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Atlona® Expands and Moves Headquarters to San Jose, Calif.

Atlona® recently announced that it has moved its California headquarters from Sunnyvale to San Jose. Effective immediately, the company’s new address is 70 Daggett Drive, San Jose, CA 95134.

Atlona has moved its headquarters into a larger facility located in the heart of Silicon Valley, providing the company with more room for expansion to accommodate its continued growth.

“Atlona’s new headquarters will allow the company to better serve its customers by extending its R&D department, adding more training areas, and increasing its customer service resources,” said Ilya Khayn, president and CEO, Atlona. “We may be in a new space, but our mission is the same — to strive to become the dominant provider of innovative audio/visual and IT connectivity solutions that consistently exceed our customers’ expectations.”

In other Atlona News….

Atlona® Now Shipping LinkConnect Plenum HDMI® Cables

Plenum Cables Feature CMP-Certified Kynar® Jackets for High Temperatures to 125°C; Signal Enhancing Chipsets for 50- and 75-Foot Distances

Atlona®  announced that it is now shipping its new LinkConnect Plenum HDMI® cables. Available in lengths of 25, 35, 50, and 75 feet, the cables combine the legendary performance of Atlona’s LinkConnect line with the stringent UL™ certification required for installation in plenum and riser air spaces.

The plenum space above drop ceilings and under raised floors is the optimal place for routing HDMI cables. However, due to the hazards of smoke inhalation in the event of a fire, the National Electrical Code® (NEC®) specifies the use of plenum-certified cables in these spaces, which can withstand high temperatures without giving off significant fumes. To meet this requirement, Atlona’s LinkConnect Plenum HDMI cables offer a CMP-certified Kynar® jacket for a temperature rating to 125°C.

Offering a high 4.95-Gbps bandwidth, LinkConnect Plenum HDMI cables utilize 24AWG copper conductors to ensure reliable signal transmission, especially with higher resolutions, color depths, and refresh rates. As HDMI signals become attenuated at longer distances, the 50- and 75-foot versions utilize an advanced signal enhancer chipset to eliminate speckles and dropouts for crystal clear images.

“Atlona was the first company to manufacture plenum HDMI cables, and with our latest LinkConnect offering, we’ve again raised the bar on safety and performance,” said Ilya Khayn, president and CEO, Atlona. “Many other HDMI cables that claim to be for plenum spaces are Teflon based and are only certified to 75°C, which most American certification labs say will not meet UL CMP certification. In addition, their thinner 26AWG copper conductors can’t handle the high demands of high-resolution computer sources. Due to their location, plenum cables are expensive to replace, so you want to ensure the highest quality the first time — that can only be found with LinkConnect.”

LinkConnect Plenum HDMI cables support resolutions to 1080p and 1920×1200, pass-through for all 3D formats, and audio up to Dolby® TrueHD or DTS-HD Master audio. For the best signal, triple-shielding protects against EM and RF interference, while 24K gold tight-fit connectors provide corrosion resistance for improved connectivity.

The LinkConnect Plenum HDMI cables are available now at authorized dealers and distributors.

This very sleek, handcrafted wood arm is full of storage surprises and perfect for hiding away a plethora of electronic devices. The 11” arm houses a custom fit Retractable Touch Screen Mount for an IPAD docking station, a side-opening Storage Compartment and 2 Front Access Storage Drawers.  All made to disappear when not in use.  The wood stain is matched to your sample.

The articulating headrest allows for individual head support; just one more way to make you as comfortable as possible. The Pocket Arms create individual seats when down or, when up, allows for one long sofa for serious stretching out.

Fortress Seating is one of the few companies in the industry that manufactures their own chairs.  Working with a prime manufacturer, like Fortress, gives the client the flexibility to customize the seating anyway they like.  Whether it’s following a particular curve in the room, creating a custom design, or incorporating some of our one-of-a-kind accessories, Fortress is here to help.

