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There has been a bit of a ‘buzz’ in the industry since this year’s CES (see figure 1), when Atlantic Technology unveiled publically for the first time its amazing new AT-1 speaker with its revolutionary patent-pending H-PAS bass technology. H-PAS stands for Hybrid Pressure Accelerated System. As D-Tools members, you’re going to get an advanced “sneak peak” at the AT-1, the first product to use this exciting new technology.

Initial deliveries are due in late May, and the expected retail price will be $2400/pr.

The AT-1’s H-PAS bass system combines elements of several speaker technologies—bass reflex, inverse horn, and transmission line—in an exceptionally unique and innovative fashion to produce bass that absolutely breaks what was previously thought to be the “Iron Law” of loudspeaker acoustics: the notion that you couldn’t have deep bass extension, good system sensitivity, and reasonable enclosure size all in one design. “Pick any two at the expense of the third,” went the old cliché.

H-PAS changes all that.

Figure 1: Atlantic Technology President Peter Tribeman shows off the AT-1 prototype at the 2010 CES in Las Vegas.

A Completely New—and Better—Way to Generate Bass

Using a unique cabinet design, the elements of the different speaker technologies are cascaded one to another in such a manner as to pressurize and accelerate the very lowest frequency waves as they travel through the cabinet. These waves are then radiated into the room through the vent at the lower front of the cabinet. There is an “acoustic crossover” from the vent to the dual bass drivers and the upper bass and midrange regions are propagated directly from the woofers’ cones.

H-PAS does not require the use of special drivers, any kind of on-board electronics or outboard equalization — it is a purely passive system, completely compatible with all AV receivers and stereo amplifiers.

The internal matrix of the cabinet takes the backwave of the driver below its resonance and pressurizes and accelerates it before it exits the vent. The internal workings of the cabinet (derived by precise mathematical formulae) are such that the low frequency efficiency of the system actually increases with decreasing frequency—exactly the opposite of conventional system behavior, where output below resonance drops rapidly. The H-PAS cabinet produces a reciprocal output of the drivers’ natural rolloff, yielding flat acoustic response to well below that of conventional designs using similarly-sized drivers and cabinets.

In addition, the signals travel through an internal passive resonance/harmonic distortion line filter to further clarify the sound. As a result, the AT-1 delivers extended deep bass with high output levels, and exceptionally low harmonic distortion.

Design Details

The Atlantic Technology AT-1 utilizes two 5 1/4-inch drivers in an enclosure of approximately 1.6 cubic feet to produce bass that extends to 29 Hz  (-3dB) at Sound Pressure Levels that exceed 107dB. Bass harmonic distortion is under 3 percent. Comparable performance in a conventionally designed loudspeaker system would require bass drivers of at least triple the size in an enclosure at least twice as large.

The AT-1 also uses an exceptionally advanced 1 1/8-inch Low-Resonance Tweeter (LRT™). This tweeter has a special aluminum rear chamber that lets the tweeter ‘breathe’ for a lower resonant frequency (hence the name “Low Resonance Tweeter’) and thus maintain linear response to a lower frequency than a conventional dome tweeter. The rear chamber also functions as a large heat sink, drawing heat away from the tweeter assembly for great power handling. This affords a lower crossover frequency (2000 Hz) than is normal in a two-way system. The result is extraordinarily wide dispersion through the midrange without the upper-midrange “beaming” normally exhibited by woofers in a two-way speaker. The tweeter’s oversized 4 mm textile surround—rarely, if ever, found in a tweeter—provides long excursion for the high output needed in the lowest treble octave. As masterful as the AT-1’s H-PAS design is in the bass region, the AT-1’s tweeter is equally capable in the higher ranges. This is a total loudspeaker system of amazing capability and accuracy.

Finish and Features

The Atlantic Technology AT-1 speaker (see figure 2) is finished in a gloss black metal-flake paint, applied in a multi-coat process and hand polished for a luxurious appearance.  A 3-position High Frequency Energy switch is included, as are dual high-quality 5-way binding posts, to allow for bi-amplified operation when ultimate performance is the goal. Cast aluminum feet with adjustable-height floor spikes complete the package and ensure a solid, vibration-free foundation.

Figure 2

Atlona Technologies to unveil HDMI Pro AV 16×16 HDMI 1.3 over CAT5/6 Matrix Switch with 16 additional HDMI local outputs, AT-PROHD1616M-SR at InfoComm International Expo.

Integrators taking advantage of the many benefits of HDMI’s digital format have been hitting a wall when it comes to large format true matrix switching. While some matrix switches offer formats up to 8×8, many use what is called cross point switching, allowing each input to be viewed only on a single output. Other switches that offer true matrix switching are not HDCP compliant. Atlona’s newest switcher, the AT-PROHD1616M-SR, breaks down many barriers for integrators allowing true matrix HDCP compliant switching for up to 16 inputs.

