D-Tools MVP manufacturers realize the importance of bringing you their product information and have chosen to support the D-Tools user community by joining the program and making their product data directly available through D-Tools SI software. Read on for the latest manufacturer news and product updates.

New Atlona Products on Display at Infocomm 2011 Booth #3671
“InfoComm is always an exciting event for Atlona, and with a number of innovative additions to our Si and Signature product lines, we are certain this year will be no exception,” said Kevin Billingsley, sales director at Atlona Technologies. “In addition to a comprehensive and cost-effective digital connectivity kit, video scaler, and multi-input presentation switcher, we are very excited to introduce our new matrix switchers and HDMI and DVI extenders featuring HDBaseT technology. These cutting-edge products offer full 3D support and extend signals up to 4Kx2K resolution over extremely long distances. With all of this and more in our booth, it’s going to be a great show for Atlona.”

AT-KIT-PROHD3 Digital Connectivity Testing Kit
The Atlona KIT-PROHD3 allows integrators to diagnose 99 percent of all system digital connectivity issues in moments, saving both time and overhead. Packaged in a high-quality Pelican™ case, the kit includes:
• AT-HD800 Signal Generator: Allows users to send a variety of high-resolution testing patterns in both 2D and multiple 3D formats, and pinpoint interoperability issues in sources, cables, extenders, switchers, AVRs, distribution amplifiers, and displays.
• AT-DIS7-PROHD Testing Monitor: Recognizes any HDMI, DVI, VGA, or component video sources at both HDTV and VESA resolutions up to 1080p or 1920×1200, and allows integrators and installers to observe both digital audio and video signals in real time.
• AT-HDSync HDMI EDID Emulator: Fixes any EDID, hot plug, or sync issue.
• AT-BAT-DIS7PRO: Five-hour battery.

AT-DVI4-100SR and AT-HD4-V110SR DVI and HDMI HDBaseT Extender Kits
The AT-DVI4-100SR and AT-HD4-V110SR are the perfect solutions for remotely located computers, video codecs, and matrix switchers. Featuring HDBaseT technology, the units extend DVI and HDMI transmissions up to 350 feet with resolutions up to 4Kx2K over a single Cat 5/6/7 cable, while providing bidirectional RS-232, IR, and Ethernet pass through. The AT-DVI4-100SR is fully HDCP and EDID compliant. In addition, the AT-HD4-V110SR provides support for Deep Color, HDCP, and full 3D, while preserving 7.1-channel digital audio, including DTS-HD and Dolby® TrueHD.

AT-PRO2HD88M-SR and AT-PRO2HD1616M-SR HDBaseT 8×8 and 16×16 High-Speed HDMI Matrix Switchers Over Single Cat 5/6/7 With 3D Support
The Atlona AT-PRO2HD88M-SR and AT-PRO2HD1616M-SR are true 8×8 and 16×16 high-speed HDMI matrix switchers, featuring eight or 16 HDMI 1.4 inputs and eight or 16 independently switchable twisted pair outputs to feed eight or 16 separate receiver modules (included). The units have the ability to equalize, amplify, and reclock the signal to ensure HDMI-accurate signal transmission through long cables without quality loss.

Featuring HDBaseT technology, the switchers extend HDMI sources up to 330 feet at 4Kx2K resolution over a single Cat 5/6/7 cable, in addition to providing analog two-channel stereo, bidirectional RS-232, and zone-specific bidirectional IR pass-through up to 60 KHz. In addition, the unit provides support for Deep Color, HDCP, and full 3D, while preserving 7.1-channel digital audio, including DTS-HD and Dolby® TrueHD.

AT-PROHD82M 8×2 HD Video Scaler With Two Matrix Outputs
The AT-PROHD82M is a multivideo matrix switcher featuring eight inputs and two matrix outputs, each providing both HDMI and VGA connections. Perfectly suited for multiroom A/V applications, the unit features outputs that can display signals from any of the eight inputs, allowing users to send audio and video signals across multiple displays. The AT-PROHD82M scales the outgoing video signal on both the HDMI and VGA outputs. The HDMI outputs are capable of displaying 720p and 1080p, while the VGA outputs can display resolutions from SVGA 800×600 to WUXGA 1920×1200.
AT-DRC444 Multi-Input Presentation Switcher Featuring 3x Audio and Video Switching (DVI, HDMI, VGA, Composite Video and Audio)
The AT-DRC444 includes four inputs with one output composite video switch; four inputs with one output VGA switch; and two DVI and two HDMI inputs with one DVI output switch. Each video input is accompa¬nied by its own audio input. In addition, the switcher features a microphone input, and allows users to mix the microphone signal with the main audio in “talk-over” mode. The DRC444 is designed to be controlled via RS232, RS485, or IR.