Product Information – as shown

Model:  Matinee 4” Pocket Arm Unit with Articulating Headrests

Upholstery as shown:         Luxtan Black Leather

MSRP:                                   $3,800/seat; Accessories are additional

Sold only through authorized dealers

Contact:  Carol Wolper
909.483.6092 P ~ 909.483.6166 F
October, 2011

HAI by Leviton’s Hi-Fi 2 4×4 Audio System Now Available

HAI by Leviton announced today that its new Hi-Fi 2 Four Zone, Four Source (4×4) Distributed Audio System is now available and shipping. The new version is a more compact and inexpensive extension of HAI by Leviton’s revolutionary Hi-Fi 2 system, ideal for controlling, sharing and listening to audio systems in buildings with multiple units, such as townhomes, luxury hotel suites, condominiums and small office buildings.

Users will be able to control the new system through HAI by Leviton’s free Hi-Fi 2 app that will soon be available on both Apple’s iOS and Android devices.

Jay McLellan, HAI by Leviton’s president, explained: “The new Hi-Fi 2 4×4 Distributed Audio System from HAI by Leviton offers an affordable solution for multiple-dwelling units that can be easily accessed and controlled by most of the leading smart phone devices.”

Complete product information about the Hi-Fi 2 4×4 Distributed Audio System can be found in thenew product announcement press release from September.


Kramer Wins Systems Product of the Year at the 2012 AV Awards

Kramer Electronics is pleased to announce the winning of the Systems Product of the Year in the 2012 AV Awards. The award was presented at a gala dinner in the Park Lane Hilton in London.

Over 800 of the leading European manufacturers, dealers and consultants gathered at this prestigious venue to hear the announcement of the winners. Kramer Electronics entered two categories in the 2012 AV Awards; Systems Product of the Year with two products in the final list, and Manufacturer of the Year.

The Digital Step−in system won the distinguished Systems Product of the year award. In addition, the second product family entered in this category, the Kramer CORE™ Multi−Format Modular Routers, consisting of the VS−1616D, the VS−3232D and the VS−6464D, was also chosen as a finalist in this award category. In the Manufacturer of the Year category, Kramer received the only commendation among many other market leaders, another outstanding achievement for Kramer Electronics.

The Digital Step−in™ System brings incredible flexibility and versatility to any state−of−the−art boardroom allowing users to seamlessly connect to the boardroom projector from any source with any known video interface. The system consists of a switcher and up to eight Step−in modules, each connected by one twisted pair cable (Kramer’s DGKat cable is recommended), with two additional local inputs (DVI, HDMI) also available. It allows each of the participants to connect their source to the system and take control of the main display by pressing the Step−in button on their individual control module. Control modules are offered in HDMI, DVI, DisplayPort and 15−pin HD computer graphics video, all with separate audio input. An additional multi−format module, the X1, combines all the video interfaces, to meet every possible need.

Winning this year’s AV Award for Systems Product of the Year, and also receiving a prestigious commendation in the Manufacturer of the Year category encourages us to look forward to next year’s 2013 AV Awards ceremony where we will have even more new and exciting products to be considered.

Innovative SAT3 Satellite Speaker is the New BOSE Buster

TruAudio unveiled the revolutionary new SAT3 satellite speaker with omni-directional sound positioning and the world’s easiest and fastest mounting. Whether mounted to the ceiling, on a shelf, or over a single gang box, the stylistic SAT3 provides impressive sound with a small footprint while enhancing the elegance of any decor.
“Fourteen feet apart… and they still imaged great!

Don Hindenach:

“I’m actually a speaker designer. I build ’em. Have for decades. And I’m good. Interestingly enough, I did sub-satellite systems before BOSE did. I’ve been doing them for thirty years now. But from a small manufacturing standpoint, I can’t compete with what a factory can do. I can’t build them small enough.

Well, Dan, my inside sales guy, happened to see that little eight second video on your SAT3 satellite speakers and said, ‘That just looks cool as hell.’ He told me about them and I said, “Gosh, let’s get ’em in here. Let’s take a look.”

