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Atlona® to Participate in Epson Integration Certification Technology Showcase

Atlona®, a leading digital connectivity solutions provider, today announced that the company will be participating in the Epson Integration Certification Technology Showcase Integration Certification Technology Showcase tour beginning on March 20 in Long Beach, Calif. On the tour, Atlona will make stops in five U.S. locations to display its HDCAT family of products. At each event, Atlona will lead a 45-minute breakout session titled “Extending, Splitting, & Connecting in the Digital Age,” which focuses on  the benefits of HDBaseT™ technology for all AV system installations and modern digital applications.

Epson Integration Certification has been an industry-recognized training program for the past four years, providing hands-on training to its industry partners in a classroom-style setting. The program has evolved into the Epson Integration Certification Technology Showcase, a tour introducing new pro-AV solutions, along with training sessions for resellers, end-users, and consultants.

“We are excited to have Atlona as a participating manufacturer in the newly revamped Epson Certification Expo,” said Michael Cho, CTS — senior engineer and consultant liaison, Epson. “The event provides a showcase featuring the latest technology, products, and solutions for the PRO-AV industry from Epson as we unveil our new Pro G models of HDBaseT projectors, which are compatible with Atlona’s HDBaseT family of matrix switchers.”

“The Epson tour will be the perfect opportunity for attendees to learn about the latest HDBaseT products from Epson, which pair with any of Atlona’s recently introduced HDBaseT family of PRO3HD matrix switchers, HDCAT distribution amplifiers, and HDTX boxes,” said Ilya Khayn, president and CEO, Atlona. “Our breakout sessions will provide further education for both current and new adopters of HDBaseT.”

More information about the Epson roadshow, including dates, cities, and updates, can be found at

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Loungers Take a Front Row
Your Custom Theater Just Got a Little Better

Chaise lounges, sectionals and sofas are rapidly becoming the furniture of choice when customized seating is required in dedicated theaters or media rooms.  Whether combined with one of the many Fortress designs or created specifically for the room, lounge furniture is solving more and more of the requirements for viewing furniture.

Always at the forefront of seating solutions, Fortress lounges and sectionals are just another example of innovation with design.


Shown here is the Kensington Pocket Arm Lounger with laminated table tops built into the common arms.  The center dual pocket arm (see inset) creates either individual seats when down or a roomy loveseat when up.

Seating Designed to Your Specifications
To view more loungers visit

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IC Realtime, a global leader in the design and manufacture of advanced visual surveillance solutions for residential and commercial applications, now has Control4™ drivers for its Dual Core series of NVRs, DVRs and HD DVRs.

The drivers, developed by Extra Vegetables, bring enhanced functionality to the recorders in the Control4 environment – namely picture previewing and streaming video. Installers can also take advantage of technical support from IC Realtime should they need assistance loading the driver into Control4’s Composer design software.

According to IC Realtime Integrated Technologies Manager Christoffer Callaway, the driver is designed to be extremely easy to load. “Drag-and-drop the driver into your project, point to the IP address and you’re done. It’s that simple,” says Callaway.

”The increased functionality also benefits end-users in that they can take advantage of a centralized interface that manages total home control as well as surveillance,” adds Callaway.
”In other words, users don’t have to leave the Control4 environment to access the IC Realtime system. That’s a really nice convenience.”

IC Realtime Dual Core series recorders shipping effective March 2013 are equipped with the new Control4 compatible firmware. Installers can easily update firmware of recorders in the field by contacting the IC Realtime technical support department at 954.736.4211.

Control4 drivers are made available for download directly from Extra Vegetables at

About Control4

Control4 is a leading provider of automation systems for homes and businesses that provides personalized control of lighting, music, video, energy and security through more than 2,200 custom integrators, retail outlets, and distributors in over 72 countries. By delivering insightfully simple, personalized control solutions that enhance the lives of individuals and families, Control4 is the automation platform of choice for customers, major customer electronics companies, hotels and businesses around the world. For more information visit

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The Kaleidescape System and the Kaleidescape Store: The best gets better.

Kaleidescape StoreThe Kaleidescape System has always been known as the most convenient way to manage your library of movies and music. Featuring a variety of ways to browse and sort your collection, the Kaleidescape System places your entire library at your fingertips and makes it easy to find the perfect movie in moments. And of course, the Kaleidescape system stores bit-for-bit digital copies of your CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs, ensuring that there are no compromises in playback quality.

