D-Tools MVP manufacturers realize the importance of bringing you their product information and have chosen to support the D-Tools user community by joining the program and making their product data directly available through D-Tools SI software. Read on for the latest manufacturer news and product updates. This month, read news about AudioControl, Atlona, Denon, Lutron, Screen innovations, Kramer and more!

AudioControl, the U.S. based designer and manufacturer of high performance audio components, announces the addition of their most powerful theater amplifier to date, the new seven-channel Savoy G3.  Designed to stimulate enthusiasts both audibly and visually, the Savoy G3 combines AudioControl’s legendary audio performance with a highly stylish cosmetic design.  The high power levels of the Savoy G3 allows it to be an active participant in even the most demanding theater systems.

The Savoy G3 is a seven-channel amplifier that incorporates a unique and highly efficient Class H design.  This allows it to produce over 200 watts per into each channel, all channels driven, at an 8-ohm load, or almost 1500 watts total audio output. Designed as a matching companion to

AudioControl’s new Maestro M3 theater pre-amp processor, the Savoy G3 incorporates a simple yet elegant design. Highlighted by refined Rose Gold lettering on a high gloss black display, the sleek front panel is also accentuated by “cool blue” LED indicators that compliment the exquisite cosmetics of the Savoy G3.

“AudioControl theater amplifiers have long had a best- in-class reputation as being highly efficient and offering tremendous sound quality,” commented Chris Kane from AudioControl. “The huge power levels of the new Savoy G3 make it an exciting addition to our line-up of theater amplifiers. Additionally, the cosmetics of Savoy G3 are spectacular”.

The Class-H design topology of the Savoy G3 provides increased efficiency and bullet-proof reliability, while reducing heat and unnecessary power dissipation. This design results in superior energy efficiency and is used in several other award-winning AudioControl amplifiers including recipients of the CES Innovations and the Electronic House Product Of The Year awards. The Savoy G3 incorporates AudioControl’s LightDrive Anti-Clipping Protection Circuit, which safely eliminates any possibility of speaker-damaging clipping and distortion, even in extreme conditions. Audio enthusiasts can enjoy their audio systems at even the most aggressive levels.

In addition to pristine audio performance, the Savoy G3 sports desirable user features like balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA inputs, Remote Power Control triggers and audiophile grade, five-way binding posts to guarantee the optimum connection of speaker level signals.

Atlona Technologies Announces 3 New Mini DisplayPort Products Designed To Solve MDP Connectivity Issues.

Mini DisplayPort (MDP) format compatibility has been a thorn in the sides of many AV users, and once again, Atlona Technologies has come to the rescue.  Always set on providing solutions for all AV issues one may encounter in any industry, Atlona has released 3 new Mini DisplayPort products to accompany previous successes such as their DVI to Mini DisplayPort Converter, the DP200.   Two Such products are the AT-MDP12 and AT-MDP14.

Atlona Technologies’ AT-MDP12 is a 1 input to 2 outputs Mini DisplayPort splitter while the AT-MDP14 works as a 1 input to 4 output MDP Splitter.  Both units are designed to allow computers with a Mini DisplayPort connection (such as MacBook Pro, MacPro, Air, MacMini, etc.) the ability to be displayed on multiple Mini DisplayPort monitors such as the Apple 24” LED and Apple iMac 27, simultaneously. These beneficial MDP splitters will even work with DisplayPort monitors (Dell, HP and others), with the appropriate Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort Atlona adapters. Along with supporting resolutions up to 2560 x 1600 and surround sound audio of PCM 7.1 & AC3, these units feature a USB connection which is used to power this unit as well as pass audio. With four sets of EDID formats, the AT-MDP12 and ATMDP41 both provide fast switching between sources and the display.

