3D collection

D-Tools, Inc. has officially released new samples of our 3D Component Libraries for Google SketchUp. Sample models of our complete AV System Library are available via Google SketchUp’s 3D warehouse. The sample models are included in the complete library available for download via the D-Tools website. The new component models are 3D versions of the shapes and blocks already included in D-Tools Award winning SI5.5 System Integration software.

The new components allow users to modify Manufacturer, Category and Model attributes as well as dynamically alter all dimensions. In addition, the new components also allow users to alter front and back view images to match specific equipment models.  The entire AV System library, as well as 3D libraries for the IT, Security and Green Energy markets can be downloaded from the D-Tools website.

We highly recommend that you visit our Wikiblog and read the article  “How to Download D-Tools 3D Components Models” prior to downloading the samples from Google’s 3D warehouse.  By following the steps in this article,  you will be able to successfully download these sample models as well as the entire D-Tools Library. 

Lastly, we are also working on a new Cabinet Tools library due to be released by mid December 2009.  Please visit the D-Tools Blog often and look for our upcoming releases and upgrades.

Thank You,
The D-Tools Product Team