AT-PA100 Professional Stereo/Mono Audio Amplifier With Three Inputs (2x Stereo, 1x MIC)
A flexible solution for commercial applications, the AT-PC100 is based on a digital amplification circuit (Class-D) that allows it to work in either stereo mode at 2×20 W or in bridge mode (mono) at 1×40 W. When in bridge mode, the unit’s dual-mono ability provides amplification for one speaker, or shares amplification between two speakers at a higher impedance. The AT-PC100 features built-in EQ control to adjust bass and treble, while a microphone mixer function provides separate control in mixing the microphone signal with the line audio output. The unit offers RS-232 control for simple integration with third-party control systems.

About Atlona Technologies®:
Atlona Technologies® is a global manufacturer of cutting-edge digital connectivity solutions. The company supplies an extensive range of high-quality products — from cables, splitters, and extenders to distribution amplifiers, converters, switchers, and much more — to a diverse client base spanning the consumer electronics, home theater, computing, retail, systems integration, professional A/V, broadcast, entertainment, medical digital imaging, and digital signage markets. Made from the finest materials and offering unique feature sets, the company’s value-added products can be found in installations worldwide. Atlona provides a wide range of solutions from all three of its comprehensive product lines: Atlona CE (consumer electronics), Atlona Si (system integrator), and Atlona Signature (professional and commercial). More information about Atlona Technologies is available at



You’re Invited!

APC by Schneider Electric will be hosting a cocktail reception during Infocomm2011. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn more about our comprehensive power protection solutions for AV Commercial Applications.

When: June 16th
Where: Booth 4150 Orange County Convention Center
Time: 4pm- 5pm

Register Today! www.apc.com/promo
Keycode: c375v

FSR to Showcase Affordable Fingertip Room Control System and Dual-Rated Ceiling Box Series at InfoComm 2011

Company Will Also Highlight Table, Wall and Floor Boxes, Matrix Switchers, Transmission Systems and Connectivity Products

FSR, manufacturer of audio and video switching, control products, and connectivity boxes, will showcase their affordable Flex-LT self-contained room control system, and their dual-rated ceiling boxes at InfoComm 2011.  Both product lines will be demonstrated in FSR’s booth # 1343 beside the Company’s wide variety of table, wall and floor boxes, popular Pathfinder line of matrix switchers, Twister Pro transmission systems, and expanded IPS line of instant connectivity.


FLEX-LT Room Control System

FSR’s award-winning FLEX-LT room control system will comprise the heart of the Company’s display with its vast number of features, ability to operate a full-range of AV equipment with simple fingertip operation, and appealing price point. The versatile unit mounts in a wall or sits on a surface to present an operator-friendly color touch screen. Non-technical users can operate the system effortlessly, control the various sources, change the volume, turn lights on and off, raise or lower the shades or screen, and much more with a simple touch.

The user friendly, easy-to-afford touch screen system is available in two models – FLEX-LT-100 and FLEX-LT-200 – to accommodate educational facilities, entertainment, corporate and hospitality venues, and congregations of varying sizes and requirements. The FLEX-LT family allows projectors as well as other devices to be controlled in small spaces without the aid of an IR remote. In larger structures it serves as an auxiliary controller for the seamless switcher.

The Flex built-in scheduling feature provides cost and energy-savings with its ability to give projectors a distinct power off command that will insure maximum projector bulb life by automatically shutting off displays that have been accidently left on.  It can also alert the support staff to issues such as an elevated lamp life, therefore reducing the down time of the room.

The Flex-Able configuration utility features an uncomplicated method to maximize system capabilities.  The contractor merely follows drag ‘n drop programming methodology; eliminating the need to learn another programming language. This allows easier updates if system equipment changes.

The FLEX-LT-100 features a 3.5” diagonal color LCD touch screen, built in clock/calendar with a scheduler, multi-command scripting, two serial ports, and two IR ports that can each control up to four emitters.

The FLEX-LT-200 offers additional features including an IP port, power-over-Ethernet (POE), two additional serial ports, two additional IR ports – each capable of controlling up to four emitters, four GPIO ports, and one analog input.

