New_MVP-150x150D-Tools MVP Manufacturer Partners realize the importance of bringing you their product information and have chosen to support the D-Tools user community by joining the program and making their product data directly available through D-Tools SI software. Read on for the latest manufacturer company news and product updates.

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Artcoustic Loudspeakers have launched 2 new in ceiling models to their range

Architect frontArchitect 2-1 rear

The Architect Series has been designed and engineered with same high specifications as all the other Artcoustic models, leaving no space for compromise on sound quality and build, but allowing the flexibility to install in ceiling or in wall.

Architect SL has been created to deliver Artcoustic performance from an ultra-thin design, with a clean contemporary aesthetic. Timbre matched to all the other Artcoustic loudspeakers, Architect SL is the perfect solution for multi-room applications as well as Spitfire cinema systems or lounge 5.1 systems where rear channels cannot be installed on wall. Two models allow the correct loudspeaker to be used for the correct application, with the smaller Architect 2-1 SL delivering the same performance as the Target SL, and the Architect SL 4-2 SL giving options of either high output, high performance for more demanding applications, or used as a single point source stereo speaker where appropriate.



BitWise Controls Ships its Newest Automation Controller, the BC2

The long-awaited BC2 automation controller from BitWise Controls shipped out to dealers this week. Many of those who had placed pre-orders did so when news of the prototype was first released.

What made the BC2 such an attractive controller? BitWise Controls designed it to provide the full processing power of a BC1 (their flagship controller), but in a mid-sized form factor that was easier to use and mount discreetly. Integrators had been requesting such a product. They said that many of their designs needed high processing power but utilized only a handful of components—the BC1 was overkill for a smaller system.

BitWise delivered what their integrators needed—and more. Not only did the company design the BC2 with power and a svelte new size, they also designed a new IR chip to transmit a broader array of infrared signals. They added a new browsable database that includes both common and obscure codes, developed a new standalone USB learner, and released Project Editor 1.9 to ensure integrators can easily take advantage of the BC2’s virtues.



iViewer For Android Now Available On The Google Play Store

Previously only available on iOS devices, the automation and control application iViewer 4 now allows integrators of automation and control systems to create their own custom graphical user interfaces (GUIs) on Android devices. These GUIs can be used to control any system that is controllable via Ethernet. Utilizing CommandFusion’s free ‘guiDesigner’ Windows program, users can create a GUI that looks and behaves the way they desire. Some uses for iViewer 4 include controlling a home entertainment system, a heating/cooling system or anything else the client can require; all from within a single app.

Already successful on the Apple iOS operating system, iViewer for Android uses the same powerful CommandFusion Automation Engine. It allows the user to create powerful user interfaces with dynamic content and advanced functionality such as gestures, lists, animations, JavaScript API and much more.

iViewer Lite Now Available on the Apple App Store

Available today, the iOS app iViewer Lite offers a cost effective way for DIY users and installers of smaller automation systems to create their own custom graphical user interfaces (GUIs) on an iOS device. These GUIs can be used to control any system that is controllable via Ethernet. Utilising CommandFusion’s free ‘guiDesigner’ Windows program, users can create a GUI that looks and behaves the way they desire. Some possible uses for iViewer Lite include controlling a home entertainment system, a heating/cooling system or anything else the user can imagine.

Developed for the DIY and small installation market, iViewer Lite uses the same powerful automation engine as iViewer 4 – CommandFusion’s professional automation control product. It allows the user to create powerful user interfaces with dynamic content and advanced functionality such as gestures, lists, animations, JavaScript API and much more.



Custom seating solves many issues in the theater; however, accessories for specific requirements can really make the difference and this 3-seat unit demonstrates all the accessories nece

ssary to make your movie-viewing experience exceptional.  This 3-seat unit is equipped with:

–   Retractable iPAD Docking Station


–   First Class Motorized Tray Table

–   Aisle Lights; Gooseneck Lights

–   Pocket Arm

–   Storage compartments for games, telephones or remotes  and Concealed cup holders

With Fortress’ Motorized ‘First Class’ Tray Table you can work on your computer or have a meal while watching your movie.  The tray is stored within the cavity of the arm so when not in use it is out of sight.  It is easily retrieved by lifting the arm cap and activating the motorized lift mechanism.

The Pocket Arm solves the dilemma of choosing between individual theater seating or a sofa. When the pocket arm is up the look and feel of a sofa is created; when down it creates individual seats.  Function and design are Fortress trademarks.


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FSR’s PoE to USB Charger Takes Home Commercial Integrator’s  

“Best Installation Tools & Testers” Award from InfoComm 2013

FSR, manufacturer of audio and video switching, control products, and connectivity boxes, was a winner at InfoComm 2013 in more ways than one. Company President, Jan Sandri, reported a busy and successful show, and was happy to accept another award for the organization’s increasingly crowded Trophy shelf. The New Jersey–based manufacturer took home the “Best Installation Tools & Tester” award, presented by Commercial Integrator, for its PoE to USB Charger, a device that allows AV professionals to power and charge USB devices such as an iPad® from an PoE-ethernet drop without the need for AC line power.

