Since the release of System Integrator SIX, our company mission has been to provide our users with continuous software updates and enhancements on a more regular basis. In the past, we’ve had a lot of SI users ask us for a way to customize the look and feel of their proposals to better match their company branding.  In the latest SI SIX service pack, SP1A (details here), we have answered their call by providing the ‘Custom Report Theme’ feature.

With this new and simple feature, you can now select from new pre-loaded themes or create an entirely new theme on your own, for a distinctive and customized look.

Adding a new theme is a piece of cake! Create your own custom headers and group headers in any design application of your choice. Recommended size for Headers is 2210 x 315 pixels and 2000 x 120 pixels for Group Headers.  Once back in D-Tools, on the ‘Reports Themes’ form, just click the ‘New Theme’ button to get started.  After you name and upload your New Theme, it’s ready for use.

For details and instructions on how to create a new theme, please visit our Wiki post.