The third MDP product is a Mini DisplayPort KVM Switch allowing users to connect up to two Mini DisplayPort computers to a single display. This AT-MDP21 has 2 individual Mini DisplayPort inputs, 4 USB inputs, and an individual Mini DisplayPort output, as well as 2 USB outputs for keyboard and a mouse. Supporting digital video resolutions up to 1920×1200, the AT-MDP21 is perfect for users looking to use a single Mini DisplayPort Monitor, such as the Apple 24″ Cinema Display with multiple Mini DisplayPort computers or sources. Along with the capability of being passive without a need of a separate power supply, the AT-MDP21 features 2 push-buttons on the front panel, which allows users to select between sources.

With all Mac designed products having gone through rigorous testing at the Apple Lab in Cupertino, CA, Atlona ensures perfect compatibility between all the Apple computers and Displays.

Atlona’s new MiniDisplay Products will be available the following dates with the following MSRPs:

  • AT-MDP12: May 15, 2010 ($269.00)
  • AT-MDP14: May 15, 2010 ($369.00)
  • AT-MDP21: In Stock Now ($99.00)

For more information, sales only:

Western Regional Sales Manager:

Michael Hawkins (408) 962-0515 ext 133, Hawkins.m@atlona.com

Central Regional Sales Manager:

Ron Kasmarsik (408) 962-0515 ext 137, Ron@atlona.com

Eastern Regional Sales Manager:

Kevin Billingsley (408) 962-0515 ext 122 Kevin@atlona.com

Account Manager, Broadcasting, Central USA:

Sid Guel (408) 962-0515 ext 234 SidGuel@atlona.com

For more information on Atlona Products:


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The best training in the industry just got better with the launch of URC’s new online educational center: URC University!

At URC University, you can track your training progress, take self-paced classes, sign up for webinars, even sign in electronically for live events! All of your learning experiences will be documented, creating a transcript that provides an archive of your completed courses. Certificates of completion are easily downloaded for any and all completed courses, and remain available any time in your transcript. You’ll find course materials in one place, and you can easily download handouts, manuals and related items.

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Denon, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality home entertainment products, is celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2010. In 100 years of significant and innovative “firsts,” Denon has continuously brought passion, artistry and the best of technologies to discriminating customers around the world, always providing them with a superior home entertainment experience.

Denon Background: Legacy of Firsts

In Japan in 1910, an American trader named Frederick Whitney Horn established a company called Nippon Chikuonki Shoukai (Japan Recorders Corporation). With his Japanese partners, he released the company’s first product: a single disc record and gramophone. The brand name “Denon” was born in the late 1930s and ever since has become synonymous with the development of groundbreaking technologies and products for consumer and professional use.

Noted Hirofumi Ichikawa, President Denon Brand Company: “Through creative passion and technical brilliance, Denon has delivered many groundbreaking firsts. We are now celebrating 100 years of history, and looking forward to the next 100 years. Denon has not only maintained focus through these years, but continues to be a driving force that helps revolutionize our industry. Our innovations have led to the development of entirely new product categories, with new ways of enjoying not only music, but movies as well, offering the best solutions for quality home entertainment.  Denon does all of this with one simple and unwavering philosophy: to deliver exactly what the original artist intended, a superior audio and video experience.”

Throughout its century of innovation, Denon has built a strong Legacy of Firsts, including introduction of the first professional disc recorder (1939), the first sales of stereo records and stereo systems in Japan (1951) and invention of the first PCM recorder (1970), which marked the basis of today’s CD format. In 1982 Denon debuted another historical first – the first consumer-use CD player (DCD-2000). With the advent of home theater technologies, Denon again became the first to release a home cinema component supporting Dolby Digital/THX 5.1 decoding for enjoying the best in multi-channel content.

Underlying this Legacy of Firsts are three constants that have defined and differentiated Denon historically, and are a promise for the future: passion, artistry and technology.

Passion for Audio and Video

For Denon, the creation of audio and video products that can deliver the highest quality experience to consumers is a driving passion and the reason the company exists. Nowadays, as music has become more mobile and digital, quality becomes even more relevant. Denon is passionate about developing and leveraging technologies, so that in any format, customers can enjoy a purity of sound quality that will enhance their lives. Denon’s solution, whether it’s a simple Hi-Fi mini system or full home theater system, is to stir the listener’s soul and make the experience real and alive. Products are designed to reproduce at home the same air, energy and emotion felt on the stage, in the studio or at the theater.


