D-Tools MVP manufacturers realize the importance of bringing you their product information and have chosen to support the D-Tools user community by joining the program and making their product data directly available through D-Tools SI software. Read on for the latest manufacturer news and product updates.  Read on for CEDIA 2011 previews from some of D-Tools top Manufacturer Partners.

Cool-off Doesn’t Coo, but Cuts Off Power if Cooling Fails

Cooling systems can fail, whether an ATM product or HVAC. Below the pre-set temperature, AC power is fed to a power strip through heavy 20 ampere relay contacts. Above the setpoint, power to the strip is interrupted.

Plug expensive or heat-sensitive equipment into the power strip.

Cool-off can be powered from any wall socket or power conditioner. System temperature is displayed on the digital readout at all times.


See it at booth 3439.


AMX is proud to introduce the new Enova DGX series of Digital Media Switchers. Providing a modular digital matrix switcher solution that includes a built-in controller, the Enova DGX 16 and DGX 32 manage and distribute analog/digital audio and video signals including HDMI/HDCP, control and Ethernet. Easily integrate HDMI into system designs and enjoy hassle free plug-and-play operation. No tools, no delays, and no key constraints – it just works with AMX’s exclusive InstaGate ProTM Technology.

In addition to eliminating HDCP delays, InstaGate Pro allows traditionally key limited sources to be switched freely to all connected HDCP compliant displays – eliminating HDCP key limitations. Built-in SmartScaleTM Technology on every output provides video that is perfectly scaled for each display, eliminating the integration challenges that can occur when sources and displays have different supported resolutions. With the powerful combination of analog-to-digital signal conversion, video scaling and high speed digital switching, Enova DGX delivers perfect video every time – regardless of signal type.

Click here to learn more about the complete line of Enova DGX Digital Media Switchers and see them at work by joining us in Indianapolis for CEDIA 2011 in Booth # 1539, September 8 – 10.

Atlantic Technology will be showing two impressive new products based on their innovative H-PAS bass system

1) The H-PAS PowerBar 235 soundbar delivers impressive multi-channel high-fidelity sound. Featuring our patent-pending H-PAS bass system, it produces deep, distortion-free bass without the need for a subwoofer! Using just two 4” woofers, the PowerBar 235 reaches down to a solid 47 Hz at very high SPLs, for an absolutely convincing sonic experience. The PowerBar 235 is the first soundbar where the subwoofer is truly optional. The homeowner no longer has to deal with the “black box on the floor.”


2) The AT-2 H-PAS bookshelf speaker follows on the heels of the highly-acclaimed AT-1 floorstanding speaker, and delivers sub-40Hz bass using a single 5 ¼” woofer. Revolutionary!

Are you ready to see award winning products in action? Then stop by booth #4462 for a visit to witness Atlona’s award winning products. There’s lots of EXCITING things to see from Atlona this year at CEDIA. First of all, come check out the Atlona AT-PRO2HD88M-SR HDMI Matrix Switcher, which is the 2011 Custom Retailer EXC!TE Award Winner! That’s not the only award winning products on display; the KIT-PROHD3 is designed to diagnose 99% of all digital connectivity issues in AV systems, and is a CEDIA 2011 Manufacturers’ Excellence Awards and Finalist. So come visit us at CEDIA, booth #4462.

AudioControl Announces Launch of Architect Model 210ES


New Model Highlights Energy Star Certification Plus ‘Immense Power’ Levels

World’s First Energy Efficient, High Performance Two Channel Amplifier with Equalization

Seattle, WA – AudioControl, the leader in whole-house audio amplifiers today announced the launch of its new Architect Model 210ES. The Architect Model 210ES comes from a demand by dealers and installers for a high-power amplifier that can drive up to eight speakers (stable into 2 ohms) boasting 240 watts per channel from a two-channel distributed audio system combined with low energy usage.