The Kaleidescape System also enables you to enjoy your movies and music in unique and powerful ways. When you select a film, exclusive Kaleidescape bookmarks enable you to go straight to the first frame of the film, without having to wait through previews, menus and advertisements. The Play Song feature enables you to jump directly to any song in your favorite concert films or musicals. And Kaleidescape Scenes enables you to skip from one classic movie clip to the next, delivering an incredible new way to interact with your film collection.

But until recently, the only way to add new movies and music to your Kaleidescape System was to import from physical CD, DVD or Blu-ray Disc. This certainly works well, and is a great way to expand your library, but hopping in the car and driving to your local movie retailer may not always be convenient.  The newly opened Kaleidescape Store changes this. Kaleidescape System owners are now able to visit this online store and browse, buy and download movies directly to their Kaleidescape Systems.

Kaleidescape Store Buy all highlightWith the Kaleidescape Store, customers can download movies directly to their Kaleidescape Systems, with no compromise in either quality or content. Users will experience precisely the same audio and video quality of the DVD or Blu-ray disc.  They will also enjoy all of the behind-the-scenes footage and bonus materials that movie lovers have come to expect from physical discs.

But the Kaleidescape Store is about convenience as much as it is about quality. When a customer creates an account and signs into the Kaleidescape Store, the Store is linked to their existing movie collection.  When this happens, movies in the store that the customer already owns are flagged with badges that indicate whether a specific title has already be purchased from the store or imported from DVD or Blu-ray Disc.  This makes it very easy to avoid buying movies that they already own and is a huge bonus for the avid movie collector.  This also enables the Kaleidescape Store to offer a feature that you will not find on any other online store: Buy all.  As the customer browses any collection in the store, they can simply click Buy all. Upon clicking, they will see a shopping list that contains every movie in that collection that they do not already own.  This unique feature makes it incredibly easy to own every movie by a certain director or starring a favorite actor.

Beyond simply being a great way to buy high quality movies, the Kaleidescape Store demonstrates once again how the Kaleidescape Experience continues to be enhanced and how Kaleidescape continues to change the way that the world enjoys movies.

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Kramer Electronics is pleased to introduce the high−performance VS−808TP 8X8 Twisted Pair Matrix Switcher for analog twisted pair signals. 

tp-compositionThe VS−808TP features eight inputs and eight outputs for remote connection with compatible TP transmitters and receivers. The switcher is designed to work with the auto−adjusting TP−133/TP−134 transmitter/receiver pair. An additional, switchable VGA, stereo audio and RS−232 local input (built−in transmitter) and output (built−in receiver) allows direct connection of the signals (analog video up to WUXGA, audio and RS−232) with these compatible units. The VS−808TP also includes audio−follow−video or breakaway switching for audio signals and 15 user−programmable presets for quick−change configurations.
The VS−808TP is designed especially for presentation and multimedia installations where a high level of control possibilities are required from extended distances. It utilizes economical TP (Twisted Pair) cabling, which is commonly pre−installed in buildings, schools, hospitals, etc. The unit routes and distributes signals both from a local and/or remote source, at extended ranges of up to 200m (656ft). Kramer recommends using Kramer BC−DGKat524, BC−DGKat623 and BC−DGKat7a23 cables for optimum range and performance.
Using Kramer’s TP−133 and TP−134 transmitter/receiver pair with a standard CAT−5 cable automatically makes the system equalize and deskew the signal for different cable lengths.
The two−line LCD display of the VS−808TP shows separate routing information of video, audio or RS−232 signals. The unit is controlled via its front panel buttons, RS−232,
RS−485 and Ethernet.
The VS−808TP is a standard 1U 19” rack mount size and comes with included rack ‘ears’.
The VS−808TP is currently in stock and available from Kramer Electronics sales companies around the world.
For information about all of Kramer Electronics products and our worldwide offices, please go to

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Wireless Bridging How To Webinar

April 10, 2013 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm EST

Luxul Webinar

1 Hour

This technical webinar covers the use and setup of a wireless bridge. We will review in detail the what, when, and how of wireless bridging—Including a full discussion of configuration and setup options. This webinar also addresses important business-related issues relevant to network installers, such as how the use of a wireless bridge can improve customer satisfaction while reducing installation costs.

