scribbleE-signatures are nothing new. We’ve been doing this for years at retail check-outs after sliding our cards. But with just about everyone now walking around with some sort of touch screen device, they are becoming even more popular. Even without using a fancy tablet device, you can still have your clients sign off on your Proposals electronically via PDF. Many of our users have embraced the green movement and prefer to email PDF documents vs. printing whenever possible.


When you run a report in SIX, there is an Export to PDF option in our Report Viewer, as well as an Email option that will open an email with the report attached as a PDF:

export buttons

Your client can then use built-in functions in Adobe Reader to sign and return the document(s). Here is a quick example. Click the Sign button:

sign button

You can add Text for something like a Date field, and you can also choose “Place Signature”:

sign options

The first time you click this, the Place Signature window will open. Here you have different options for how you want to create/import your signature:

place signature box 1

In this example, the “Draw my signature” option was selected. When done, click the Accept button on the form:

drawn signature

You will then be able to place the signature anywhere on the document that you choose:

placed signature

When done, click the [Signed. Proceed to send] button:

signed proceed to send options 1

Select your delivery method:

signed proceed to send options 2