A panel consisting of the editors of Commercial Integrator, along with integrators in the commercial industry, selected the winners in 37 categories based upon innovation, functionality, competitive advantages, and benefits to the installer.

FSR’s patent pending PoE to USB Chargers fit the bill for their ability to provide a small, convenient power option for Apple® iPad display applications. The Chargers derive ample power from a standard PoE (not PoE+) network connection, without need for AC line power. When used alongside FSR’s iPad enclosure, they offer easy, convenient single-cable Installation.

FSR SS USB CHRG Charger edit

“We take a lot of pride in our product coverage and our CI BEST Awards is a great example,” says Tom LeBlanc, Commercial Integrator editor-in-chief. “The winning products all offer something special to our integrator readers. They bring unique performance and installation benefits that give them a competitive edge—and will help them to find new sources of revenue. Congratulations to the winners.”



BUTTKICKER® Brand Transducers generate realistic flight environment aboard Brooklands Museum’s iconic Concorde Aircraft

The Guitammer Company, a leader in low frequency sound and creator of the award-winning line of ButtKicker®-brand low frequency audio transducers that provide an immersive entertainment experience, has installed its ButtKicker Advance tactile transducers into the original passenger seating at the Concorde Experience at Brooklands Museum, the birthplace of British motorsport and aviation, to create a lifelike and unique dimension to each visitor’s virtual flight.

Gordon Roxburgh, head of the Concorde Experience team at Brooklands, stated, “We wanted to emulate the physical sensations normally experienced within the aircraft for the duration of the flight so that our visitors had an added sense of realism. The ButtKicker Advance units translate this feeling perfectly and bring the whole flight experience to life.”

The Concorde Experience is a 35-minute virtual flight that gives visitors the first-hand opportunity to experience what it was like to fly Concorde, replicating visual, physical and audio stimulation. ButtKicker’s transducers are also installed in the British Airways Concorde simulator at Brooklands, enriching the flight experience and adding a realistic, tactile effect to the pilot seats in the full-size static simulator.



HDMI over HDBaseT™ Extender with IR, RS-232 and PoH over Single Cat6


UHBX-P1 is an extender kit from Hall Research that utilizes HDBaseT technology. It can send HDMI, IR, bi-directional RS-232, and PoH (Power-over-HDBaseT) to 500 ft (150 m) on a single Cat6 cable. The extender uses only one +5v power supply, internally creates 48v PoH and complies with IEEE 802.3af handshake. The P1 extender’s sender unit provides power to the receiver.

In standard mode the UHBX-P1 supports DVI and HDMI signals of virtually any resolution up to 4K x 2K to 330 ft (100m), and in Long Reach mode it supports resolutions to 1920×1080 to 500 ft (150 m).
The UHBX-P1 is housed in compact and sturdy metal enclosures with convenient mounting provisions. It is designed and manufactured in the USA.


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Kramer Introduces the VP−425, Computer Graphics Video & HDTV to HDMI ProScale™ Digital Scaler

Kramer Electronics is pleased to introduce the high−performance VP−425 digital scaler for computer graphics video and component HDTV signals. The Kramer VP−425 up− or down−scales the PC or component video input and embeds the stereo audio into the HDMI output.


The VP−425 is HDTV compatible and features a non−HDCP encrypted HDMI or DVI output signal on an HDMI connector. The built−in ProcAmp allows convenient signal adjustment and the On−Screen Display (OSD) makes it easy to set up and adjust. The OSD is accessible via the unit’s front−panel buttons. A freeze button is also included in the unit.

The VP−425 has a maximum resolution of up to WUXGA and 1080p. Its non−volatile memory retains the last settings used.

Controlling the VP−425 is done directly via the front panel push buttons and the on−screen display (OSD).

The VP−425 is housed in a compact MegaTOOLS™ enclosure. Two units can be rack mounted side−by−side in a 1U rack space with the optional RK−T2B universal rack adapter.

The VP−425 is ideal for projection systems in conference rooms, boardrooms, hotels and houses of worship, as well as up−scaling home theater and rental and staging applications.

The VP−425 is currently in stock and available from Kramer Electronics sales companies around the world.



SAVANT® Introduces TrueConference Theme Enhancements


The TrueConference theme, working within Savant’s award-winning TrueControl™ iOS App architecture, enables simplistic control of unified communications technologies such as advanced audio visual equipment, lighting, shading, climate control and more, leveraging the graphically-rich Apple® iPad®. TrueConference by Savant allows multiple conference rooms (whether in a single building or around the world) to share the same iPad-based user experience that is so easy to navigate, it virtually eliminates the learning curve for starting a presentation or using a video conferencing system. This intuitive control increases overall efficiency while significantly reducing dependency on traditional IT support. First time users will find it easy to initiate calls, control audio/video sources and the meeting room environment with very little training or introduction to the system. The new TrueConference theme provides one-touch access to video conferencing while making it easy to connect via the contacts list or call history data stored within the conferencing system. What was once a complex process is now a highly efficient one-touch solution.
Savant’s TrueConference theme also provides useful control of multimedia. Users can readily view presentations, spreadsheets, documents, images, videos and more. TrueConference is designed to simplify control of the corporate conference room using customizable preset buttons that feature specific text relevant to each environment. This allows users to quickly and effortlessly switch between modes of operation. Savant has designed TrueConference to be intuitive for all users, even those new to conference room or iPad technology. Any user can quickly view the iPad, recognize the sources and services available in that room and run the meeting. The user can also adjust environmental controls for the conference room such as lighting and climate, and after a meeting has concluded, the user can then reset the room back to its default state.