Topics covered include:
• What is a wireless bridge
• How and when to use a wireless bridge
• The configuration and set up process
• Set up and network access options
• How to improve the bottom line with wireless bridging

To see the full webinar schedule go to:

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Premier MountsValue Assortment

The Value Assortment is a collection of projector and flat-panel products that provides the fundamental base for any A/V installation.

How can we do it?

High volume production of core products, a highly efficient, new facility, and a streamlined distribution process allows us to reduce our cost and share with our customers.

Why Value?

V- Verified The Value Assortment products are a staple for A/V installations, pioneering the process of holding display and projector devices securely in place

A -Authority With a proven track record of success and reliability, the Value Assortment is the definitive answer for any mount installation

L- Leading The Value Assortment’s product innovation serves as a guide for the mount industry, providing product installation standards, as well as new mounting concepts and ideas

U- User-friendly Product design and manufacturing is completed with the user in mind to ensure a seamless and hassle free installation process

E- Essential The Value Assortment provides a collection of competitively priced and necessary mounts for every A/V professional

Visit more info!

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SAVANT® Introduces WiFi Enabled Digital Thermostat
Create personalized heating and cooling schedules using existing WiFi network to enhance lifestyle and conserve energy

Savant Systems, LLC has announced the availability of the Savant Wireless Thermostat, SST-W100. The SST-W100 is a WiFi enabled digital thermostat designed to control Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems within any residential or commercial setting and integrate seamlessly into a Savant-controlled environment. The SST-W100 is a versatile thermostat for one and two stage control of forced air, radiant, heat pump and HVAC systems. The Savant SST-W100, requiring only standard thermostat wiring at its mounting location, is ideal for retrofit installations thanks to its wireless communication to Savant’s SmartSystem controllers.

The SST-W100 provides access to temperature adjustments from anywhere in the home or from a remote location using any Savant interface. Multiple Savant thermostats may be networked over an existing WiFi network, enabling temperature and humidity adjustment from any SST-W100 in the home. Energy conservation is achieved by programming the HVAC system (using the HVAC Scheduler within the Savant TrueControl™ iPad® app) to automatically respond based upon outside temperature, season or time of day.

The Savant SST-W100 delivers greatly enhanced functionality as part of a complete Savant automation and control system with a stylish wall mount design to complement any décor. “A wireless thermostat solution increases installation efficiency and flexibility for integrators while enabling them to give their customers one-touch access to personalized heating and cooling schedules,” stated Jim Carroll, Executive Vice President of Corporate Strategy & Business Development at Savant. “We made the SST-W100 easy to operate, with a large LCD display and nicely spaced pushbuttons for users to access temperature and humidity readings, set point adjustments, system mode/fan status indicators, and setup menus,” Carroll added. Up to two optional remote temperature sensors (sold separately) can be connected to the SST-W100 for enhanced flexibility and optimized performance when required. Climate can be regulated according to the average of multiple sensors or the built-in sensors within the thermostat can be disabled entirely to allow the SST-W1000 to be installed out of sight.

Key Features:
WiFi (802.11) enabled thermostat
Supports standard or heat pump HVAC systems
Includes 128 x 64 backlit graphical display
Local temperature displays on backlit LCD
Set point display and control System mode (off, auto, heat, and cool)
Fan display and control (auto, manual, and on)
Six buttons with on-screen labels
Fahrenheit or Celsius modes
Optional remote sensors
Optional flush mount accessory
Integrates easily with TrueControl™
Automatically sends changes, so there is no polling

Artwork Here

SAVANT® Expands SmartView Video Tiling Technology, Delivering up to Nine Content Windows to any HD Display

High definition video from up to 24 sources viewable on a single display with up to 9 tiles—all controlled easily from an iPad®

Savant Systems, LLC has expanded the capabilities of their much heralded SmartView Tiling technology to deliver up to nine high definition (HD) windows of content or media on a single display. SmartView Tiling, initially unveiled with a six-tile capacity, is a versatile technology featuring broadcast quality video processing and scaling that is appropriate for both residential and commercial applications. Savant SmartView Tiling will accept video input resolutions up to 1080p while delivering HD video to the display via HDMI. Source inputs can broadly range from Blu-ray players, cable boxes, security cameras or other video devices. Most importantly, users will be able to easily arrange their tiling, change content programming and save “favorite” configurations all via Savant’s intuitive iPad interface. The nine-tile version is available now with Savant’s multi-window video processing modules, the VOM-SV02 and the SVT-009T platform.

