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APC Expands Power Conditioning Portfolio with All-Inclusive J Type Home Entertainment Battery Backup Solutions

New Solutions Offer Affordability, Energy Efficiency and Crucial Power Protection for your Home Entertainment System

APC by Schneider Electric, a global leader in integrated critical power and cooling services, announced new additions to its power conditioning line of products with the release of the J25B and J35B battery backup solutions. The new APC J Type Power Conditioning Battery Backups are an affordable and portable solution providing complete protection from all potential power threats within the home environment. The J Type series is the first of its kind to address the various power protection needs of consumers by combining Electromagnetic Interference/Radio Frequency Interference (EMI/RFI), surge protection, Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) and battery backup in one solution.

Ideal for protecting and backing up televisions, home theater surround sound systems, gaming systems, routers, modems and additional home entertainment and office equipment, the APC J25B and J35B offer:

  • Battery Backup – Data loss is eliminated when power is disrupted because of battery backup that enables saving and backing up DVR recordings, stored games and computer files.
  • Multi-Stage Surge Protection – All electrical modes are guaranteed and offer protected and reliable thermal fusing which helps ensure safe operation under all conditions.
  • Noise Filtering – Electromagnetic interference (EMI) is reduced to help ensure optimum picture and sound quality. The J Type benefits from two filterbanks which are isolated from each other to reduce cross contamination that can negatively impact audio and video performance.
  • CostEfficiency and Portability – The industry-low price point offers a portable, consumer-friendly and all-inclusive solution with EMI/RFI, surge protection, AVR and battery backup.
  • Dual-Color LCD Display Viewing – An informative display alerts users of any changing device and power environment conditions and subsequently enables adjustment of all device parameters.

“Power surge protection is crucial in maintaining a safe home entertainment system and is a top-of-mind concern for our customers,” said Dave Johnson, senior vice president, Home and Business Networks, APC by Schneider Electric.  “The new APC J25B and J35B battery backups address consumers’ needs with an industry-first solution that provides comprehensive power protection in one easy to use product that enables consumers to enjoy their home entertainment investments with confidence in their power sources.”

In addition to the offerings incorporated in both J Type models, the APC J35B also features Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR), which stabilizes unsafe voltage levels that can cause premature failure of sensitive components inside AV equipment. Low voltage is ‘boosted’ and over-voltage is ‘trimmed’ so that equipment sees only safe, stable voltages. Units without AVR switch to battery power during unsafe voltage fluctuations, which means more wear and tear on batteries which can translate to a shorter battery life. AVR also enables batteries to remain at full charge more often, ensuring that during power outages battery backup is at the ready.

The APC J35B also provides users with power saving master and controlled outlets that detect when a TV or computer plugged into the master outlet is off or in standby mode and as a result, shuts down power to connected components or peripherals.  This power detection is not only energy efficient but also saves approximately 40 dollars a year in electric bills.

The sleek and compact design of both the J25B and J35B comes equipped with eight outlets (six battery + surge and two surge only), 1500VA capacity, COAX and phone protection jacks that provide users with guaranteed protection and lifetime equipment protection policies, enabling peace of mind at an affordable price point.

Currently available in North America, the APC J25B and J35B are sold at the retail price of $249 and $399, respectively through channel distributors and in national retail chains.  For more information about APC and other cost-efficient home entertainment battery backup solutions, please call 800-877-4080, or visit APC’s Web site at www.apc.com.

About APC by Schneider Electric

APC by Schneider Electric, a global leader in critical power and cooling services, provides industry leading hardware, software, and services designed to ensure availability and higher energy efficiency across the residential, business network, data center, and manufacturing environments. Backed by the strength, experience, and wide network of Schneider Electric’s Critical Power & Cooling Services, APC delivers well planned, flawlessly installed and maintained solutions throughout their lifecycle. Through its unparalleled commitment to innovation, APC delivers energy efficient solutions for critical technology and industrial applications.


Atlona Technologies® today announced that the company officially kicked off its Pacific Rim tour with thttp://www.d-toolsblog.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=6812&action=editheir first-ever participation at InfoComm China 2011, being held from April 13-15 in Beijing, China.  In partnership Atlona Asia Limited, based in Beijing and covering all of China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan, this will help to make a landmark year for Atlona with over 30+ tradeshows and events for 2011.

