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We were sold out… but now we’re not!

Cool-view, ATM’s first electronic thermometer, is back in stock and shipping again. A 1U high unit with a remote temperature sensor on a 24″ cable, it was very well received at InfoComm and CEDIA.  With an MSRP of only $70.00, it should be a big hit; an easy add-on sale for any rack system.

The display is colorful, with an illuminated dial reading in both analog AND digital formats. The included power supply is universal; it will work anywhere in the world, and the display can be changed from Fahrenheit to Celsius by pushing a button. Click HERE to see Cool-view; HERE for a close-up of the display.

Guess what I got for Christmas! A new receiver, and LOTS of BTUs…!

Well, your gift-receiving clients probably won’t be bragging about all those extra BTUs the new receiver or amp comes with, but they will add to the heat load in the cabinet or closet.

It may be time to recommend (or increase) cooling, before trouble starts. Give us a call at (661) 294-7999 or send us an email (sales or tech support) & let us help you keep your clients (and their new toys) cool.



FlexPort™ Audio Transmitters for SonaFlex™ Now Shipping

AAFlexPort Transmitters provide a convenient connection point for local audio devices in a SonaFlex audio system. In a home setting, each user can have an AppleTV, MP3 player, game system, or PC connected in a bedroom, kitchen, or family room. It’s easy to play the audio device on the local speaker outputs, and a control system can be used to select the device to play in other rooms as well. In a restaurant or conference room setting, the push of a button activates a microphone or mixer to play in designated areas while leaving other areas independent.

Introduced in early 2012, SonaFlex amplifiers offer superior sound quality with unique installation options that make integrating complex audio functionality easy. FlexPort modules add a unique way to use consumer devices like iPods and AppleTVs, or pro audio devices like mixers and microphones, in a high fidelity distributed audio system. Audio Authority’s SonaFlex Matrix Amplifier accepts FlexPort inputs via Cat 5/6/7 up to 500 feet away.  In addition to its 16 analog audio inputs, each SonaFlex SF-16M has two FlexPort bus inputs, each supporting two FlexPort modules.  Each FlexPort Transmitter has an Override button that provides a simple user interface to activate the local source and override the default source in the system. The FlexPort input can also be activated by IR, RS-232, or Ethernet commands issued from any programmable remote control system. A Control4 Driver is currently available at audioauthority.com/sonaflex as a free download.

About SonaFlex

The SonaFlex series brings analog warmth and musicality to distributed audio systems in homes and light commercial applications. It uses multiple design conventions to eliminate distortion and maximize dynamic response. SonaFlex amps employ a custom linear power supply with dual toroidal transformers rather than a switching power supply often found in digital amp designs. This allows dynamic flexibility of the power rails for extraordinary headroom without the noisy artifacts associated with fixed voltage rail designs that typically clip during dynamic musical passages. With ultra-low distortion and very linear frequency response, SonaFlex amps render every musical detail even at high volume. Each amplifier comes with its own unique Performance Test Report in the box that details the actual performance of each amp built.

Audio Authority has produced audio products in Lexington, Kentucky since 1976. The ADX, HLX, and SonaFlex series products are all designed and assembled in the Audio Authority facility. Each product in the line is carefully engineered to streamline installation, yet with many logical options and adjustments that address everyday installation challenges. Integrators benefit from the company’s factory-direct approach, knowledgeable sales staff, helpful support, and straightforward dealer terms.

FlexPort Transmitters are now available at www.audioauthority.com/flexport.

MSRP for each FlexPort model is listed below:

Type Input Connectors Model MSRP
Analog Audio Stereo RCA FPM-U $1
Digital Audio (PCM) RCA Coax / Tos-link FPM-D
Mixer / Mic (Balanced) XLR / TRS FPM-X
Paging Microphone (Balanced) FPM-B



Web: www.audioauthority.com

High Resolution Images: http://www.audioauthority.com/page/primages

CC-500 and CA-300 Flagship Designs

The CC-500 is BG’s newest center channel speaker. This incredible speaker sets the benchmark for all center channel speakers on the market. Featuring 4x 8″ double-gap long-throw woofers, 2x Neo10 Planar Ribbon mid-ranges for unmatched vocals, 1x Neo8-S Planar Ribbon mid-hi frequency Super 8 driver, and 1x Neo-3 BG Planar Ribbon world class tweeter providing exceptionally smooth dispersion.

BG’s CA-300 Classic Array will put hi-fi back into hi-end in-wall – classic design for classic performance. This in-wall features 1x 8″ double-gap long-throw woofer, 1x Neo10 Planar Ribbon mid-range for unmatched performance, and 1x Neo-3 BG Planar Ribbon world class tweeter for exceptional dispersion.