We ordered them in and they got here just a day or two ago. Well, I heard all this racket in the showroom and Dan comes around the

He had them aimed straight out and I had to stand right in the middle to hear it. I’ve carefully tilted them in over the past twenty-four hours and got that image to be solid over a broader area in the middle. But they image really, really well.corner and says, “Come here.” He had them fourteen feet apart on the shelf… and they still imaged great!


And they go lower than the similar-sized Canton’s. They’ve got more bottom end. And they still managed to stay warm through the mids. Canton’s got a better tweet, but there’s nothing the matter with the tweet in the SAT3. Nothing at all. Plus, the Canton’s cost more. We were just amazed at how much low end the SAT3’s had… more than anything in that range with the Canton’s.”

Chris Groves:

“Just finished a small home theater last week with the SAT3 5.1 Home Theater System. The client was not quite ready to budget the higher-end theater yet.

These SAT’s really rocked for the price tag. I’m afraid that he will have a hard time upgrading later – his jaw dropped when he heard these SAT’s for the first time.

Here at Fox View Network, we market this system as a BOSE Buster! The BOSE shoppers can’t believe they have been taking the bait all these years.

The build quality and design on the SAT is fantastic! Thanks Tru for another great product!”

“The SAT3 is a radical new design. There is nothing else out there quite like it,” states Kary Wawrzyniak, Vice President of Technology at TruAudio. “This takes satellite and cabinet speakers to our Ghost level of innovation – it’s that good.”

The SAT3 spherical speaker “head” sits in a special anchoring cradle that houses a powerful neodynium magnet. This holds the speaker in place and allows you to have the SAT3 look in any direction you choose. You can direct sound anywhere you want in the room.

The SAT3 is also extremely easy to install. You can mount it to the ceiling, on the wall, or on a bookshelf. The SAT3 has also been designed to match perfectly a single gang box. No extra drywall cutting to fit wires – a simple, clean install.

The small footprint of the SAT3 produces some very dynamic sound. Its 3 inch coated paper cone woofer provides stiffer residence for improved bass. The 1 inch soft silk tweeter smooths out reflexions. The SAT3 has been designed to give you just the right high fidelity surround sound for a bedroom, kitchen, or den.

If that were not enough, the SAT3 also has an iconic look. Small enough to “hide” on the wall, shelf, or ceiling, yet stylish enough to provide an elegant accent to any decor.


The SAT3 Satellite Speakers are available through authorized TruAudio dealers. The SAT3 comes in the SAT3CC Premium Center Channel with dual 3” coated paper cone woofers and dual 1” soft silk dome tweeters, and the SAT3 Premium Round Satellite Speaker with 3” coated paper cone woofer and 1” soft silk dome tweeter. Both are available in High Gloss Black or White finish.

The SAT3 5.1 Home Theater System is also available with SAT3 Satellite Speakers, one SAT3CC Premium Center Channel, and one PS-8 Powered Subwoofer.

To learn more about the SAT3, and for additional technical specifications, order options and accessories, please visit TruAudio.com.

Vaddio Expands Operations to New Facility

Vaddio will be moving all operations Monday, November 19, 2012, to a new 67,000-square-foot facility, nearly doubling the size of its current space. The new building, located in Minnetonka, Minn., will accommodate growing product research and development, and significantly expand manufacturing facilities.

“By expanding our engineering, product development and customer support departments internally, we’ve quickly outgrown our current space,” explains Mark Steen, COO of Vaddio. “We needed a larger space to not only house these existing employees, but to plan for future growth in all areas of the company.”

New 67,000-square-foot Vaddio headquarters.
New 67,000-square-foot Vaddio headquarters.

Included in the new facility is an 80-person training room, as well as five technology-intensive demo rooms available for scheduling at vaddio.com. Each room will contain technology designed to work for different application-based environments including lecture capture, videoconferencing and live event broadcasts.

The new address will be:

131 Cheshire Lane
Suite 500
Minnetonka, MN 55305

Shipping will continue, but will be limited through November 26, 2012. If you have further questions please contact Stacy Kringlen at skringlen@vaddio.com or by phone at 763-971-4400