Atlona Technologies has been consistently made headway in the AV industry with the continuous release of Matrix Switchers for all formats.  The newest addition to this Matrix line is no doubt their most advanced and industrious HDMI1.3 Matrix Switcher in the market today, the AT-PROHD1616M-SR.  This Pro AV model is a True 16×16:2 HDMI matrix switcher featuring 16 HDMI 1.3 inputs, and eight independently switchable HDMI and Twister Pair outputs to feed eight separate displays simultaneously. This unit also has the ability of equalization, amplification and re-clocking the signal to ensure accurate HDMI signal transmission through long cables without quality loss. Each output features 1 HDMI and 2 Twisted Pair connections where both are active at the same time. Twisted Pair outputs are used to connect to the eight included receiver modules.

Unlike any other, this Atlona 16×16:2 Matrix has a total of seven available switching modes including; key buttons, touch panel, local IR, IR call back from remote locations, RS232, RS485 and Ethernet.

“Atlona is extremely excited for installers to reap the benefits of this installers many control functions as well as numerous beneficial attributes,” says Atlona Product Manager Michael Khain.  With these seven control functions, including IR, Atlona’s 16×16 HDMI Matrix Switcher allows users access to sixteen additional HD sources such as DVD players, Blu-Ray, PS3, Xbox 360, Digital Signage content delivery systems or any other HDMI devices directly, from the location of that HD display. With added metal handles in front for portability and positioning in rack mount installation applications, and support of discreet IR codes, installers will surely love this switcher.

Not only will the transmission distance of Twister Pair (CAT5/6) outputs reach up to 100ft @ 1080P with infrared control signal, but that distance can be extended for additional 165ft with an optional Atlona repeater units. Along with being fully HDCP compliant, the AT-PROHD1616M-SR is embedded with state of the art Silicon Image Chipset.  Perhaps the most notable addition to this unit would be the 7 inch LCD front panel display, which will allow installers the ability to preview all signals transmitted as well as Monitor the Output sources.   This 16×16:2 Matrix Switcher is perfect for any application, whether it be for commercial, educational, or digital signage purposes. 

Atlona’s Pro AV model AT-PROHD1616M-SR is officially available today with an MSRP of $24999.00, and can be viewed at InfoComm 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

McIntosh Teams Up With Reprise Records And Neil Young Archives To Promote Its New MVP881 BR BLU-RAY Player

McIntosh Laboratory, a global leader in home entertainment that has defined the highest quality in sound reproduction for over 60 years, is proud to announce that it is teaming up with Reprise Records and the Neil Young Archives for a promotion tied to its first-ever Universal Audio/Video Blu-ray Player, model MVP881 BR (SRP: $8,000), which is compatible with virtually all of today’s most advanced video and audio disc formats.  As part of the limited-time promotion, purchasers of the McIntosh MVP881 Blu-ray player, which ships this month, will receive a free in-package “Disc Zero” promotional disc featuring selected tracks from the “Neil Young Archives Volume 1” 10-disc Blu-ray boxed set, along with a coupon (valid through 2011) entitling them to a $25 discount off of the purchase of the highly acclaimed collection.

McIntosh President Charlie Randall noted: “Our alliance with Reprise Records and Neil Young for this Blu-ray promotion is truly a match made in audiophile heaven. Both McIntosh and Neil Young share a longstanding devotion to high-quality sound, and we’ve both been strong advocates of Blu-ray, which offers music lovers a brand new level of audio quality and performance. To create the MVP881 Blu-ray player, McIntosh engineers and designers brought to the drawing table a combination of world-class expertise, technological virtuosity and sheer enthusiasm for their craft – all qualities that are reflected in Neil Young’s music and life over the years. The result is a new type of component that reproduces music in a more realistic and emotionally connecting way. We’re proud and honored to help bring this groundbreaking product to market through an alliance with Reprise Records and Neil Young.“

About “Neil Young Archives Volume 1”
“Neil Young Archives Volume 1” is the first volume of the Neil Young Archives series of box sets, produced by the artist himself. Volume 1 covers the period from his earliest recordings with the Squires in Winnipeg, 1963, through to his classic 1972 album, “Harvest” and beyond, including studio and live tracks with Buffalo Springfield, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, and Neil Young with Crazy Horse. This 10-disc set holds a total of 128 tracks, all presented in high resolution 24-bit/96 Khz stereo PCM Audiophile quality sound, and featuring nearly 60 previously unreleased songs, versions, mixes, or rare tracks. The set also includes the full-length feature film “Journey Through the Past,” as well as a 238-page hardbound “journal” featuring Neil Young’s childhood photos, memorabilia, clippings recollections and more.

About the McIntosh MVP881 BR Universal Blu-ray Player
The McIntosh MVP881 BR is a single source component offering universal compatibility and world-class performance from virtually all today’s most advanced video and audio disc formats, also supporting BD-Live Blu-ray Profile 2.0 web-enabled features. It reflects all of McIntosh’s leading-edge craftsmanship, attention to detail and unmatched performance, and sets a new reference standard in ultimate-quality source components.