BitWise is excited to announce that we have two new GUI packages on sale now! As always, we want to provide our dealers with user-friendly template packages that look great, save time, and save money! We are also introducing Project Editor v1.8 with features like Third-Party module support, GUI scaling, faster install time and much more!

Come see us at CES 2013 in Las Vegas from January 8-11th! We will be located in the Venetian Hotel, Level 2 Booth 2710. We will also be attending the ISE 2013 in Amsterdam from January 29-31st! We will be in Booth 1-N53. Hope to see you there!


  • Click here for more info

Push Controls introduces brand new iOS & Android template packages


  • Predesigned detailed templates
  • Landscape & Portrait Orientation
  • 38 unique backgrounds to choose from
  • All TV & Cable TV Channel icons
  • 3000+ Device Icons
  • Single and Multi-zone variations
  • Logical layout that is easy to use

All templates are the same low price of $499.00 one time fee per each, and as always no licensing fees!

For a free Demo please visit the BitWise Controls templates page and select Download Demo Bundle

D-BOX Technologies will be present at 2013 International CSE, January 8 – 11 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Meet us at Booth Venetian, Lvl 2 – Bassano 2710


Paradise Found

Review: Parasound Zcd/Parasound Model 275/Definitive Technology StudioMonitor 65

df imageTo reach musical nirvana is the aim for every audiophile. In the pursuit of this dream, many of us are willing to bear any cost and e ort to get that perfect system. With this Parasound and Definitive Technology setup, we could have found something to bring
paradise right in our homes.

We are pretty sure that for every audio enthusiast, there are a few stereo brands that manage to conjure up some excitement that is even bigger than watching a movie as magnificent as the ‘LOTR’ trilogy. And the two brands we are going to talk about in this review—Parasound and Definitive Technology will definitely top the list. Let’s find out what they have in store for us.

Out of the Box

Our first impression of the products was that they were compact and concise. We were quite surprised to see the slim CD player and amplifier from Parasound, particularly after having seen the likes of the JC1s and the JC2. The ZCD player and the Parasound Model 275 power amplifier are not even one-tenth of the magnitude of the gigantic products we have seen from Parasound. Nonetheless,
the change is absolutely welcome especially when we know that it is going to save some space. The build quality and fi nesse has not
changed at all and the two are robust, sturdy and of a very high quality. The same is the case withthe Def Tech StudioMonitor 65.

Parasound Zcd
Those who know Parasound, know that things here work on rather magnanimous scales, so the Zcd player can come as quite a surprise. As we understand, Parasound have come up with an entire range of ‘space friendly’ products that manage to give you the same Parasound quality but by hogging less space. So much so that you can install two Z series components on a regular-sized single rack. They, in fact, also have some side-by-side rack mounting system for the same. The Zcd player is a part of this range of compact electronics. Though small in size, it is quite powerful when it comes to all the tasks that it can perform. The Zcd plays both CDs and CD-Rs. It can playback MP3s from both the CD-R or a USB fl ash drive (port in the back). There are front-mounted controls for power and playback as well as a slot-loading drive and a single-line LED readout. Inside, there is a built-in preamp with an independent analogue volume control IC. The volume is not controlled digitally within the DAC. It uses a 24-bit, 192kHz-capable Cirrus Logic CS4353 DAC with a Cirrus Logic CS8416 digital receiver. Turning it around, you’ll fi nd both variable and fi xed RCA outputs. Also included are both
co-ax and optical digital audio outputs, a composite video output for viewing MP3 information, IR ports, RS-232 controls, and 12 volt triggers in and out. Most interestingly, there is a 3.5mm input on the back for integrating something like a portable device, which we think is an apt provision considering the compactness of the player.

Please click here for the whole review.


Windsor Pocket Arm Sectional

Seating that promotes comfort when watching a movie need not look like a theater chair. Fortress offers a wide range of sofas and sectionals that transform into theater seating yet maintain their original design. The Windsor with pocket arms up is a stylish sofa, with arms down it provides individual seating for six. The four center seats have motorized mechanisms or can be used with the ottoman. Function and design are Fortress trademarks.

As shown:         Model:  Windsor Pocket Arm Sectional
Chaise – 4-seat reclining unit – Chaise; Dual Ottoman
Upholstery:       Toulouse Premiere Velvet

 Seating Designed to Your Specific Requirements

Fortress, a prime USA manufacturer of high-end office furniture, has been solving seating challenges since the 40’s. Bringing this experience to the home theater market, Fortress established itself as a quality builder capable of customizing theater chairs to the users specifications.

