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Atlona Technologies has won HomeToys.com’s Innovative products from CEDIA 2010 with its entry of the 7” HD Testing Monitor as voted on by HomeToys.com readers. The contest had 24 entrants and garnered well over 2000 reader votes with 811 of those going to Atlona. As the winner Atlona will be awarded a 1 year marketing partnership campaign with an enhanced listing in HomeToys.com’s company directory; a value of $676.00. The theme for HomeToys.com’ s next contest will be Ultimate CE Holiday Gifts with the 1 year Marketing Partnership from HomeToys.com up for grabs again. Product entry will be open from November 16th – December 15th while voting will end December 31st

Atlona Technologies, solutions based manufacturer of Audio Video accessories, successfully showcased the product every major installer and integrator has been waiting for at CEDIA 2010, the AT-DIS7-PROHD. Unlike many other monitors available, the DIS7-PROHD does not limit its potential by segregating its testing uses to one specific format. While previous units similar to it have only HDMI or DVI to test recent additions to existing installation projects, Atlona has realized that there are many more applications integrators and installers face other than digital formats. As a result, the DIS7-PROHD can test all digital formats, as well as VGA and Component. An additional function allows users the ability to view signal information such as HDCP compliance, Resolution and Frequency, Digital format, and Audio information. The AT-DIS7-PROHD also features an EDID learning function that allows this unit to virtually copy the extended display identification data from any HDTV to accurately mimic that TV for testing purposes. Not only can video be viewed in exact representation, but built in speakers have been added for audio as well. To meet the ever-growing trend, 3D Capability will also be available for those in need.
Portability is a necessity for any install; therefore a battery pack will be available to travel with this 7 inch monitor to spec out different locations of a project site. Multiple control options including manual as well as IR Remote will increase accessibility to test with this monitor or verify audio and video settings on remote displays. 7 inch monitors alone, without these added and essential accessories, can cost anywhere up to $300.  With the purchase of that as well as additional testing equipment, users will be forced to spend more money than one would care to. This unit is available for just over the price of that normal 7” HD monitor. The latest news with this exciting new unit is the announcement of it winning the Custom Retailer Exc!te Award and being a Finalist in the CEPro Best Awards at CEDIA 2010. With the DIS7-PROHD, say goodbye to wasting valuable time and money, ripping apart walls and ordering multiple testing equipment in order to trouble-shoot install issues.

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Live-Wall Speakers Shipping Now.

Industry’s first point-source direct-radiating invisible speaker system.
Available through Bay Audio and other selling partners.

Live-Wall, a start-up loudspeaker design and manufacturing company, is shipping the LW1218, the industry’s only point-source direct-radiating invisible loudspeaker system.

Built similar to a traditional loudspeaker, the LW1218 is installed into drywall and covered with drywall mud and painted.

According to founder and engineer Ricardo Lazzari, “The Live-Wall design concept overcomes the sonic challenges facing today’s hidden speakers, while blending seamlessly into a room’s interior design. The Live-Wall speaker sounds as good as a traditional in-ceiling speaker. That’s because it works like a regular speaker.”

Live-Wall speakers use an oversized neodymium motor, 2” voice coil, and ultra-flat and stiff woven fiberglass diaphragm to reproduce music from 54 to 20,000 Hz. With power handling to 100w, and output to 102dB at 1 meter, the Live-Wall LW1218 has specs much like a traditional speaker.

Sized at 12x18x2-7/8”, installers can place the LW1218 in walls, ceilings, and soffits. The product is weather-resistant for use in steam rooms, showers, and marine environments.

The LW1218 can be mounted in new construction (with an optional fire-rated backbox) or in retrofit installations. Installation is straightforward, and finishing can be handled by a competent drywaller using mud, plaster, wallpaper, chocolate frosting, and paint.

Live-Wall will be marketed and sold by Bay Audio, as well as various sales partners throughout the US, including:

New England: Jarmac Group
NY: Bach Sales
Mid Atlantic: Aurora Group
Southeast: New Level Marketing
TX, OK, LA, AR: Lucas Sales
SoCal: MK Marketing

The LW1218 has a suggested MAP of $800 each.

The LW1218-BOX has a suggested MAP of $325 each.