At InfoComm China, Atlona looks to showcase their wide range of AV solutions from each of their unique product lines. Atlona CE (Consumer Electronics) is geared specifically toward end users and retail purchasers to provide simple and easy to use solutions that anyone can install and operate. Atlona Si (System Integrator) will include products that require a little more AV know-how, and will most often be installed by a residential CEDIA, or commercially certified installers. This Si line will provide a full range of solutions that cover almost every conceivable issue one may face in any Home Theater, or light commercial AV system. Atlona’s Signature product line will find their home in large scale digital signage, Government, Military, and heavy commercial applications. This line will be geared toward commercial integrators, and will provide a level of quality and reliability that is necessary for even the most mission critical AV systems such as medical imaging, and military intelligence command & control centers.

“Being our first year exhibiting at InfoComm China, we are thrilled to join the upper tier of the A/V commercial industry in the unveiling of our exciting new products,” said Michael Khain, CEO and Product Manager at Atlona Technologies. “We’ll now be able to meet the needs of endusers and commercial integrators alike overseas and look forward to introducing our latest and greatest to the Pacific Asian area in April.

Atlona Products on Display at the 2011 InfoComm China Show:

AT-AiR3 PC to HDTV, Projector or Monitor Wireless adapter at full 1080p

The AT-AiR3 is designed to connect any Windows or Mac Based computer to your HDTV, Projector or Computer Monitor wirelessly through HDMI or VGA Connections. The AiR3 is based on a powerful Ultra Wide Band technology, allowing users to extend high resolution content up to 30ft away from any computer’s USB port. Atlona wireless PC to TV transmitter is capable of supporting resolutions up to 1080p.


AT-DIS7-PROHD 7-Inch Testing Monitor With HDMI, VGA, and Component Inputs

The Atlona AT-DIS7-PROHD is a 7-inch testing monitor designed for those looking to test cabling and installation of different components. This portable display recognizes any HDMI, DVI, VGA, or component video source at resolutions up to 1080p or 1920×1200 (including a huge variety of other HDTV and computer resolutions), and allows integrators to observe both audio and video signals in real time. The AT-DIS7-PROHD can also be used to test 3D sources.


AT-DRC444 Multi-Input Presentation Switcher Featuring 3x Audio and Video Switching

The AT-DRC444 includes four inputs with one output composite video switch; four inputs with one output VGA switch; and 2 DVI and 2 HDMI inputs with one DVI output switch. Each video input is accompa­nied with its own audio input. In addition, the switcher features a microphone input and allows users to mix the microphone signal with the main audio in “talk-over” mode. The DRC444 is designed to be controlled via RS232, RS485, or IR.


AT-PROHD82M 8×2 HD Video Scaler With 2 Matrix Outputs

The AT-PROHD82M is a Multi-Video Matrix Switcher featuring 8 inputs and 2 outputs; each having both HDMI and VGA connections. Both outputs are matrix and can display signals from any of the 8 inputs. This allows you to send audio and video signals across multiple displays and is great for multi-room applications.


AT-PROHD88M-SR 8×8:2 PRO HDMI Matrix Switch with CAT5/6 and Local HDMI Outputs with 3D Support

The AT-PROHD88M-SR is a True 8×8:2 HDMI matrix switch. The PROHD88M unit features eight HDMI 1.3 inputs, and eight independently switchable HDMI + Twisted Pair outputs to feed eight separate displays simultaneously. Each output features 1 x HDMI and 2 x Twisted Pair connections where both are active at the same time. Twisted Pair outputs are used to connect to the 8 x included receiver modules.


AT-DP400 (Dual Link) DVI to Mini DisplayPort Converter for Apple 27-inch LED and 27-inch iMac

The AT-DP400 is a DVI to Mini DisplayPort converter designed to convert every Mac or PC computer’s with a dual link DVI output to a digital signal over a Mini DisplayPort connector. The AT-DP400 is specifically designed to work with iMac 27″ which can support resolutions up to 2560×1440.