Denon engineers and employees are musicians and music lovers. They dream and imagine and work across a broad canvas of tools and technologies to design the most innovative new products. They also strive to create products of beauty and desire to reflect the taste and sensibilities of the future owners, to perfectly add to their living rooms and lifestyles. Everybody at Denon is dedicated to the artistry and the creativity of the products. All are working together to imagine the future and how to improve Denon products and customer service.


From the beginnings of compact disc to the rise of surround sound and now to mobility, streaming, and networking, Denon has not only evolved with technologies, but has been a leader and innovator that has developed and introduced these technologies to the world and made them accessible to consumers. Denon is proud of its products and wants its customers to be proud as well. Denon products begin as ideas. They are not just objects of metal that have been assembled, but rather, objects of care in which each detail has been labored over in order to perfect and optimize overall design and sound quality.

Become part of our Anniversary Celebration

Throughout the year Denon will celebrate its 100th anniversary at some of the world’s most important exhibitions. This is a monumental point in Denon’s history, so the company is inviting everyone to join in the celebration. To this end, Denon has launched a special Anniversary website, www.denon100.com, where people can learn all about the company’s “Legacy of Firsts,” and most importantly, the people whose passion for audio and video perfection drive everything Denon does. To further let our current and future Denon customers become a part of this celebration, Denon will release several limited-edition anniversary products later this year.

For further information on Denon’s 100th anniversary and other Denon news, please visit:

http://www.denon100.com, http://usblog.denon.com and http://usa.denon.com.

History Timeline: 100 Years of Groundbreaking Milestones

1910:         Nippon Chikuonki Shoukai (Japan Recorders Corporation) was established and commenced sales of Japan’s first phonograph

1939:         Developed and manufactured Japan’s first professional-use disc recorder for NHK

1945:         First recording of Japan’s Emperor Hirohito—his speech ending WWII recorded on Denon equipment

1951:          Commenced sales of Japan’s first LP records

1958:          Commenced sales of Japan’s first stereo records and stereo system

1964:         Commenced sales of the legendary MC Phono Cartridge (still available today) for professional use

1970:         First AC servo direct phono motor using pulse magnetic field detection for professional use

1972:         Developed the world’s first practical PCM digital recorder for regular studio recording use, thus launching the digital audio revolution

1981:          Developed the world’s first professional-use CD player

1982:          Commenced sales of the world’s first consumer-use CD player

1987:          Debut of world’s first CD cart player for professional use

1993:         Debut of world’s first dual CD player for DJs with seamless looping and onboard sampler

1995:         Launch of world’s first home theater system to support Dolby Digital decoding with Lucasfilm THX 5.1post processing

2000:          Launch of world’s first DTS-ES discrete A/V components

2009:          Launch of world’s first ‘universal’ disc (BD, SACD, DVD-A/V, CD) player

Denon has recently announced a broad new product line of advanced audio/video receivers, Blu-ray players, and headphones designed for discriminating home entertainment consumers.

The lineup features five new affordable, fully featured priced models in the company’s popular Retail Home Theater Series line, with expected SRP and availability in parenthesis, including the AVR-991 (SRP: $999, July), AVR-891 (SRP: $799, May), AVR-791 (SRP: $499, May), AVR-591 (SRP: $349, May) and the AVR-391 (SRP: $249, July).   These join two new, more advanced 7-channel Models, the AVR-1911 (SRP: $599, June), and AVR-1611 (SRP: $399, June). Also announced are Denon’s three new “CI-class” receivers (see separate release) geared toward custom integrators, including the AVR-4311CI (SRP: $1,999, Sept.), AVR-3311CI (SRP: $1,199, June), and AVR-2311CI (SRP: $899, June). The new models will join Denon’s AVR-4810CI (SRP: $2,999) and flagship AVR-5308CI (SRP: $5,500) in the company’s renowned line of A/V receivers, as well as the company’s advanced CI separates including the AVP-A1HDCI (SRP: $7,500) 12 Channel A/V Preamplifier and POA-A1HDCI (SRP: $7,500) Fully Balanced Power Amplifier.