The Architect Model 210ES takes into account the requirements of homeowners for more energy efficient solutions that reduce heat emissions, energy consumption and allow for greater utilization of rack space. The Architect Model 210ES meets stringent Energy Star 2 requirements consuming less than 1 watt during standby while not compromising on any aspect of AudioControl’s legendary amplifier performance.

The Architect Model 210ES is the latest in the family of AudioControl’s leading ‘Architect’ amplifier products. A noted reviewer of AudioControl amplifiers recently stated, “‘I haven’t heard an amplifier at any price I’d rather listen to.’”

Chris Kane, Director Of Sales for AudioControl announced that “we are very proud to be leading the way with our launch of the Architect Model 210ES. It is the perfect amplifier for distributed audio systems as its huge power reserves make it ideal for use in large spaces or zones that require the use of multiple speakers, while, at the same time, delivering the best sound quality combined with leading edge energy performance

Kane also stated that “A recent study by the CEA concludes that more than 80% of consumers say that the electricity consumption of a device is key in their decision to buy electronics and AudioControl is leading the way in meeting this need through our Energy Star certification and our best in breed Architect Amplifiers”.

AudioControl Architect Model 210ES Features

The Architect Model 210ES combines a number of leading features including:

–               240 watts per channel into 2 ohms with bridged power of 410 watts

–               Custom Speaker Optimization Controls

–               Ultra low current consumption of <1 watt at standby!

–               Dual speaker output terminals for each channel (optional 5-way binding posts)

–               Main plus Auxiliary inputs with Signal-Sense Turn-On

–               Signal Present LED’s on speaker outputs

–               AudioControl’s ‘bulletproof’ five year parts and labor warranty

–               Designed, created and manufactured in the U.S.A



AudioControl Architect Model 210ES Back-plate (shown with optional 5-way binding posts):

Dealers are invited to see the Architect Model 210 first hand at the AudioControl booth (#1512) in Indianapolis at the 2011 CEDIA Expo.

About AudioControl

AudioControl is a U.S. designer and manufacturer of highest quality theater processors, distributed audio amplifiers, signal processors and precise analysis products, celebrating more than 30 years of making good sound better. The company’s headquarters, including research and development, manufacturing, production, and training facilities continue to thrive in Seattle, Washington heart of the rainforest of the Pacific Northwest. AudioControl®, Architect Model 210ES, PFM and “Making Good Sound Better®” are registered trademarks of AudioControl, Inc. For more information, visit AudioControl online at www.audiocontrol.com.

Chief will be exhibiting multiple award-winning technologies at CEDIA Expo 2011. Our expanded family of Thinstall swing arm mounts, winner of a 2011 SCN/InfoComm Installation Product Award, will be on display, accompanied by a full line of accessories. Chief will also be showcasing the new Raxxess W1 series hinged wall racks. Designed with the installer in mind, this innovative solution was just recognized with a CustomRetailer Exc!te Award. To make rack installers’ lives even easier, we’ll soon be rolling out a new pre-loaded racks program – you pick the parts, we do the work!

The Control4® 7” Portable Touch Screen offers two-way intelligent control and navigation of a Control4 system. The Portable has a sleek tablet form-factor and comes with both a long-lasting rechargeable battery and a tabletop charging station. Out of the cradle, the Portable offers excellent wireless range so you can easily move about the house and outside while still enjoying complete control. It also provides intercom functionality with license activation which allows the homeowner to have an ongoing conversation with a person at another intercom device without requiring either person to hold down a button; occupants can ring room-to-room. The Portable also adds whole home intercom functionality by allowing users to take an intercom device from one room to another room or into parts of the house where you might not install an in-wall touch screen.

Draper takes the party outside with the new Nocturne®, a projection screen designed for outdoor use on your patio, by your pool deck, or anywhere else you can think of. The Nocturne is available in motorized or crank-operated versions.

The same weather- and insect-resistant aluminum headbox used for the Nocturne is also used for Exterior FlexShades. Exterior shades stop heat and glare before they get to the window. A weighted dowel and cable guides ensure stability in breezy situations.