Using Savant’s TrueControl™ iPad® app along with familiar Apple gestures, users will be able to drag and drop selected sources to their chosen locations within the tile grid; pinch and zoom to have any source take over the entire display, and create custom tiling layouts and channel presets for easy recall. Savant SmartView Tiling seamlessly ties true HDMI video with the support of HD audio together for an unmatched A/V experience. With Savant SmartView technology, users can check the scores of multiple games, monitor the weekend forecast, follow their investment portfolio and see who’s at the door, all without disrupting the family movie. SmartView Tiling brings ultimate flexibility to the HD viewing experience.

With the capability to switch up to 24 media sources displayed on an array of one to nine windows, Savant’s SmartView Tiling delivers convenient access to personalized programming selections. Users can create up to four presets based upon parameters such as selected media sources, channels, screen layout, audio source and volume level. Savant authorized integrators can field-upgrade existing Savant SmartMediaPro systems by adding SmartView Tiling modules, bringing this exciting functionality to existing Savant customers.

Artwork Here

SAVANT® Adds Niveo Professional to Partners in Excellence Cooperative Program
Savant Systems, LLC has announced the addition of Niveo Professional to their PARTNERS IN EXCELLENCE cooperative program. Savant’s PARTNERS IN EXCELLENCE initiative has been targeted to achieve global compatibility between Savant’s control systems and a diverse group of best-in-class manufacturers from the audio, video, lighting control, HVAC, and security industries, as well as devices and subsystems from many related markets.

Founded in 2009 and based in The Netherlands, Niveo Professional is a manufacturer of high quality network devices specifically designed for the custom installation market and engineered to enable optimized performance of audio/video components for both residential and commercial applications. Niveo Professional leverages market feedback from custom installation professionals and works with carefully selected channel partners to maintain the highest standards of product performance and customer satisfaction. “We are seeing more and more distributors and integrators using Savant in Europe,” explained Niveo CEO Arthur de Jager. “Savant’s Partners in Excellence program seemed like the ideal tool at the right time for our organization and will ensure essential product compatibility for our dealers in the field,” de Jager added.

Participation in Savant’s PARTNERS IN EXCELLENCE cooperative program will facilitate the seamless integration of Niveo Professional products within the Savant system environment. “Savant welcomes Niveo Professional to our PARTNERS IN EXCELLENCE program,” stated Savant’s Director of Business Development Bob Ross. “It is our goal to maintain compatibility with leading edge, dynamic companies as a valuable asset for our dealers and end-users in the marketplace,” Ross concluded.

The core of Savant’s technology is an open programmable platform built upon the Mac OS X operating system supporting various communication protocols and offering high speed A/V switching, scaling and processing.
Savant’s PARTNERS IN EXCELLENCE program will open new doors for participating manufacturers seeking to expand their business in a rapidly growing industry.

Interested manufacturers can find out more about the PARTNERS IN EXCELLENCE program by communicating via email to Bob Ross at

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SIM2 Product Line 2013 – An Overview

SIM2 has developed a comprehensive selection of models to meet the wants and desires of an ever-increasing customer base, from professional studios to high-level home entertainment, with bespoke solutions for every environment and purpose. From the flagship 3-chip Grand Cinema™ line, to the LED M. Video Interior Design System, to the 1-chip DOMINO line, each model is a stand-out product in its own right.

Grand Cinema

sim1The Grand Cinema™ LUMIS 3D projectors are totally unique to SIM2 and represent the culmination of over 10 years of innovation and research in the field of video projector design and technology. SIM2’s flagship Grand Cinema™ line features a choice of 4 models that offer unprecedented picture quality for the discerning customer who wants a true cinema experience.

The Grand Cinema™ LUMIS line features 3-chip 0,95″ 1080p DC4 DLP® chipset, SIM2’s ALPHAPATH™ light engine, and Triple Flash technology for extreme 3D smoothness and visual pleasure. Grand Cinema™ LUMIS offers Triple Flash technology (144 Hz), the delivery system that is currently unique to professional installations to provide the best motion rendition possible. No other projector line can match the superb color depth, excellent contrast ratio and exceptional brightness that the Grand Cinema™ line is able to deliver.

M .Line


The M.150 active 3D LED Full HD DLP-based Video Interior Design System is the result of years of intense research and passion offering a new concept, integrating entertainment with interior design. The concept is simple: inspire creativity and add vitality to the home by painting with light and images. Whether it’s personal photographs, art, mood lighting, or movies, this system delivers stunning visual pleasure, and ignites the senses.