Come see Atlona at InfoComm China 2011, at the China National Convention Center, April 13-15, at booth #H10-02

12 Source Cat 5 Matrix Available in February

Audio Authority® continues to refine and expand its Component Video matrix technology with the new HLX System. HLX promises to deliver HD matrix switching with key integrator features at a very attractive price point. The completely modular card-and-cage design employs an ultra-high bandwidth backplane capable of supporting 12 component video and audio source pathways, and up to 64 zones.

HLX utilizes Audio Authority’s field-proven Cat 5 zone receivers, available in several different styles. Active Gain Equalization technology (AGE) allows the installer to optimize cable length compensation at the remote TV location, up to 1,000 feet from the HLX.

• Compatible with Ethernet, serial and IR control systems

• Up to 12 Component Video sources

• Pristine video and audio signals up to 1,000 feet away

• Cable length compensation adjustment for long Cat 5 runs

• HD Component Video, digital audio, analog audio

• IR pathway for remote control signals

• Utilizes standard Audio Authority Cat 5 receiver models

• Designed and manufactured in Lexington, Kentucky, USA

Initial Models and Availability

Two standard models are now available, and custom configurations are available on request. More options are to follow in the second quarter. Preorder now (shipments begin mid February) or call for dealer information and pricing.

Standard Models Model HLX-8C16D       (8-in, 16-out)       MSRP: US$3,557.00    (zone receivers sold separately)

Model HLX-12C24D     (12-in, 24-out)     MSRP: US$4,449.00    (zone receivers sold separately)

For more information visit http://www.audioauthority.com/page/primages or call 800-322-8346 to request additional images.

New AMX Module from Certified Cyber Solutions Allows Dealer to Monitor Clients Without Additional Hardware on Site

Low Cost Opportunity to Sell Monitoring Services to Existing Customers

Certified Cyber Solutions, Inc., a Charleston, South Carolina-based industry leader in advanced network performance monitoring and secure remote access solutions, is proud to announce the release of an advanced Home Cyber Shield™ AMX Module that does not require the integrator to sell or install any additional equipment in the homeowner’s location.  With service plans starting as low as $99, this unique solution allows AMX dealers to go back to their existing clients and introduce monitoring and service plans at a very low cost and begin building a recurring revenue stream for their company.

The new HCS AMX Module works as a stand-alone product or can be used in conjunction with the Home Cyber Shield™ network monitoring and remote system management solution.  The combination of the Home Cyber Shield™ and the HCS AMX Module creates the ultimate in residential network monitoring and remote system management.

The new HCS AMX Module is priced as low as $99 per year and will report real-time status of any devices communicating with the AMX system.  Additionally, the module allows programmers to create custom event thresholds that can trigger an alert back to the integrator, thus allowing for maximum flexibility when setting up a monitoring service plan.  Finally, the new module enables an AMX system to send SYSLOG messages back to the integrator.

About Certified Cyber Solutions

Certified Cyber Solutions a Charleston, South Carolina based residential network security solution company, is a  leader in providing advanced residential network-based security platforms and performance monitoring solutions to home owners through the CEDIA and residential IT network integrator market channels.  CCS’s Home Cyber Shield product solution and their proprietary SAM technology (Secure Access Manager), safeguard residential homeowner networks and IP-addressable appliances against both insider and outsider cyber intrusions.  CCS is a privately held corporation.

Visit us at http://www.CertifiedCyberSolutions.com

One of the major benefits for AMX dealers who are looking into monitoring solutions, with the new HCS AMX Module the integrator is not limited to pre-set equipment profiles or simple up/down status email alerts, as the clear advantage of the HCS AMX Module is the open-architecture nature of the module.  AMX programmers have an unlimited amount of programming opportunities with the new HCS AMX Module.

Increase Your Revenues with the eeColor Revolution

As the world’s first and only 3D, multi-dimensional color video technology, the TruVue eeColor Processor continues to make headlines. The TruVue eeColor Processor was recently shown in Chicago on ABC with Michael Ferrara, the TechnoDad. Click here to see the video.

eeColor dramatically improves the contrast, brightness and color of any television or video display device without changing the artistic look of the media or memory colors like flesh tones and blue skies. This revolutionary technology can significantly boost your revenues with high margin products and enhanced services for your new and existing installs. Help your customers see what they’ve been missing and take their viewing experience to the next level.