Draper also has new lifts and masking systems to improve your indoor experience.

For more information, stop by booth 3664.

Stop by HAI’s Booth (427) to see our latest automation innovations!   First, see the ZigBee Wireless devices, HAI’s standalone energy management system.  Check out the HAI Dock, which turns your iPhone or iPod into a music server for distributed audio systems like Hi-Fi 2 by HAI.  View the URC remote control integration.  Even take a gander at HAI’s 220V lighting control system!

Free HAI New Product Training on 9/9 at 10AM.  Email training@homeauto.com for more details, or ask at Booth 427!

Audio Delay can be a problem in installations, especially now with the addition of HDMI due to the time required to process HD video causing lip-sync issues. Hall Research has introduced a powerful but economical unit that can handle all of the causes of audio delay. The AD340 is an audio delay processor with universal analog (L/R) and digital (SPDIF) inputs and outputs. Both outputs are simultaneously active, enabling conversion between analog stereo audio to LPCM or vice versa. Delay time can be specified in milliseconds, frames, or distance depending on the application. Inputs are ground-loop isolated to prevent buzz and hum noise when connecting to PC’s or other unbalanced sources.

As you take time to join your colleagues at CEDIA Expo, September 7 – 10, Entertainment Experience (EE) invites you to experience two of our Products (1) eeColor™ Technology; the world’s first and only real time, 3D, multi-dimensional color video technology that compensates for different room lighting environments and large color gamuts and (2) Vango LED Projector; that has 1000 lumens and 50,000 hour LED bulbs.

EE will be demonstrating eeColor™ Technology and the Vango LED Projector in the following booths at the show: Draper, booth 3664 and Screen Innovations, booth 719.

eeColor™ Technology leverages over 35 years of research and experience in visual color science by retired experts from Kodak, Rochester Institute Of Technology and Hollywood film production.


The P610 full range, biamplified L/C/R speaker is a winner!

It has just been honored with Custom Retailer’s EXC!TE Award – given annually to products that stand out for being innovative, high-performing and solutions-oriented for the custom installation professional.

Don’t miss the P610 in our CEDIA Expo booth, Sound Room SR-8.The P610 is a full-range speaker, which means that it produces much greater sonic impact and coherency than speakers with smaller woofers designed to use an 80 Hz subwoofer crossover point.

As you can see, the P610 combines a P6 with the P10Si single 10 inch woofer, each in its own separate enclosure and coupled with a rotatable bracket. The U.S. SRP for the speaker is $3,199 each, and external biamplification/DSP is required – see us at the show for details and the upcoming Procella solution!

2011 has brought key milestones for SIM2 with the company’s 15th Anniversary. To continue the yearlong celebration, SIM2 is pulling out all the stops for CEDIA Expo.   SIM2 will unveil its remaining products, for a total of 15 new models representing each of the 15 years of doing business.

Among the new product highlights will be SIM2’s first entry in single-chip DLP 3D projection, setting a new reference standard for this category.

Visit SIM2 at Booth 5241 for a demonstration worth attending and learn more about the 2011 anniversary collection.

At CEDIA, SurgeX will be showing off its new XU-315DC 1500VA double conversion UPS surge eliminator, which offers regenerated true sign wave output with no interruption and ensures security to customers that their system will still perform in the event of a power outage or interruption. Featuring premium Online UPS technology it continuously passes incoming power through a Double Conversion inverter eliminates battery mode switching time disruptions that can impact the performance AV equipment. Engineered with professional grade Advanced Series Mode® Surge Elimination Technology and Impedance Tolerant® EMI/RFI noise filtering, the XU315-DC is the only 1500 VA Double Conversion UPS product that eliminates surges and transients that can degrade AV system performance.