CB Series of Ceiling Boxes
FSR will also be highlighting their CB series of ceiling boxes  – the only ceiling boxes in the industry with both agency and plenum ratings. Ideal for classrooms, conference and meeting rooms, or any area furnished with a projector and control equipment, FSR’s new CB series of ceiling boxes are designed to conceal equipment above the tiles and blend with existing décor.  The units are available in two sizes and six varieties with numerous options to support nearly any audio/video application. A white trim door that accommodates a ceiling tile insert is included on all boxes as standard, and an energy-saving built-in auto-shut-off is available.

Table, Wall and Floor boxes

In addition, the Company will be showing an expanded series of table, wall and floor boxes that will include additional plasma/flat screen wall units, shallow floor boxes with popular covers, and new solid floor box covers with scrub water rating and UL listing.


PathFinder Matrix Switcher family

The FSR PathFinder Matrix Switcher family will be demonstrated as well. Pathfinder brings new capabilities and a new level of performance to matrix switching for video room combining, K-12 and higher education, houses of worship, control rooms, planning, deployment and monitoring centers, courtrooms and city government centers.


The range features Split Mode Switching that allows each color channel to be switched independently; settings are easily programmed from the unit’s front panel.  Designed to accommodate an economically sensitive climate, one switcher can perform the duties of several units, and compatibility with future video types and resolutions guarantees longevity. The Pathfinder is the highest bandwidth and flattest matrix switcher on the market.  The HD component and RGB models feature 600MHz@-3dB bandwidth with +/- 1.0 dB flatness to 300MHz to ensure unparalleled clarity and color fidelity.


Twister Pro transmission systems

The TwisterPro™ UTP Transmitter / Receiver system allows video, stereo audio, RS-232 data and IR signal transmission over ordinary low cost CAT-5, 5e, 6 and cable for the highest level of signal integrity up to 1000 feet. These high quality devices ensure reliable, error free transmission that is immune to interference from electrical noise.

Expanded IPS line of instant connectivity
FSR’s Intelligent Plate Solutions (IPS) line of wall and under table connector solutions will be at show with new plates developed to address customer requests.  The wide variety of interconnect solutions can be easily customized to satisfy virtually any AV interface application at a budget friendly price.
All FSR products are made in the USA and qualify for stimulus funding.

Lowell Broadens International Rack Line

To better serve a growing international market, Lowell has introduced an assortment of thermal management products into its line of Rackware® rack accessories. The 240VAC 50/60Hz fans are available in a variety of styles including standard 19” EIA panels, rear-door mount, and a single fan kit that can be mounted on the side panels or rear door of a rack. Fans are available in whisper-quiet or turbo mode for more intense airflow. A thermostat is also available for temperaturecontrolled fan activation.
Lowell engineers and manufactures value-based products — racks and enclosures, power distribution, audio reinforcement — that provide exceptional performance and reliability in professional systems integration.

Web link: http://www.lowellmfg.com/racks-thermalmgm.html

e-mail response: sales@lowellmfg.com



Make the Most of Your Time at Infocomm

Today’s A/V technology not only demands Pure Sine Wave power, it also requires the ability to monitor and control it remotely.
Learn how to meet these needs when you attend Tripp Lite’s Manufacturer’s Training during InfoComm 2011. The session will concentrate on SNMP integration to help the A/V integrator build a solid foundation, save money, go green and offer the very best in customer service. We’ll discuss:
Power management with IP-manageable Power Strips and UPS systems
Remote access, control and diagnostics
Receiving email event notifications
Using contact closures to notify engineering or create sequential shutdown
Saving money by rebooting individual products from anywhere in the world
Sign Up Today to get the Comprehensive A/V Power Protection Knowledge You Need:
1. Register using VIP Code TRI0534 to receive a guest pass to the exhibits at Infocomm 2011, courtesy of Tripp Lite.
a. If you are already registered for the show, select “Edit/Update Completed Registration” at the link below
b. Make sure that your “Registration Type” is “All Sessions and Events”
2. Search for our class using the Keyword MT18 on the “Event Explorer” page.
3. On the “Event Explorer” page, check the box next to our class “MT18: Tripp Lite—Power Management with IP-Manageable Power Strips & UPS Systems” to add it to your show package, and click “Save Changes”.
4. Proceed with your registration. Click here.