With a corporate philosophy of “Let’s give it a try”, almost anything is possible.

www.fortresseating.com    800-873-2828

FSR Announces Plans to Return to ISE 2013

Woodland Park, NJ  (5 December 2012) — FSR, manufacturer of audio and video switching, control products, and connectivity boxes, has affirmed plans to exhibit at ISE 2013, Europe’s largest tradeshow for the professional AV and electronic systems industry held from January 29-31 in Amsterdam. The Company will highlight its new T-6 Flex Control System, and accessories for the popular iPad® tablet including a secure wall holder and a PoE to USB charger.


The T6-FLEX merges FSR’s powerful, easy-to-program room control system with its popular T6 table box for easy access to a full-range of AV equipment from an elegant table box.  Ideal for classrooms, boardrooms, training facilities and municipal meeting spaces, users can remotely change the volume, turn lights on and off, raise or lower the shades or screen from a touch screen integrated in the cover of a conveniently installed table box.

iPad Accessories – iPad Holder and PoE to USB Charger

FSR will also highlight recently launched and extremely practical iPad® accessories. Engineered for strength, but designed for elegance, the iPad holder provides a graceful housing for digital signage applications.  The holder, compatible with the iPad 2 and the new iPad, mounts to a standard 2-gang wall box and provides an attractive, safe and secure method to mount the tablet to a wall in either landscape or portrait mode.  It is available with or without access to the home button and camera to fit any application requirements. The tasteful housing features curved edges with no visible hardware, and is available in white, silver and black.

Another useful innovation, the new PoE to USB module, will be at show to offer a sensible tool for charging the iPad. The module meets the Apple iPad charging standards and can be used stand alone, with a table box, or with the iPad holder.  It can easily fit inside the 2-gang box behind the iPad mount for a clean installation.

FSR will also show AV table enclosures developed specifically for the European market as well as a sampling of wall, floor and ceiling AV enclosures in Stand # 7-T175 in the RAI. Further information regarding all FSR products can be found at: www.fsrinc.com.  Please contact harriet@desertmooncomm.com to schedule a visit at ISE!

Monitor Audio MASS System Wins ‘Best Style Package’ Award!

Monitor Audio’s newly launched MASS (Monitor Audio Satellite System) has won a What Hi Fi? Sound and Vision award for ‘Best Style Package’ under £1000!




“We were blown away.”

“Sense of scale… is astounding.”

“Immense, dynamic exciting surround sound.”

“Nothing better at this price.”

What Hi Fi? Sound and Vision

Monitor Audio’s diminutive MASS home cinema system offers sculpted space-efficient design, packed with technology and easy-installation features to make the introduction of high quality home cinema sound into any living space a simpler and more satisfying experience.

There are three main system models: a compact satellite speaker, center channel and active subwoofer.

The compact MASS 10 satellite speaker and its centre-channel counterpart have a stylish construction of rigid polymer, enveloped in a black cloth finish and crowned at either end with contrasting solid aluminium end caps. Their eye-catching curved design is ribbed internally and enhanced by variable wall thickness to produce the most inert enclosure for the twin C-CAM® drivers: a newly developed 1″ tweeter and 4″ bass/midrange.

The MASS W200 Subwoofer has an on-board amplifier, controlled by an advanced DSP and custom-tuned in the software to optimise the response characteristics of the drivers for the deep, sustained bass delivery that distinguishes the best home cinema systems. It powers a side-firing 10″ long throw C-CAM bass driver equipped with a large, dual-stack magnet system, which produces high electro-mechanical damping to ensure there is no overhang, keeping the bass lines perfectly in time. Complementing the active driver is a 10″ Auxiliary Bass Radiator (ABR), the two working in tandem within the W200 to generate the output and scale normally associated with ported designs, but with the fast accurate transient response of a sealed box


 Latest Kramer News:

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      • Please join us at InfoComm’s Regional Roundtable in Miami, Florida on December 13! This great event, sponsored by Kramer, is an opportunity to get advice from AV industry experts, share your ideas, and network with your peers! For more information and the day’s full schedule, visit the link below: http://ow.ly/fELoh
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Premier Mounts Names Kathy Bent as Chief Financial Officer

Formerly Premier Mounts’ Controller, Bent’s thorough experience and success at Premier has promoted her to CFO


