D-Tools MVP Manufacturer Partners realize the importance of bringing you their product information and have chosen to support the D-Tools user community by joining the program and making their product data directly available through D-Tools SI software. Read on for the latest manufacturer company news and product updates.

A new, slim component cooler….gets great reception at InfoComm 

Cool-slim is our new, highly-styled component cooler that will fit where others won’t. Just put it on top of a hot component that needs more ventilation, and it pulls the hot air out, discharging it to the front and rear. Designed to fit into tight spaces, it’s only 1 5/8″ high; the feet can be removed, reducing its height to 1 1/4″. It uses our new all-electronic thermal switching circuitry — just plug the probe and the wall-wart into the back panel, put the probe on the hot component, and the cooling begins!

Click HERE for more info and a picture of the Cool-slim.

Like our other component coolers, Cool-slim won’t do well in a sealed cabinet. It’s for closely-spaced shelves in a book case, or in a cabinet without a back or doors – anywhere ventilation needs a boost. A real plus is that it will cool components with – and without – vent openings in their top panel.

Cool-slim is shipping NOW  —  Here’s the key info:

MSRP — $225.00

Dealer price —  $112.00

Normal distributor discounts will apply.

Following a successful launch of the MP75 and the All-In-One digital ad players at the start of 2012, CE labs kicks off the summer unveiling the expansion of an already established digital signage product line at InfoComm 2012 with powerhouse media players, TV wall processors and a touchscreen tablet.

The MP700 is a 1080p network-ready digital media player capable of running pristine Blu-ray quality video at enhanced bit-rates. With synchronous triple output video and external touchscreen support, the MP700 is an integral component for retail environments. The MP700comes with IR control with keyboard/mouse support, RS232 output for commercial controlled environments and APIs for native applications. The operating system is built on the security of Linux and allows development of network controlled API for controlling remote units over distributed networks. The MP700 uses Webkit QT web browser for muti-layering support for zoning text, imagery and video.

“We took a good hard look at what we offer in our product line and found ways to bring more to the table for less cost,” Eric McCready, Vice President, stated. “The MP700 is our answer to many of the challenges that retailers face in establishing a scalable in-store digital signage system.”Optional features for the MP700 include QAM/ATSC tuner input and GPIO 8 port push-button support.

The MP700 is available to pre-order today.

The AiO710 touchscreen tablet is a commercial-grade media control unit with a 10″ display supporting resolutions up to 1024×768 and allows for 1080p video output. RS232 output for commercial controlled environments and IR control with keyboard/mouse support comes standard. “Through the use of familiar touchpad gestures, the AiO710 is a great device for providing interactive experiences to customers and easily integrates into retail environments due to the APIs we provide for custom native and network applications” explained, Eric McCready. The AiO710 has dual screen support and uses WebkitQT for muti-layering and transparent overlays that provide zoning options in order to deliver multiple messages.

Internal speakers, a gigbit ethernet port and a VESA mount allow the AiO710 to be used as a stand-alone device for media communications. Just like the MP700, the AiO710 includes NTSC/QAM/ATSC tuner input and GPIO 8 port push-button support as optional features.

The AiO710 is available to pre-order today.

Our new video wall processors, DVP19 and DVP14, are a powerful and cost effective ways to deliver fully real-time data/video processing to up to 9 displays or projectors. Support for multiple formats such as HDMI, DVI, S-video component and VGA allow for flexible integration for most any environment. Resolutions from 640×480 to 1920×1200 are fully supported. “One of the outstanding features that this unit offers is advanced video de-interlacing for improving 480i and 576i standard definition video” Eric McCready said. “Sports bars and pubs that are looking for an economical TV wall solution will find that feature useful if their content options are limited to standard definition”.

Both video wall processors have built-in long distance RS-232 control ports over CAT5e and can function as a video screen splitter, video converter and video switcher. Each output has an independent controllable display area and can be cascaded to obtain more displays.  PIP, PAB and full screen modes are adjustable by size and position through packaged software which can be controlled  via RS-232 and RS-485.

The DVP19 and DVP14 are available to order today.


FSR, manufacturer of audio and video switching, control products, and connectivity boxes, is presenting its new easy-to-install WE-IPAD2-SLV iPad® enclosure at InfoComm 2012 in booth N 651 to provide a graceful housing for digital signage applications.


Designed for strength, practicality and elegance, the enclosure fits both the iPad2 and the New iPad providing a secure, yet accessible tamper resistant housing with no visible hardware. Convenient single cable Installation is a breeze using the optional IT-CHRG-P2U PoE to USB charger that derives ample power from a standard PoE network connection. The rear of the casing includes three position horizontal and vertical adjustment holes for mounting in either orientation, as well as a symmetrical hole pattern for rapid mounting to a standard 2-gang box, with no electrical drop needed.