Exclusively for D-Tools Customers, you can experience eeColor by signing up for the Early Adopters Program. Be one of our select dealers in this program to test drive the HDMI plug-and-play TruVue eeColor Processor and experience first- hand how images jump off the screen for any media, on any television or projector, in any room lighting. You’ll benefit from additional revenue opportunities by adding state-of-the-art color to your installs and special dealer pricing packages.

Don’t miss out on the eeColor revolution! Email tammy.smith@entexpinc.com to learn more about the eeColor Early Adopters Program. For more information on eeColor, visit www.eecolor.com.

FSR’s Pathfinder Switcher Brings Video Variety to 381 Main Bar and Grill

Transforming 381 Main Bar and Grill from a neighborhood martini lounge to a stunning sports bar equipped with the latest technology was a major undertaking. Owner Steve Baskinger not only orchestrated a complete cosmetic makeover, but also turned to FSR to install a sophisticated video matrix switcher that brings patrons a varied viewing experience via 19 LED TVs situated throughout the establishment.

Baskinger selected the FSR Pathfinder following an exhaustive Internet search for a system capable of routing multiple video sources to multiple video destinations.  “Every time I entered my requirements, FSR dominated the results,” he said.

FSR customized a unit for 381 Main with 24 inputs and outputs to accommodate Baskinger’s diverse needs. “The TVs are a major highlight; we offer all the games, pay-per-view events, music videos, and people even bring in their own DVDs,” explained Baskinger.  “FSR’s Pathfinder provides complete control options.  We can change programs or source material on any of the 19 sets with the push of a button so our customers can enjoy their programming preference.”

FSR’s Pathfinder features Split Mode Switching that allows each color channel to be switched independently; settings are easily programmed from the unit’s front panel.  Only one switcher is necessary to perform the duties of several units, and compatibility with future video types and resolutions guarantees longevity. The Pathfinder is the highest bandwidth and flattest matrix switcher on the market.  The HD component and RGB models feature 600MHz@-3dB bandwidth with +/- 1.0 dB flatness to 300MHz to ensure unparalleled clarity and color fidelity.

Baskinger also utilizes the TVs as vehicles for digital signage. “We can highlight menu specials, or display a message such as ‘Happy Birthday’ to a specific guest on one or all of the TVs,” he said. “As the weather gets warmer, we plan to expand viewing to the outdoor patios. We couldn’t do any of this without the switcher.”

About FSR

FSR, established in 1981, manufactures a wide variety of products for the audio / video, education, hospitality, government, and religious markets, including AV floor, wall, table, and ceiling connectivity boxes, as well as a full line of interfaces, distribution amplifiers, matrix switchers, seamless switchers and CAT-5 solutions.

All FSR products are designed and manufactured in its Woodland Park, NJ facility. The company is an Energy Star Partner and complies with the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 to demonstrate its deep commitment to preserving the planet. FSR offers live 24/7 technical and sales support throughout the country from expertly trained technicians and sales representatives. For more information: www.fsrinc.com.

HDMI 4×4 Matrix – HDMI version 1.3 compliant
Tustin, CA – The HSM-04-04 is a 4-in and 4-out Matrix switch that is HDMI 1.3 compliant, supports HDCP, deep color, multi-channel digital audio (up to 7.1 channels), and may be used with any combination of DVI (PC) or HDMI (HDTV) sources and displays.

Includes EDID management, fast switching, low profile (only 1 RU), PRESET Save and Recall functions, IR remote, and comprehensive front panel controls. Output video signals are de-skewed, recreated with perfect timing and are jitter free. The HSM-04-04 supports HDMI Cables up to 15 meters long on its input and outputs.
The Matrix uses Silicon Image 1.3 chipsets capable of color-depth conversion for each output. This ensures that the highest number of colors possible is displayed on each output. In other words, if some outputs are connected to displays that only support HDMI 1.2 and others that support 1.3, the unit will report as supporting HDMI 1.3 to each input source in order to receive the greatest possible color depth.