As the world’s first 3D active LED video interior design system, this is a one-of-kind solution for discerning customers who desire a unique way to enhance the beauty of their home: a window of light created with cutting-edge projection technology.


sim3Today’s home entertainment systems demand that a projector be capable of producing high quality images from any and all video devices and in a variety of room lighting levels. Sharing many of the technical attributes of the Grand Cinema LUMIS 3-chip series, DOMINO is a projector line that offers consumers a choice of models that will enhance their viewing pleasure from all video sources and in real-world lighting conditions.

Based on single-chip Full HD DLP® technology, SIM2’s DOMINO offers different levels of performance and feature sets that include (depending on model) high brightness, high contrast, precise and accurate color reproduction, deep black level, artifact-free motion and the ability to convey the extended depth of 3D images.

Grand Cinema, M.Line and DOMINO – three series to inspire creativity.

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Vaddio Launches Major Software Update to AV Bridge and ClearVIEW HD-USB PTZ Camera Update Provides Interoperability with more Web Based Conferencing and Lecture Capture Applications

Vaddio, the global leader in robotic PTZ cameras and camera control systems, announces a major software update to the AV Bridge and ClearVIEW HD-USB PTZ camera. This update adds support for 4.2.0-encoded video applications including WebEx, Microsoft Lync and GoToMeeting.

“When recording lectures with detailed classroom and presentation content, HD video is essential and the higher video resolutions work great,” explained COO of Vaddio, Mark Steen. “But when you’re network only provides limited bandwidth, sometimes lower resolutions are the only way to go. Streaming an HD video call, only to have it scaled down on the soft client end, doesn’t make much sense and eats up a lot of bandwidth.”

Supporting lower resolution software applications now allows Vaddio’s EasyUSB products to be compatible with even more industry-leading videoconferencing and lecture capture programs.

For more information on the ClearVIEW HD-USB Camera and AV Bridge software upgrade please visit the Vaddio website at in the Tech Center.

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VidaBox Ships New LiivNAS for On-Demand Movie & Music Distribution with Silent Cooling & Higher Storage Capacities

Newly designed system is compatible with SONOS and iTunes installations, and includes Drop-n-Rip archiving for Blu-rays, DVDs, CDs, with 2-way movie metadata support for Crestron, Control4, & other control systems when used with Dune HD Media Players.  Complete systems start at around 2000. 

VidaBox is now shipping “The New LiivNAS,” a redesign of their popular LiivNAS Media System.  The new system offers the same convenient Drop-n-Rip™ drive for archiving of unencrypted CDs, DVDs, and Blu-rays, along with 2-way movie metadata for popular control systems like Crestron and Control4 when used with Dune HD Media Players, plus optional Sonos Controller and iTunes installation support.  All these features are available in a new, more compact form factor with silent cooling, plus additional storage options.

“We’re excited to offer this new model, as it meets many of our dealers’ and integrators’ existing feature requests,” exclaims Steven Cheung, President of VidaBox, LLC.  “The biggest change is its 100% silent cooling.  The New LiivNAS can now be installed in even the most noise-sensitive environments, as it needs no fans or other moving parts for cooling.  Combined with the new storage options of up to 4TB, our convenient Drop-n-Rip™ feature, affordable cost, and streaming support to affordable Dune HD Media Players, the LiivNAS becomes a winning, all-in-one Media NAS solution – perfect for almost any project!”

The New LiivNAS is now available with 2TB of storage standard, or it can be customized with 3TB or 4TB of space, allowing for storage of up to 660 DVDs or 160 Blu-rays maximum.  Even with the maximum storage increase, the new design’s height has actually decreased down to just 3 inches (76mm) tall, permitting easier installation in even the most space-limited setups.

“Unlike the previous model that took up about 3U of rack space,” explains Cheung, “the new design’s reduced height allows it to be easily placed on a shelf for centralized rack installations.  With its compact size and other rich features, it’s never been easier to consolidate any digital music and movie collection into a single library, and then enjoy on-demand playback with affordable units like Dune HD media players, in full 1080, and 7.1 lossless surround sound!  All these features can be had in a complete package for around 2000.”

The New LiivNAS is shipping and available now.  For more details and specifications on this product or other items in the VidaBox family of digital entertainment and control solutions, please visit the company website at, call +1-516-730-7500.

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