Denon Electronics, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality home entertainment products celebrating 100 years of innovation and technology leadership in 2010, is proud to announce that its highly anticipated special-edition Anniversary Product Collection (A100) of seven new home entertainment components is now available at select Special Anniversary Denon dealers, who can be found at www.denon100.com/dealerlocator. The limited special-edition Denon Anniversary Product Collection offers discriminating consumers an opportunity to become a part of Denon’s century-old legacy of innovation and craftsmanship.  New products include the PMA-A100 Integrated Amplifier (SRP: $2,499); DCD-A100 CD/SACD Player (SRP: $2,499); DP-A100 Direct-Drive Turntable (SRP: $2,499); DL-A100 Cartridge (SRP: $499); AVR-A100 9.2 Channel A/V Receiver (SRP: $2,499); DBP-A100 Universal Blu-ray Player (SRP: $2,499); and AH-A100 Over-Ear Headphones (SRP: $499).

Three Driving Constants

For Denon, audio and video are not a hobby. The creation of products that can deliver the highest quality experience to the consumers is a driving passion and the reason the company exists. Denon is passionate about developing and leveraging technologies, so that in any format, we can bring purity of sound quality and joy to the customers’ lives. The products will reproduce at home the same air, energy and the sensitivity felt at the stage or in the studio.

Denon engineers and employees are musicians and music lovers. They dream, imagine and work across a broad canvas of tools and technologies to design the most innovative new products. They also strive to create products of beauty and desire to reflect the taste and sensibilities of their future owners, to perfectly add to their living rooms and lifestyles. Everybody at Denon is dedicated to the artistry and the creativity of the products.

From the beginnings of compact disc technology, to the rise of surround sound, and now to mobility, streaming, and networking, Denon has not only evolved with technologies, but it has been the leader and innovator that has developed and introduced these technologies to the world and made them accessible to consumers. Denon is proud of their products and wants their customers to be proud as well.

All Denon A100 anniversary products come in a special carton with, for the first time in Denon’s history, a five-year warranty and signed certificate of authenticity from the chief Denon production engineer who handcrafted the product. Also included is a richly detailed Denon “brand book” that explores the company’s long and storied history. Each A100 component is finely tuned and reflects the commitment to passion, artistry and technology that has defined Denon in its first 100 years.

Noted Jeff Talmadge, Director, Product Development & Systems Integration, Denon Electronics: “The launch of our A100 collection is a tribute to Denon’s century long mission: to faithfully reproduce sound and images exactly as the original artist intended, with products that reflect 100 years of passion, artistry and technology. In 100 years of significant and innovative ‘firsts,’ Denon has continuously brought the best of technologies to discriminating customers around the world, always providing them with a superior home entertainment experience. With these new Anniversary Collection products, we are giving people who appreciate what Denon is all about a unique opportunity to share in our passion and enjoy true high-performance home entertainment at the same time.”

Where Past and Future Meet

The Denon PMA-A100 is an integrated amplifier that echoes the company’s many years of audio technology development and innovation. To enhance sound quality, the amplifier inherits Denon’s UHC-MOS Single Push-Pull output circuit and features newly engineered construction, forming a solid foundation for pure, clean sound quality. This high-performance component includes special anniversary tuning, superior construction and parts, including a larger, upgraded speaker terminal, cast iron footing for less vibration and higher sound quality.

The PMA-A100 is designed to perform seamlessly in an integrated home entertainment system with its anniversary partner, the DCD-A100 CD/SACD player. Featuring Advanced AL32 Processing, a highly accurate master clock and the latest 32Bit/192 kHz DA converters to dramatically boost the quantity of digital audio information and ensure audio accuracy, the DCD-A100 also includes a new advanced S.V.H. drive mechanism that guarantees accurate and high quality playback of SACDs and CDs. It is equipped with a full complement of digital input ports, including a USB port for connecting an iPod or USB memory. Like the PMA-A100, the DCD features a 100th anniversary signature badge affixed to its black high-gloss front panel.

A Unique History

The history of Denon turntables began in 1910 with the production of Japan’s first gramophone and peaked in 1939 when Denon developed a disc recorder for the NHK radio station. In 1970, Denon developed its own high-torque AC motor for low speeds where speed was controlled by highly precise detection of magnetic pulses recorded around the perimeter of the platter. Denon incorporated this leading-edge servo technology in its development of the direct-drive turntable, whose high performance and reliability represented a clear break from conventional idler and belt drive products.

