HAI’s automation solutions were the perfect fit for this Subway franchisee with multiple locations.  HAI’s products save money and increase security.

System integrators are known for providing their clients with features and benefits that go well beyond the mere capability of a security system. By providing an  integrated platform with security at the center, a client’s best interest usually is
better served. In addition, customer’s usually feel as though they’re getting more  for their money. In addition, the integrator benefits because it’s easier for him to sell  because the client sees the benefit on a weekly or monthly basis.

Eight years ago Chris Barton, owner of Scorpion Automation, Inc. of Gretna, Nebraska  decided to bundle value-added services that utilizes security sensors as the ears and  eyes of an all-encompassing integrated system. Barton studied what the market had  to offer, which led him to handle a fully integrated line of products made by Home  Automation Inc. (HAI), based in New Orleans, Louisiana.

“HAI offers a complete line of automation controllers, power line carrier devices, expander panels, temperature sensors, HVAC controllers, thermostats, and more,” says Barton. Click here to read the whole story!

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