Denon is providing discriminating consumers the opportunity to enjoy an enriched Blu-ray experience with the addition of two new 3D-Ready Universal Blu-ray players to its lineup. The new models, with expected SRP and availability in parenthesis, include the DBP-2011UDCI (SRP: $799, Aug.) and the DBP-1611UD (SRP: $399, June) that will join Denon’s DBP-4010UDCI (SRP: $1,999) and critically acclaimed DVD-A1UDCI (SRP: $4,499) Universal Blu-ray Disc Players in the company’s line of Blu-ray components, which also includes the S-5BD BD/Receiver (SRP: $1,799), a single-component that combines a 5.1-channel surround sound receiver with an advanced Profile 2.0 Blu-ray player.

Ivalo Lighting designs and manufactures decorative lighting fixtures of advanced-design which integrate architecturally into their surroundings – residentially or commercially – rather than appearing as discrete objects.  Ivalo judiciously employs advanced technologies, reaching beyond the conventional manufacturing techniques of the lighting industry.  Ivalo is owned and operated by lighting control manufacturer Lutron Electronics.

Kramer Compact Transmitter/Receiver Send HDMI over Category 5/6 Cable

Kramer Electronics is pleased to announce the introduction of the PT-571 and PT-572 twisted pair transmitter and receiver for HDMI signals.  The PT-571 and PT-572 can transmit HDMI signals directly over a single CAT 5/6 cable (shielded twisted pair cables are recommended).  The PT-571 and PT-572 offer an extremely compact and inexpensive solution for HDMI signal transmission over long distances and are ideal for any application where long distance signal distribution is required.

The PT-571 converts an HDMI signal into a signal that can be run over shielded twisted pair CAT 5/6 cables.  An HDMI signal can be transmitted up to 295ft. (90 meters) at 1080i resolution and up to 98ft. (30 meters) at 1080p resolution when using Kramer shielded BC-DGKat524 cable.  When using Kramer BC-DGKat623 cable the 1080p distance capability increases to 230ft. (70 meters).   The PT-572 receiver then converts the signal back to an HDMI signal.  The units offer up to 1.65Gbps bandwidth and are HDCP compliant and HDTV compatible.

The PT-571 and PT-572 each incorporate a LED status light which lights red when receiving power only, orange when input and power are attached, and yellow when both an active input and output are attached.   The PT-571 and PT-572 pass the EDID, HPD and CEC signals from the source to the display device over the CAT 5/6 cable together with the HDMI signal.  The PT-571 employs Kramer’s Power Connect™ feature where a single connection to the transmitter powers both units.  The required 12V DC is transmitted through the CAT 5/6 cable with the other signals to the receiver.

The PT-571 and PT-572 are housed in ultra-compact Pico TOOLS™ enclosures. They carry a list price in the United States of $225 per unit and are currently in stock and available from Kramer Electronics sales companies around the world.

Complete product information can be found at www.kramerus.com.

Mirage Media Server by Autonomic Controls

Manufactured by S1Digital
Ships March 2010

Quick Start Guide and Specifications can be found at http://www.autonomic-controls.com/products_hardware_mirage.php

Four Output Media Server

Integrated streaming media server with one video output and four IP controllable audio outputs.

Your Digital Media Source

Play local content, create and stream Pandora radio stations and listen to Sirius/XM radio and internet broadcasts via broadband.

DRM Compliant

You can authorize the Mirage Media Server with your account information as one of your five iTunes devices, enabling legal playback of DRM content.

Remote Management

Monitor hardware health, perform firmware updates, and configure options remotely.

Automatic Synchronization

Included synchronization utility silently uploads your iTunes and Windows Media Player content to the server in the background, including playlists.

Designed for Integrators

Engineered specifically to be integrated with control platforms. Includes pre-built control modules for Crestron, AMX, URC MX-6000 and RTI systems.