Denon’s DP-A100 turntable features the same high-performance Denon direct-drive turntable technology that has delivered high-precision rotation for 40 years. Equipped with the DL-A100 cartridge, the DP-A100 is capable of masterfully reproducing the energy and beauty of analog records.

In 1961, Denon jointly produced the now iconic DL-103 cartridge with NHK for use at FM radio stations. The DL-103 was able to play stereo LP records with high fidelity and reliability (providing easy handling and stability). The basic design of this model continues to achieve first-rate performance and plays an active part in today’s world of Hi-Fi audio enthusiasts. Reflecting this engineering expertise and innovation, the new DL-A100 cartridge represents the standard model that has been in production for a little less than a half century – now reborn with the latest tuning for pure enjoyment.

First Name in Digital Audio

The AVR-A100 9.2 Channel A/V surround receiver is the ultimate home theater hub for today’s digital age. In addition to DENON Link 4th, featuring HDMI Clock Control, the AVR-A100 features high-bit i/p conversion and scaling, as well as advanced connectivity, network audio/photo streaming and a special interface to enhance the enjoyment of Internet content. It also includes a unique block condenser, a higher-grade speaker terminal with gold plated inputs/outputs, and cast iron footing to stabilize sound quality.

The perfectly matched DBP-A100 Universal Blu-ray Player lets users not only enjoy the maximum performance of Blu-ray discs and DVDs but also Super Audio CDs, DVD-Audio discs and CDs – all with the very best in high-quality sound and video. This level of quality is made possible through the inclusion of Denon’s vibration-resistant technologies including Direct Mechanical Construction and Multi-layer Chassis Structure. Since the DBP-A100 is also equipped with Denon Link 4th to thoroughly minimize jitter during HDMI transmission, users enjoy the best possible audio performance when combined with the AVR-A100. The DBP-A100 also features an anniversary edition coupling condenser and cast iron footing for sound stabilization.

Rounding out the Anniversary Collection line is Denon’s luxurious AH-A100 headphones. Strikingly housed in a piano mahogany finish, the AH-A100 features a high-grade driver for superior sound quality, newly designed skin-soft ear pads and headband, as well as a luxurious storage case.

Become Part of the Denon Anniversary Celebration

Throughout the year, Denon will celebrate its 100th anniversary with exciting initiatives. To celebrate this milestone in its history, Denon is inviting everyone to join in the celebration through a special anniversary website, www.denon100.com.  Visitors can learn all about the company’s “Legacy of Firsts,“ and most importantly, the people whose passion for audio and video perfection have always driven the Denon brand. Those who register online will be first to be notified by Denon about Special Anniversary Denon dealers in their area.

For further information on Denon’s 100th anniversary and other Denon news, please visit:

http://www.denon100.com, http://usblog.denon.com and http://usa.denon.com. Like Denon on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/denonusa or follow Denon on Twitter at http://twitter.com/denonus.

Entertainment Experience Announces Authorized Dealer Program

Entetainment Experience, providers of next generation color processing technology is launching a new program for dealers and distributors to bring their TruVue Vango projectors and eeColor processor products to the custom electronics market. There are significant opportunities for dealers to help launch Entertainment Experience’s patent-pending color processing technology for both residential and commercial applications.

Entertainment Experience will be hosting informative webinars on how to add color processing applications to both new and existing installs. Please contact Entertainment Experience for dates and registration information for these events that will outline the opportunities for this exciting new technology. For more information please contact us at questions@entexpinc.com.

Entertainment Experience, LLC was established in 2008 with a worldwide focus on changing the cost/value performance of digital entertainment solutions in homes. As a full solution provider, Entertainment Experience recognizes that digital quality requires a system view, involving every element of the digital content, distribution and home imaging devices.

Entertainment Experience is unique in its ability to deliver the most affordable and highest quality color and visual experience on the market today. For more information, call 585-598-4195 or visit www.eecolor.com.