The HSM-04-04 is optionally available with an IP (LAN) port that allows control from any browser via an HTTP web server (including web-enabled smart phones) while simultaneously supporting TELNET for control through other web appliances. The web interface allows the user to assign custom names for each input, output, and preset pattern, making control over IP a snap. Also available is the HSM-04-02 with 4 inputs and 2 outputs.

This product is made in the USA and is now available.

For additional information please contact:
Gail Haghjoo (800) 959-6439 Ext. 223
Hall Research Technologies

For print quality photo please follow this link:


LiteTouch Wireless Hits the Road with a Tech Tour Scheduled across North America

LiteTouch delivers an education program focused on the growing wireless market.

LiteTouch, a leading manufacturer of lighting control systems, recently announced their 2011 LiteTouch Wireless Tech Tour. LiteTouch hits the road with a multi-city tour across North America, providing direct in-field training to dealers and electrical contractors.

During the LiteTouch Wireless Tech Tour, LiteTouch Technicians will review the complete LiteTouch Hybrid product line. The full day agenda will focus on the rich and unique features, system planning, overcoming common retrofit obstacles, programming with LiteWare software, and installation/wireless best practices. Each session includes practical hands-on hardware and software demos.

LiteTouch Wireless Tech Tour Schedule:

March 4, 2011             Salt Lake City, UT

March 14, 2011           Boca Raton, FL

March 18, 2011           Sarasota, FL

April 28, 2011              Phoenix, AZ

May 13, 2011              Los Angeles, CA

May 25, 2011              San Francisco, CA

June 20, 2011             Vancouver, BC Canada

June 24, 2011             Calgary, AB Canada

July 6, 2011                 Toronto, ON Canada

August 2, 2011            New Haven, CT

September 13, 2011 Glenwood Springs, CO

September 26, 2011   Minneapolis, MN

“With the availability of the Remote Base Antenna, our new range extension tool, the LiteTouch Wireless System can be installed in even the largest of homes.  Dealers and electrical contractors who couple this new tool with the LiteTouch Hybrid Wall Box Dimmer can install wireless lighting control with confidence. No communication lag time regardless of job size.“ said Angie Larson, LiteTouch VP of Sales and Marketing.

This year, LiteTouch is revamping their full training program to include Quarterly Factory Trainings, monthly webinars, online training for coverage of advanced topics, plus in-field training with the LiteTouch Wireless Tech Tour.

Custom electronics dealers and electrical contractors interested in attending one of the stops on the Tour are invited to email info@LiteTouch.com for information on reserving their spot.  Participation is free. Additional Tour dates may be added in the future. Check back at LiteTouch.com for the latest schedule.

New 30A Hardwired Surge Suppressors

Lowell introduces the first 30A hardwired surge suppressors to the AV market. All are ETL Listed in the US and Canada and conform to the latest UL1449 third edition surge protective device standards. The surge suppressors defeat surges up to 72,000 amps and suppress the line to neutral without ground contamination. Several models are offered to fit a variety of applications.

The low profile COMPAC® (compact unit) features one 30A 125V NEMA L5-30R outlet that can also be converted to hardwired output. The 30A COMPAC® includes multi-mount brackets and a six-foot, non-metallic, flexible whip that’s easier to manipulate in tight quarters than a standard metal clad conduit. Available with standard or insulated ground outlet.

For permanent (hardwired line and load connections) applications, Lowell offers the ACSP-30-series of 30A surge suppressors. Available with one, two or three circuits, each unit features an enclosure with screw terminal outputs, knockouts on all sides, assorted bushings to protect wiring, and a punched front cover that allows LEDs to show system status without opening the device.

Lowell Manufacturing engineers and produces value-based products — racks and enclosures, power distribution, audio reinforcement — that provide exceptional performance and reliability in professional systems integration.

Web link:  http://www.lowellmfg.com/power-advSurgeSupp.html

e-mail response:  sales@lowellmfg.com

Middle Atlantic Debuts UPS With Individual Outlet Control

Middle Atlantic Products is introducing a new line of UPS systems that provide true individual outlet control, both remotely via RS-232 and IP, and locally using Middle Atlantic Power Manager™, a web-based interface for local monitoring and control.