Award-Winning Technology

Industry-acclaimed MCS technology independently manages multiple content streams from a single server for a unified, DRM-compatible media solution.

Did you know?

The Mirage Media Server allows you to create new Pandora stations on the fly….right from integrated touchpanels.

You can even create a new station based on a song in your library or one playing on Sirius/XM radio…with just a single button press.

Release of new Mirage Media Server Click here for more information. http://www.autonomic-controls.com/products_hardware_mirage.php

Mirage Media Server now available and shipping out same day if ordered before 12pm EST

Previous Webinars for Mirage Media Server will be posted on our website this month (look out for it)

Autonomic now on Twitter

Hiring Crestron certified programmers for Westchester office

Screen Innovations Now Shipping Performance Motorized III Screens and Announces Release of Reference Motorized II Projector Screen!

Screen Innovations (SI), the leader in projection screen technology, has announced the release of the new Performance Motorized III projection screen. This new screen includes the latest amenities such as Somfy quiet-motor technology and offers integrators the most cutting edge motorized screen projection technology for a stunning price.

Screen Innovations’ Performance Motorized III motor operation is quiet and smooth and now includes the company’s “Easy Set” Vertical Stop Memory, which allows user adjustment of the upper and lower limit settings anywhere within the 24 inch of black drop. The new Somfy motor is a high speed 36rpm quiet motor giving you one of the fastest and quietest delivery systems available today.

The Performance Motorized III standard amenities include a built-in 12-volt trigger, IR remote, and 24 inches of extra black drop, making the Performance Motorized III the ultimate solution for any home theater or commercial application. The screens also offer the “Super Flat” rigid screen tension system, ensuring a perfect image from all projectors.

The Performance Motorized III is currently shipping. MSRPs will vary based on screen size.

For more information about Screen Innovations, visit www.screeninnovations.com

To see the new Performance Motorized III video, visit http://www.youtube.com/screeninnovations#p/c/238BFB6A29519560/0/PrDEmpyZj90

Additionally, Screen Innovations recently announced the release of the Reference Motorized II screen, the most elegant motorized projection screen available today.  The Reference Motorized II features an all new Electronic Solutions Inc (ESI) high speed motor with motor noise of only 3db over average home’s noise. One of the quickest motor speeds available today, you can quietly enjoy your home theater in less than 12 seconds!

The Reference Motorized II has eliminated the need for a flush mount chassis. Up until now, the industry standard has been selling a separate chassis to put the box in, which is both costly and impractical. With SI’s new Reference Motorized II, the installer can either add flush mount plates at the bottom or add the décor plate for external installation. Pricing remains the same either way, while eliminating the need for a second box.

Controlling and installing the Reference Motorized II is as quick and easy as its motor. New electronic illuminated set-top buttons eliminate the hassle of allen screws, making installation a snap. The Reference Motorized II’s new in-roller controls now “include” a 12 volt trigger, IR remote, and wall switch.  RS232 & RF are available and are compatible with AMX, Crestron, Lutron and more. SI’s motorized projection screen mounting brackets give installers the flexibility to mount on-wall, on-ceiling, in-ceiling-top-mount, and in-ceiling-side-mount. This new design allows for incremental adjustment both vertically and horizontally after the screen is mounted.

“Reference Motorized II is the latest example of how SI is changing the projection screen landscape,” said Ryan Gustafson, president of Screen Innovations. “With the Reference Motorized II, we eliminated the need for a flush mount chassis and built the controls into the motor making it the fastest, quietest, and easiest motorized screen to install.”

The Reference Motorized II is available with many of SI’s HD screen materials, including the Gamma HD, Solar HD, Lunar HD, Gamma Maestro HD, and Lunar Maestro HD. Custom screen sizes are available in one inch increments and the unit comes standard with a 24 inch black screen drop (up to six feet with custom orders).

The Reference Motorized II will be released May 1st.

For more information about Screen Innovations, visit www.screeninnovations.com