FSR’s FLEX-LT Receives WFX New Products Award

Control System Acknowledged for Innovative Green Technology

Atlanta, GA (November 15, 2010) — FSR’s new Flex-LT self-contained control system has received a WFX New Product Award as the Innovative Green Product in the “Best Building System/Material” category.  A panel of industry experts judged the contestants, and winners were announced at Worship Facilities Conference & Expo (WFX) 2010 in Atlanta, GA on November 3, 2010 by Church Production Magazine and Worship Facilities magazine. The awards, designed to recognize the newest and most innovative building, management, and technology products geared toward Churches, identified Flex-LT’s numerous energy and cost-saving features as advantageous to Worship facilities of all sizes.

Flex-LT provides fingertip room control at an attractive price point.  A built-in scheduler automatically shuts off displays that are not in use – making it an energy-saving device – and can deliver an alert if there is an issue in the room, such as an elevated lamp life that needs attention. Flex-LT can either be mounted in a wall or sit on a desk and presents even the most non-technical congregant with an easy-to-use and understand color touch screen that controls the source being displayed, volume, lights, shades or screen.

FLEX-LT is available in two models – FLEX-LT-100 and FLEX-LT-200 – to accommodate venues and congregations of varying sizes and requirements. It allows small Houses of Worship to control projectors as well as other devices without the aid of an IR remote. In larger buildings it serves as an auxiliary controller for the seamless switcher in the main sanctuary. The system’s ability to control a full-range of AV equipment also makes it ideal for classrooms and other rooms in worship facilities.

As with all FSR products, Flex is made in the USA and qualifies for stimulus funding.

About FSR – www.fsrinc.com.

FSR, established in 1981, manufactures a wide variety of products for the audio / video, education, hospitality, government, and religious markets, including AV floor, wall, table, and ceiling connectivity boxes, as well as a full line of interfaces, distribution amplifiers, matrix switchers, seamless switchers and CAT-5 solutions.

Kramer Electronics is pleased to announce the introduction of the VP-747 In-CTRL Dual Scaler Seamless Switcher.  The VP 747 is a true multi-standard video to graphics scaler and seamless switcher with eight sets of universal inputs.  The universal inputs are comprised of 5 BNC connectors each, two of which can also be used as HDMI/DVI inputs on DVI connectors.

A key feature of the VP-747 is the incorporation of HQV® (Hollywood Quality Video) processing technology for the ultimate in image quality.  HQV® represents the state-of-the-art in video processing technology.  It offers the highest quality de-interlacing (with 3:2 and 2:2 pull down), advanced noise reduction that reduces block chroma and mosquito noise, and scaling performance for both standard and high-definition signals.

The VP-747 In-CTRL seamless switcher automatically accepts and processes all variations of NTSC, PAL and SECAM signals; and is HDCP compliant.  Signals can be input into the VP-747 on any of eight universal inputs, which can be configured to operate with a composite video, s Video (Y/C), component video, RGsB, RGBS or RGBHV input signal.  The universal inputs are comprised of five BNCs per input channel.  Inputs 1 and 2 can also be configured as HDMI/DVI inputs that support a data rate of up to 1.65 Gbps per graphic channel on DVI-D connectors.  Embedded audio is passed when going into and out of the scaler DVI-D.

The VP-747 has multiple output resolution settings for computer graphics output.  These conform to the most popular display standards in the market as well as 480p, 576p, 720p, 1080i and 1080p HDTV output resolutions and four user-definable output resolution settings.

The VP-747’s dual scalers guarantee live, seamless transitions from one source to another.  The dual scalers provide users both a Preview and Program output.  Each of those outputs has three simultaneous active connectors, one set of five BNC connectors for RGBHV, a DVI-D connector for a DVI/HDMI, and a 15-pin HD output connector for a computer graphics video.  Depending on the output resolution selected, the BNC output channel and the 15 pin HD output can output a signal with either the RGB or Component video color space.  When outputting a Component video color space a breakout cable will be needed for use with the 15-pin HD connector.

The VP-747 includes Kramer’s high quality K-IIT™ Picture-in-Picture Image Insertion technology with ultra-stable picture-in-picture, picture-and-picture, and split screen capability for both the Preview and Program outputs.  It allows any low resolution (Composite, s-Video) video source to be inserted into a high resolution (Component, VGA, DVI) video source and vice versa, with positioning and sizing controls available to the user.  The VP-747 also includes Kramer’s Projector Anywhere™ technology, which allows the user to control the horizontal and vertical geometry to compensate for off-axis projector placement.