FULLERTON, CALIF. (December 6, 2012) – Premier Mounts (www.mounts.com), an internationally leading manufacturer of mounts, carts & stands, and accessories, is pleased to announce that Kathy Bent, previously Controller, is now Premier Mounts’ Chief Financial Officer.  As a key member of the executive management team, Bent will be responsible for planning, implementing, managing, and controlling all financial-related activities of the company.Bent has been with Premier Mounts for the past eight years.  In her first position as Senior Financial Analyst, Bent provided all feedback regarding the financial health of the company to Premier’s executive management. Earlier this year, Bent took over as Controller of Premier. With her solid background in the financial well being of the company, her promotion to CFO places Premier Mounts in the position necessary to take its growth to the next level.
“In her capacity as Senior Financial Analyst and Controller, Kathy has been a valuable asset to Premier with her extensive and in-depth financial background,” stated Len Dozier, CEO & Owner of Premier Mounts.  He continues, “She will provide tremendous support in regards to the company’s finances, as well as sustainable knowledge and guidance to assist in the company’s future direction.””I am honored to accept the position as CFO of Premier Mounts,” stated Kathy Bent.  She continued, “I am eager to take on the new challenges of this role and see to the company’s continued growth and success.”ior Financial Analyst, Bent provided all feedback regarding the financial health of the company to Premier’s executive management. Earlier this year, Bent took over as Controller of Premier. With her solid background in the financial well being of the company, her promotion to CFO places Premier Mounts in the position necessary to take its growth to the next level.

Kathy Bent can be reached at (800) 368-9700 or via email at kathy@mounts.com.For more information please contact customer service at (800) 368-9700 or visit www.mounts.com.

In Other News….

Premier Mounts’ AM500 is Finalist for InAVate’s Most InAVative Commercial AV Mounting Solution

img1With dedicated brackets to support displays from 65 in./165 cm to 103 in./262 cm and above, the AM500 is a unique mounting application with user-friendly features

FULLERTON, CALIF. (November 27, 2012) – Premier Mounts (www.mounts.com), an internationally leading manufacturer of mounts, carts & stands, and accessories, is thrilled to announce that the AM500 Mega Mount has been named a finalist for InAVate Magazine’s InAVation Awards for Most InAVative Commercial AV Mounting Solution.  The AM500, first debuting at the Digital Signage Expo (DSE) in February this year, is an articulating wall mount part of the Mega Mount Series, including wall mounts and mobile carts, with designated brackets to support up to 500 lb./227 kg heavy flat-panel displays with screen sizes from 65 in./165 cm to 103 in./262 cm and above.

The AM500 is a low-profile mount with user-friendly features for accessibility and serviceability.  Extending up to 15 in./38 cm from the wall, dual articulating arms allow even the heaviest display to be pulled away from the wall, granting full access to the flat-panel and the mount for adjustments or servicing.”The AM500 Mega Mount is part of the Mega Mount Series, a full range of products from articulating wall mounts to mobile carts, providing our customers with a versatile range of mounting applications for large scale displays, unique from any competition I have yet to see,” stated Len Dozier, CEO of Premier Mounts.

Providing a full range of motion, the AM500 is easily adjusted.  The 90º rotating mounting head enables the display to be oriented in portrait or landscape mode.  Positive and negative tilt adjustment accounts for involuntary display tilt due to equipment weight, ensuring a level installation and optimal view every time. Voting for the awards is now open through January 11, 2013.  Please click here to vote for Premier Mounts’ AM500 for Most InAVative Commercial AV Mounting Solution.Winners will be revealed January 30, 2013 during ISE 2013 in Amsterdam.

A high resolution image of the AM500 is available here.

For more information on the AM500, please contact customer service at (800) 368-9700 or visit www.mounts.com.


TruAudio Announces Partnership With Arlington Industries

TruAudio announces that it is partnering with Arlington Industries in offering it’s line of metallic and non-metallic fittings and connectors to all TruAudio authorized dealers.

“We’ve developed some key product partnerships over the past few years and we’re excited to invite Arlington Industries into the group. Arlington is a leading manufacturer of products that all of our TruAudio dealers use on a regular basis. This partnership will give our dealers easier access to these great products,” stated Bryan Garner, President at TruAudio.

With the Arlington partnership, TruAudio now offers its dealers low-voltage wall plates, entrance plates, mounting brackets, recessed TV boxes, safety plates, stud bushings, D rings, and TV bridge kits – all at attractive prices.

TruAudio dealers can also purchase Arlington construction brackets and reversible scoops. The Arlington products are available for pre-construction and retrofit.

Garner said the reason for offering all the new product lines is so “integrators don’t have to be so busy.” TruAudio wants to make things convenient for them, giving them one place to get what they need – saving them time and money.

“We appreciate their business. And we also appreciate their time and their need to earn a profit,” says Garner. “That’s why we’re offering new product lines at competitive prices and will be adding more in the future.”

Something for everybody to look forward to!

TruAudio designs, creates, and manufactures innovative audio products and sells them exclusively through AV integrators. TruAudio products are NEVER sold to the end-user on the internet or through any retail channels. Offering an industry-standard lifetime guarantee on its products, TruAudio prides itself on offering superior customer service and competitive pricing to its exclusive dealers.

To learn more, please visit TruAudio.com or contact TruAudio toll-free at 1-888-858-1555