The first UPS with 100% individual outlet control in the Commercial AV and Residential markets, this system allows users to control each of the 8 outlets independently, unlike other systems that only support control of outlet groups.

This capability allows users to restrict unauthorized use of outlets for additional security, and when integrated with a control system via RS-232, can support up to 8-stage sequencing in any combination, with any delay; no separate sequencer is necessary.

The Middle Atlantic Products UPS also features Pure Sine Wave technology, integration with AV control systems and a unique sliding rear rackrail mount that provides the AV industry’s first single-person UPS mounting capability. The easy installation functionality of the UPS simplifies rack integration in residences, theaters, stadiums, boardrooms and other AV environments.

The UPS system ensures the highest levels of uninterrupted AV equipment performance: In the event of a power outage or extreme over/under voltage occurrence, the system’s AVR capability ensures a continuous 120V output and the Pure Sine Wave technology minimizes harmonic distortion and line noise.  The fast 4-millisecond transfer time ensures that connected equipment stays online, with no lock-ups.

Middle Atlantic supports the UPS line with an industry-leading 3-year warranty program.

For more information on the entire family of Middle Atlantic UPS products, click to middleatlantic.com.

For technical specifications and in-depth information about Middle Atlantic Products, please click to www.middleatlantic.com or call 1.800.266.7225.

Salamander Designs…Defining Original™

For nearly 20 years, Salamander Designs® has been “Defining Original” in audio/video furniture. Throughout our history we have designed highly flexible and customizable furniture solutions intended to offer a huge number of choices in materials, finishes, colors, fabrics, and performance options.

It’s a pretty different way of looking at furniture design. Instead of “one-size-fits-all” everyone gets exactly what fits them.

Two New Rack Mount Systems Introduced for Synergy System and Chameleon Collection

Pro Audio Rack Mounting for Chameleon Collection…Defining Original

Now, for the first time, it is possible to own Pro Audio Rack Mounts that look like furniture. We’ve added rack mounting capability to all nine decorator styles in the Chameleon Collection. The mounts are available in four configurations. Units are shipped fully assembled, and everyone can be assured that these racks will be rock solid for supporting electronic gear. All rack mounts are built on a unique aluminum chassis and include premium components that will deliver exceptional reliability and durability. Mounts are compatible with industry standard, EIA 19” components and gear. The mounts also include lacing bars to help manage wires.

Pro Audio Rack Mounting for Synergy System…Defining Original

We’ve also added rack mounting capability to the Synergy System. The Synergy rack mount modules make possible a virtually limitless number of configurations. Mounts are available for single, twin, and triple-width applications in open and closed door configurations in many heights. The Synergy rack mounts are ready-to-assemble, and once assembled, they are rock solid for supporting electronic gear. All rack mounts are built on a unique aluminum chassis and include premium components that will deliver exceptional reliability and durability. Mounts are compatible with industry standard, EIA 19” components and gear. The mounts also include lacing bars to help manage wires.

SurgeX Adds to its NEMA Solution Offerings with XN240 for Premium Protection of 240V Products

The SurgeX XN240 is the only 240 Volt NEMA enclosure protection product on the market that eliminates surges and transients that can degrade AV system performance.  The XN240 offers the same award-winning technology that is featured in the company’s XN120, but with the ability to offer premium power protection for larger projectors and panels that require 240V service. Like the XN120, the XN240 unit is hardwired as a subpanel at the service entrance or the equipment room, making it the perfect solution for AV systems where rack space is at a premium.  Until now, there haven’t been true solutions for sensitive 240V gear, meaning that these expensive devices are left without required protection. With the XN240, this is no longer. When the panels/projector is connected to an outlet fed through the XN240, the SurgeX unit will protect and condition the unit from the branch circuit. This not only provides a quick and guaranteed protection solution, but opens up a new revenue stream for dealers.

“The XN240 provides our installers a unique solution that allows them to save time, money and space all the while giving them the confidence of SurgeX’s surge elimination technology ensuring their projects are 100 percent protected 100 percent of the time.” stated Shannon Townley, Senior Vice President for SurgeX. “As the only solution of its kind on the market, we are filling a huge gap in the residential market and making sure our dealers have the products they need to fully protect every installation.”

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