A full view camera port, home button, and speaker port for clear audio are all recessed into a sturdy .090” aluminum case for a sleek look with no visible hardware. Plain face models are also available.

Monitor Audio CWT Trimless Series

Blending precision engineering with excellent technological and design innovation, the five-strong CWT ‘Trimless’ series speakers have been created to raise the level of audio and installation performance in the custom hi-fi and home theatre market.


Having a physical depth of less than 4″, the CWT models are perfect for installation in many locations, being ideal for walls where depth is restricted, and offering a near invisible easy-to-install format. All CWT models incorporate Monitor Audio’s innovative, robust and reliable Tri-Grip® fixing design: a three-position ‘dog’ style fixing, which provides a greater contact surface area than other types, whilst saving installation time. The Tri-Grip® fixings are made from a tough re-enforced polymer, giving a secure fixing without the risk of over-tightening.


The overall size of the CWT speakers is much smaller than similar in-ceiling / in-wall products, while still featuring 4″, 6″ and 8″ driver sizes, and no loss in performance quality. Both LCR models feature two 5″ drivers in a D’Appolito design, and all CWT models feature Monitor Audio’s pivoting C-CAM® tweeter.


For the finishing touch, all CWT speakers feature super-discreet trimless grills, which are held in place magnetically by high power neodymium magnets, offering easier installation and access. In-ceiling models offer a choice of interchangeable round or square grills, and all CWT grills are paintable, allowing the best aesthetic look for any environment. Additionally, all models use fire retardant materials specified to U.L ratings, and are also splash and humidity proof, making them ideal for installations in shower rooms or pool areas.


We have a new product catalog and two new vertical market brochure, Education and Rental&Staging.

Also new at InfoComm a number of large video wall stands MVWS-3×3-55, MVWS-2×2-4655 and carts MVWC-2×2 as well as a couple of new “mega mounts” for displays from 80-152″

AM500 – AM502, PMC-MM-500 – 502

Please visit our Infocomm landing page http://www.mounts.com/infocomm/

SurgeX, the leader in surge elimination and energy intelligence announces the availability of Cervella, the newest addition to a line of IP-addressable energy intelligent and power management solutions designed to securely provide detailed system information and remote functionality. Cervella, when used in combination with SurgeX’s new Axess platform, delivers the most comprehensive and fully integrated power protection, device management, control and reporting system in the industry. When installed on a network, Cervella aggregates outlet-level energy and power information collected from each connected Axess or Axess Elite device into a single interface, while providing comprehensive reporting of the system’s power status, energy usage and overall network health.


Cervella serves as the compiler “brain” for Axess, Axess Elite and Axess Ready products that gather and report information about any connected electronics. Cervella displays and stores power/energy data including: energy usage, user logs, voltage measurements, temperature, and current draw measurements, which is then saved on the server for 13 months or more. Cervella’s diagnostics continuously record performance data and report it back to the system integrator, giving an up-to-the-minute status of the system. The enterprise grade server enables the sending of text or email messages based on user-defined conditions, like a product becoming unresponsive or exceeding a specific voltage.


Data collected and reported is easily accessible via the Cervella dashboard. The remote monitoring tool shows network and system health through a map-like interface that displays building schematics and floor plan views of all IP devices on the network. An aerial view with simple point and click navigation allows users to drill down through a map and quickly monitor and manage the energy usage, operational status and user defined conditions of any connected product, making it easier than ever to access and control network health.


Taking a proactive approach to power management, Cervella sends user-defined notifications via email or text message alerting a system administrator when there is a problem. If the solution is as simple as a re-boot, the administrator can correct the problem remotely and thus conserve man hours, gas and system down time. If the issue is more serious, detailed information provided by Cervella allows technicians to respond already knowing the issue, so they can bring the right equipment to fix immediately. System diagnostics and troubleshooting for networked products has never been more efficient. Automatic discovery of Axess products makes for simple set-up of Cervella.


For security, proprietary Secure Access Management (SAM) software allows system managers and IT to define who gains access to the network devices. This single username/password system eliminates the need to manage individual IP addresses or device usernames and passwords, a cumbersome process. Access levels can be customized and easily switched on or off immediately and remotely for each assigned user, adding to security.


“Cervella represents a major upgrade to the functionality and utility of power products, ushering in a new level of power management for SurgeX,” said Shannon Townley, senior vice president of sales for SurgeX. “With the introduction of our new IP products, Cervella is the brain that binds security, remote monitoring, reporting and control together in a way that re-defines smart energy management while allowing users to get the most out of their systems.”


To learn more about this new exciting line, visit SurgeX at InfoComm booth C9536. For more information about SurgeX, please visit www.surgex.com.