In addition to its advanced Blu-ray capabilities, the MVP881 BR Universal Audio/Video Player excels at playing SACD and DVD Audio discs as well as standard CDs and DVDs.  The elegantly designed rock-solid “dreadnaught style” component features custom fabricated steel and aluminum casework with unique, compartmentalized sub structures that inhibit resonance while shielding sensitive audio circuits. Most notably, the unit features a supremely durable all-metal disc mechanism. Set in a heavy, damped base, this quiet-running mechanism is exceptionally accurate, and also features a cast-aluminum disc tray. For maximum flexibility in convenience and installation, the unit also features an SD card reader, an RS232C interface and an Ethernet connection for BD-Live content and future software updates.

About McIntosh Laboratory
Since 1949, McIntosh Laboratory’s unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation and quality continues to define the state-of-the-art in high fidelity and provide discriminating consumers around the world an elevated home entertainment experience. McIntosh luxury audio and video products are designed and manufactured at the company’s Binghamton, New York headquarters. Its products reflect unmatched levels of performance, superlative engineering and hand craftsmanship. Built to last for decades, McIntosh components demand nothing less than an equal level of commitment to customer support and service. McIntosh Laboratory, Inc. is a D&M Holdings company.

About D&M Holdings Inc.
D&M Holdings Inc. is a global operating company providing worldwide management and distribution platforms for premium consumer, automotive, commercial and professional audio and video businesses including Denon

HAI Announces OmniTouch 3D Touchscreen

Tired of measly 2-D?  HAI Introduces the Future.  HAI’s OmniTouch 3-D controls everything in your home!  It makes home control fun for the whole family.  View Access logs, Surveillance Cameras (requires 3-D surveillance cameras, of course), adjust temperatures, and more!

*Not compatible with Avatar or Alice in Wonderland 3-D glasses.  Special coupon for 1 pair of glasses (available in black, white, silver).  Pricing Yet to Be Determined. Not Shipping Q4, 2012.

Leon Speakers’ New Aaros 10” Ultra-Thin Subwoofer Delivers Theater-Grade Performance in Compact 4.5-Inch Deep Enclosure

Leon Speakers today introduced a new dimension in living space and dedicated home theater with the Aaros 10” ultra-thin subwoofer. The Aaros 10” subwoofer (A10-UT) packs theater-grade performance along with musical finesse in a sleek, compact enclosure with a depth of only 4.5-inches. Designed to meet the audio and design demands of living-space theaters, this modern, sculptural subwoofer looks impressive in the foreground of any home and can be customized to complement any décor. The A10-UT is also convertible to a downward-firing position to easily fit under a couch or hide away in any cabinet, delivering extreme versatility and impactful low end to any space.

Featuring a highly specialized 10-inch aluminum cone driver, the A10-UT boasts 400 watts with minimal distortion. Housed in a fully-sealed enclosure, reinforced with a solid aluminum baffle and back that is hand-crafted and machined in Ann Arbor, MI, the 45-pound A10-UT produces the bass response matched to the space for which it is intended. It can be further customized to match any color or finish to complement the look of any room. Paired with Leon’s brand new L3-1K 1,000-watt, class A/B subwoofer amplifier, the Aaros sub naturally reproduces the tight musical low tones necessary for critical two-channel listening, and effortlessly handles home theater low-frequency effects with impeccable clarity and precision.

“This thin form factor subwoofer challenges all conventions in speaker design by pushing the boundaries of performance, versatility and placement,” said Noah Kaplan, co-founder and president of Leon Speakers. “As the latest addition to our custom-built loudspeakers for Living Space Theater, this highly refined sub integrates seamlessly into any room while controlling the impact of the most demanding movie tracks.”

To complement the A10-UT, Leon’s L3-1K subwoofer amplifier delivers the power, finesse and flexibility that the subwoofer deserves. Its adjustable crossover, variable phase, and tunable EQ allow installers to tailor the sound of the sub to match any room.

Leon continues to deliver high-fidelity, immersive audio solutions for Living Space Theater, where theater systems don’t just match a particular display, but integrate seamlessly into any room where the audiovisual experience is enjoyed. The Aaros 10” subwoofer is perfectly tuned to complement Leon’s Horizon and Profile Series speakers to create the perfect theater system for any room.

Custom-built in Ann Arbor, MI, the A10-UT is sold with Leon’s L3-1K 1,000 watt subwoofer amplifier at an MSRP of $2,695 for one subwoofer or $3,995 for dual subwoofers.

Invite THIEL to your next outdoor party!

THIEL moves outdoors with the addition of the DewPoint™ surface mount outdoor loudspeaker. The DewPoint combines THIEL’s remarkable Coherent Source® time and phase technology with the all aluminum, weather resisitant enclosure in the wedge-shape design of its indoor counterpart, the PowerPoint® 1.2, to bring a new level of performance to a speaker category that usually compromises sonic performance for usability.

THIEL DewPoints are ideal for installation under the eaves of the home, on outside walls protected by the eaves, or on the ceiling of a covered outdoor entertaining area, almost anywhere out of direct precipitation and protected against the harshest elements. The all aluminum cabinet comes in an off-white color and can be painted to match any surface.

For more information, visit http://www.thielaudio.com/THIEL_Site05/Pages/models/Current_Models/DewPoint/dewpoint_main.shtml.

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