The VP-747 offers multiple aspect ratio adjustment so the user can select between 4:3, 16:9, anamorphic, letter box and user-definable settings independently for both the Program and the Preview output channels.  The unit also has a front panel lock out button, two USB ports for firmware downloads, a “Take” button, blue or black screen video blanking, image freeze and zoom controls, a built-in TBC, and a built-in proc amp for signal settings and adjustments such as color, hue, sharpness and more.  These settings are stored in non-volatile memory that retains the last settings used.

The VP-747 can be controlled via the front panel buttons using the high contrast LCD display, the included IR remote with the user-friendly menu-driven on screen display, the Ethernet port or via RS-232 signals.  The VP-747 can also be controlled via an iPhone® or iPad® with Apps developed by Kramer and available in the Apple® App Store.

Onkyo, a brand known worldwide for quality home entertainment electronics, has introduced an audio-video mini system and stereo mini system that are each well suited for the office, bedroom, dorm room, or summer cottage. The AV mini system consists of a powerful DVD/CD receiver with a built-in dock for iPod, a USB connection, high definition HDMI video output with 1080p upscaling, and a pair of two-way loudspeakers. The step-down stereo music system has a CD receiver, built-in dock for iPod/iPhone, and slightly smaller two-way speakers.

The Onkyo CS-V645 DVD/CD Mini System plays a wide range of audio and video formats from DVDs, CDs, iPod, and USB. In addition to standard DVD and CD playback, it supports MP3, WMA, JPEG, and DivX file formats. Video programs are upscaled to 1080p resolution for output to a high definition video display over an HDMI connection. The dock for iPod is located on the top of the receiver, and the USB jack is on the front panel for easy access for flash drives and cable-connected systems.

The Onkyo CS-445 CD mini system plays CD’s CD-R and CD-RW media with standard CD-audio, MP3, and WMA files, and the top-panel dock for iPod/iPhone dramatically increases the available music sources.

Both systems have powerful 40-watt stereo amplifier sections and a pair of high-performance two-way bass-reflex loudspeakers with 1-inch soft dome tweeters and the company’s signature OMF (Onkyo Micro Fiber) woofer cones. The DVD receiver has a 20-preset FM tuner, the CD receiver has an AM/FM tuner with 40 presets, and both models include a full-function remote control.

The Onkyo CS-V645 will be available in early December with a suggested retail price of $399. The Onkyo CS-445 will reach dealers in early November with a suggested retail price of $329.

Since 1946 Onkyo has been passionately committed to developing audio products that deliver uncommon performance, quality and value. Bundling proprietary technologies and innovations with other sound-enhancing exclusives, Onkyo continues to created award winning products that are lauded by many of the industry leading audio publications. The company’s philosophy is to deliver products that are superbly designed and built to a consistently outstanding standard of excellence. Today, Onkyo is at the forefront of the home theater and digital revolutions. For more information about this and other fine Onkyo products, visit www.onkyousa.com or call 800-229-1687.


– The first screen introduced within the Couture Collection will feature an elegant, sculpted fixed frame design, accented with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, the world’s finest loose cut crystals manufactured by Swarovski

– Available in a wide array of premier colors

– New wall-mount system makes precise installation simple and quick

Torrance, CA and Atlanta, GA (CEDIA) – September 20, 2010 – Stewart Filmscreen Corporation®, the industry leader in precision projection screen technologies for the residential and commercial markets, announces a new product line, the Couture Collection. Stewart Filmscreen has forged a partnership with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, the world’s finest loose cut crystals manufactured by Swarovski, to create a signature product for the new Couture Collection.

The first screen introduced within the Couture Collection will feature an elegant, sculpted fixed frame design accented with the world’s finest loose cut crystals by SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS.  The Couture Collection is designed with the discriminating consumer in mind. It delivers exceptional beauty and envious cache whether the projector is on or off.  Utilizing SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS guarantees that the highest level of quality, authenticity, integrity and prestige required by this consumer is achieved.

“The Couture Collection creates a new exciting option for the consumer who desires glitz, glamour and the perfect screen image. Consumers will benefit from the superior image presentation of Stewart Filmscreen in locations where the aesthetic quality of the screen frame is of utmost importance.  This collection offers our dealer the opportunity to sell the WOW-FACTOR, an exclusive screen that will be sure to impress,” said Joaquin Rivera, Stewart Filmscreen Director of Sales North America Consumer Products. “The Couture Collection is available in a wide variety of color options to complement the décor of any space, whether the requirement is for front or for rear projection.”

