheng for Vidabox  about the benefits of the D-Tools partnership as well as about the unique movie & music server, the LiivNAS, one of the company’s latest product launches.  As an MVP Partner, you can specify, recommend and feature Vidabox products, including the LiivNAS, in your proposals created in D-Tools.

We  hope you enjoy the interview and learning more about this exciting product!

1.       What are the most significant benefits for VidaBox to be a part of D-Tools MVP Program and what do you think is most important about the Partnership?

We believe dealer exposure to the VidaBox family of flexible products to be the most valuable part of the D-Tools MVP Program.  Having our products be listed and readily available for specification into projects help minimize the time dealers and installers need to spend on the quotation process, and helps maximize efficiency.  Questionnaires like this also improve our ability to better understand and promote our products by looking at things from the dealer’s perspective.

2.       What is the LiivNAS system in a nutshell?

LiivNAS - Front Iso Right

The LiivNAS is a budget friendly, all-in-one movie and music server, complete with the convenience of Drop-n-Rip archiving technology for Blu-ray, DVD, and CD discs.  Once archived, the digital content can be accessed from VidaBox Media Players, or affordable third-party players such as Dune HD or other brands.  It has the ability to provide full movie metadata and cover art to popular control systems like Crestron, Control4, RTI, Compass, and more.

For music, one can run SONOS Controller software directly on the unit when using SONOS wireless players, or even install iTunes and activate features like iCloud or iTunes match to automatically synchronize music libraries.  New music content purchased on any linked iOS device is automatically uploaded and available from the LiivNAS – making it perfect for easy-to-use, maintenance-free multiroom audio setups!

Hands down – no other NAS or storage product does so much at this price point, making it an extremely unique and attractive offering for any dealer or integrator.

3.       When did it become available?

The LiivNAS was introduced around late August 2012, and debuted around CEDIA of that same year.

4.       What is the pricing?

MSRP starts at well under  $2000 for a standard, 2TB unit (pricing subject to change).
Larger / custom systems are also available.  Integrator discounts / pricing is volume based – so please contact the factory for details!”

5.       How easy is the LiivNAS to use?

Anyone can use the LiivNAS once it’s properly setup!  To load a new movie or CD title, simply insert the disc into the LiivNAS – and the system takes care of the rest!  Music and movie cover art is automatically downloaded while the disc is archived in a 1:1 lossless, bit perfect fashion.  To enjoy music or movies, simply go to the Media Player of your choice, and playback at any time!  LiivNAS makes managing your movies & music so much easier.

LiivNAS - How does it work

6.       Is the LiivNAS easy to install?

LiivNAS is very easy to set up for a properly trained integrator.  From un-boxing to having the system up and archiving typically takes about 15 minutes once one is familiar with the system.  The rest of the setup would generally involve setting up 2-way integration with your choice of control platforms!

7.       What is the capacity of media the LiivNAS supports?

The LiivNAS comes with 2TB standard, but we also offer special builds for 3 or 4TB of storage, plus we have the larger LiivNAS XL with 6 or 9TB of RAID protected storage, or consider the RackServerV2 or RACK24 systems – which go up to 66TB of massive, RAID protected storage!

8.       What technology is it compatible with?

LiivNAS provides 2-way metadata and feedback for Crestron, Control4, RTI, and Compass at the moment, with other control platforms being added as time passes by!  For music playback, its music is shared onto the network, making it compatible with ANY networked music player – ranging from a Smart TV to a networked cable or satellite box, or even SONOS players.  For movie playback, we recommend using our VidaBox Media Players for best results, or the affordable Dune HD series of players if budget is a concern.  Other consumer or DIY grade products like TiVX, Popcorn Hour, Popbox can stream movies from our units as well!

9.       Why should D-Tools users recommend this product to their end clients over similar products?

To be frank, there really isn’t a similar product on the market place.  LiivNAS holds a very unique position in being affordable, reliable, and having the ability to archive all disc-media formats with complete metadata and pass it along to control systems, and allow playback on low-cost, non-proprietary media players.  In this architecture, storage can be easily expanded upon at any time, plus additional audio-video zones can be added very inexpensively with a choice of Media Players.  We believe dealers would be hard pressed to find something similar and with these many features at this price point.

10.   What is the ultimate benefit of the LiivNAS to end users?

End users can finally get rid of cluttered disc libraries, and simply enjoy any movie, or any song, in any room, at any time, without having to spend a huge budget!  Simply pick your favorite media players and enjoy on-demand, instant playback, or control our systems via an iPhone, iPod, iPad, or Android app – or through an integrated control system!

11.   What are the top 5 features of the LiivNAS for end users and integrators?

  • Drop-n-Rip Archiving: Fully automated + Rich metadata + Simple to use = Unparalleled Convenience
  • 2-way metadata: Complete integration with control systems for a seamless experience
  • Expandability – Grow any time by just adding an additional units for storage or additional AV zones
  • Third-party player support:
    – Music: Use any networked player: From SONOS & networked receivers to game consoles + Smart TVs!
    – Movies: Use Dune HD, Popcorn Hour, Popbox, TiVX, Mede8er, or even DIY solutions like XBMC!
  • Affordability: We’re no longer bound to using proprietary players, as LiivNAS can be used with a choice of low-cost players.  With LiivNAS, cost shouldn’t be a factor in multi-room movies and music setups!

12.   Where is the LiivaNAS available for purchase?

In the Americas, integrators can purchase the LiivNAS directly from VidaBox.  For integrators abroad, please contact us to find who the local distributor is!

13.   Can you offer any discounts to D-Tools users?

Yes- VidaBox offers special demo discounts on systems like LiivNAS, which start at as little as $779 for dealers in the Americas!  Getting a demo unit is also the first step in getting higher margins as well, so contact VidaBox today to learn more!