SAVANT® Announces Native Support for Philips Hue

Savant Systems, LLC has announced support for Philips Hue LED lighting as part of their latest release. The communication protocol for Philips Hue has been profiled and is now native to the Savant platform. No third party drivers or accessories are required to achieve seamless interoperability.

HUE_RELSavant’s control and automation system will support functionality such as color adjustment, brightness settings and other features. Leveraging Savant’s RacePoint Blueprint™ configuration tool, integrators can control multiple Hue bulbs simultaneously (no limit to quantity) or program customized lighting scenes for any number of Hue bulbs as well. “Our rapid deployment of a solution for the Philips Hue highlights the strength and flexibility of Savant’s open, programmable platform while also showcasing our commitment to an ever-broadening retail channel,” explained Jim Carroll, Executive Vice President Corporate Strategy & Business Development at Savant. “As Savant continues to expand our native Savant Lighting Control solution set, we will continue to actively support third party lighting products from existing technology partners as well as new entrants into the marketplace such as the Philips Hue,” added Carroll.




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TruAudio Introduces TruCinema Pro Series: Newest Home Theater Cabinet Speaker


TruAudio announces the newest addition to their home theater speaker line with the TruCinema Pro Series (TC-Pro) LCR speaker. The shapely TC-Pro LCR rewards integrators with extensive versatility and home theater clients with high fidelity sound in a home theater cabinet speaker.

“As the successor to our TC.3 home theater system, the TC-Pro LCR has an upgraded crossover, drivers, and sports a look that is sleek and shapely,” said Kary Wawyrzniak, Vice President of Technical Development.

The TC-Pro is a versatile home theater workhorse. Lay it on its side (in its unique positioning cradle) and you’ve got your center channel. Stand a TC-Pro LCR up and you’ve got a left and a right. You can use the TC-Pro in a variety of ways – in a variety of installs.

Even when the TC-Pro LCR is laying down on the job – it’s working. You can direct the sound of the TC-Pro LCR where you want. Its positioning cradle allows you to direct the sound down, out, or up.

And the sound…. dual 6.5″ woven glass fiber drivers and a 1″ aluminum tweeter tuned specifically with a large air space to maximize their performance.



Vaddio Introduces Complete Unified Communications Meeting Room Solutions for Laptop and Tablet Computers: the GroupSTATION and HuddleSTATION


Vaddio introduces two new Unified Communications room solutions designed for mobile laptop or tablet users to enable their computer applications for group collaboration and presentation meetings.

By just connecting a laptop or tablet directly into the GroupSTATION or HuddleSTATION dock users can add HD video, wideband audio microphones and a loudspeaker system to their collaboration and presentation software.

“After launching our EasyUSB products last year, we knew the Bring-Your-Own-Device revolution was going to change how people used their meetings rooms,” explained CEO of Vaddio, Rob Sheeley. “In today’s world, connecting a mobile device into a meeting room’s AV system is one of the biggest pains – and it shouldn’t be. HuddleSTATION and GroupSTATION now empower users to simply connect their mobile device to the dock and open their application of choice to start a meeting, presentation or video call.”

GroupSTATION consists of two main components:  a table-based MicPOD dock and a wall-mounted sound bar that incorporates an HD camera in its center.

The MicPOD Dock functions as a microphone, speakerphone, user interface and Laptop/Tablet dock for easy connection. Four microphones, each with its own independent acoustic echo canceller, provide a 360-degree pickup pattern. Vaddio’s SmartMIC technology ensures that crystal clear audio is maintained for far-end participants with hands-free operation. PC or tablet connections include HDMI or VGA to locally extend the PC’s display output to the room display.

The sound bar incorporates two audiophile-quality dual two-way loudspeaker systems with independent acoustically tuned enclosures. Two separate 30-watt Class-D amplifiers independently power each loudspeaker system and provide plenty of power for even the largest room applications. The integrated broadcast-quality HD camera features a 19x optical zoom lens and a Quick-Set manual Pan/Tilt adjustment for easy camera set up. System power, Ethernet network, HDMI and MicPOD dock connectors are all located on the back of the sound bar. A unique wall mounting system with an integrated cable tray provides for an easy, clean installation.

Vaddio’s HuddleSTATION is identical to the GroupSTATION, but is tailored for smaller meeting rooms typically designed to accommodate 4-6 people. As a result, HuddleSTATION has a very wide-angle (82-degree) camera lens specifically designed for the challenges of getting everyone in the camera shot. Also, the MicPOD dock microphone audio system has been tuned to eliminate the echo and increased room noise that occurs in smaller spaces.