Stewart’s standard black VeLux trim can perfectly frame the video image within the inside edge of the frame creating the finishing touch to the visual experience.

The Couture Collection frames are equipped with a new wall mounting system that includes levels and a simplified corner key design. Both traditional aperture mounts and specialty mounts are available and Stewart’s “Z” bar quick mounting system makes for easy and rapid mounting of the frame.

The Couture Collection is available in a wide variety of colors including Diamond, Onyx, Silver, Gold, Rubellite, Amethyst, Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, Aquamarine, Peridot and Topaz as well as custom colors.

The Couture Collection will be shipping in Fall of 2010. The product will be on display at Georgia World Congress Center during CEDIA, September 22-26, 2010 Booth #2026.

About Stewart Filmscreen

Stewart Filmscreen is the world’s premier projection-screen manufacturer for both the commercial and residential markets. A family-owned business, Stewart Filmscreen maintains the highest standards in screen design and craftsmanship offering the widest selection of application specific materials in seamless sizes up to 90’. In fact, each screen is handmade. Founded in 1947, Stewart Filmscreen has grown from a small business to an international one, with offices in Denmark and Singapore, in addition to two in the United States, including a manufacturing facility in Ohio and their headquarters in So. California. More information on Stewart Filmscreen Corporation is available at www.stewartfilmscreen.com.

Switch Automation prepares to launch the world’s first fully featured cloud based platform for home, building and green automation. See our feature story.

2010 has been a challenging year for the industry, with many in the residential sector still suffering from the effects of the Global Financial Crisis.

On the upside, markets such as solar power, commercial energy monitoring, and anything to do with the iPad have fared a lot better.

Here at Switch we’ve launched our new website, along with a blog and a knowledge base. We’re now using Facebook, YouTube, Flickr and Twitter to help you get useful tips and support, provide feedback, and stay in touch with all our latest news and developments.
Switch website

On the national scale, new opportunities are being created in select sectors with the next phase of the NABERS roll-out and the CBD Mandatory Disclosure program to commence next week. Switch is hard at work developing services to meet these new requirements.

The annual Connected Home Conference was also held this month, with a focus on the NBN (National Broadband Network), and its wide reaching implications for the home automation industry. At Switch we strongly believe the NBN will transform our industry and open up countless new opportunities, a position wholly endorsed by the conference speakers.

Feature Story – The Wisdom of the Cloud

While from the outside things at Switch may appear to have been quiet, the truth is that we have spent the whole year rebuilding our product line to launch as an entirely web-based, on-demand home automation platform.

You may have heard of cloud-computing, or ‘the cloud’. In case you haven’t, cloud simply means software as a service delivered over the internet, like Google Apps. While it may not sound extraordinary, cloud computing is transforming a range of industries as more people see the benefit of services which don’t require them to install software or hardware.

The Cloud has the potential to fundamentally change the way people think about and use home automation. You don’t have to purchase expensive and complex hardware, for a start. You can use any smart phone or web-enabled device to control your home or project, and because the whole solution is internet based, it is accessible from work, the car or your overseas vacation – giving you complete peace of mind over your most valuable asset.

For the whole story, visit this link: http://www.switchautomation.com/SwitchNews.aspx

Thanks to the long-awaited unveiling of our new, comprehensive Total Control product line for whole home control, CEDIA EXPO 2010 was a watershed moment in URC history.

It wasn’t all business. Los Straitjackets were a hit at URC’s annual CEDIA EXPO party: Over one thousand people passed through the door at STATS to enjoy free food and drink, great conversation and an amazing outdoor rooftop performance by the legendary cult favorite, which bills itself as “America’s Instrumental Rock & Roll Combo.”

Did you miss us at CEDIA EXPO? We shot a ton of video at our booth in Atlanta that you can watch any time at our YouTube page!

And check out the brand-new refresh of our public web site to find out more about Total Control: www.universalremote.com.

Finally, sign up for our e-newsletter! It’s full of sales and tech tips, news and other useful information. Sign up now at www.universalremote.com/newsletter.