You are welcome to visit TC Group Americas at CEDIA 2011. Where we will be showcasing in sound room-SR6 the high profile brands of: Tannoy, Lab.gruppen and LINN. Our bi-hourly scheduled presentation is intended to give installers, integrators and retailers an opportunity to listen and find out about the latest innovations from some of the leading brands in home audio. The presentation will compose of a series of short, concise and informative segments covering all that’s new and giving some insight into where we’re headed.


We would also like to welcome you to our VIP Executive Suite at the Conrad Hotel, nearby the convention centre. Please feel free to stop in for a drink and enjoy the more intimate atmosphere away from the show floor. Our VIP suite allows you to listen demonstrations and have all your questions regarding Tannoy, Lab.gruppen and LINN answered by one of our skilled sales managers in a less chaotic atmosphere.  We hope to see you there!

Triad’s CEDIA booth number is #4654…Triad will be showcasing two new onwall speakers utilizing a new adjustable mounting system: Triad OnWall Mini LCR and Triad OnWall Bronze LCR.

Tributaries PWRC-T10X Power Bar

The T10X is UL® listed and is designed to be mounted on the back of a rack. Featuring 10 outlets evenly spaced the T10X uses the latest surge suppression technology, the X3MOV, and filters. In/out triggers are provided to enable either remote turn-on/off.

Tributaries Series 8 Interconnect & Speaker Cables

Hand-made in Orlando, Florida, the new Series 8 cables achieve a level of performance far beyond our previous models.

  • Digital and Video cables made with solid 18AWG conductors that are 2.5% silver plated.
  • Audio cables made of individually insulated, dual gauge conductors,
  • The copper conductors in all models are made with high purity Long-Crystal copper.

This will be the one and only time this year you will have where you can bring your Top Ten by and show them the depth of our product mix. Please don’t let this opportunity pass you by.


Set your appointments up now.


We will be showing products from the following categories along with the winner of this year’s Excite award the ECO650LCD UPS




  1. 1.         Pure Sine Wave / Double Conversion;
  • We will be showing the HTR10-2U & HTR22-3U
  • The only dedicated AV UPS systems that are Double Conversion / On-Line which have Quiet Fans
  • Larger Internal Engines that provides more head room
  • Plus Drivers for Crestron, AMX and NOW SAVANT
  • Let your dealers know that we can handle anything from signal phase 300Watts to 18,000Watts power for those mission critical installations – In other words no job is to large.



  1. 2.         IP Manageability;
  • We will show 15 & 20 AMP models of our IP manageable power distribution units.
  • MOST IP Manageable Outlets! More than the competition 8, 16 & 24 individually controllable outlets.
  • Provide remote power diagnostics, control & access – From anywhere in the world!
  • Receive email notification of a power outage, battery, environmental status.
  • Notify engineering when a rack as been opened or create a sequential shut down, etc…….
  • Bottom Line – The ability to reboot the system remotely, which in the long run saves the dealer money not having the cost to roll a truck every time there is a need to unfreeze a system. (as we know in this industry nothing ever locks up)



  1. 3.         UPS products;

A, The HTR05-1U 500VA / 300watt UPS with Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR)

  • The ONLY SUB $299 Retail UPS with drivers for Crestron and AMX, AND NOW Savant
  • Optional IP Manageability
  • A MUST for every HD Source $299 Retail


B, The HTRL15UPS  1500VA/900W UPS with Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR)

  1. Displays real-time input voltage and operating conditions
  2. 8 outlets / 3 pair 2.2 GHz coax & -line tel/Ethernet surge protection
  3. $398 Retail


Wisdom Audio introduced the Wisdom Series LS4 Reference Line Source at CES. (pictured here) At CEDIA, we will reveal details of our Insight Series in-walls expected to ship by late 2011. This new series will feature a new, patent-pending planar magnetic design,” stated Mark Glazier, President of Wisdom Audio. Glazier added, “The Insight Series models will establish an entirely new level of performance at their price points, providing our distribution partners a consistent and compelling Wisdom Audio technology story in architectural products ranging from $1,000 to $40,000 each, North America MSRP.”