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Audio Authority 2012: the Year of Audio 

Audio Authority has manufactured audio and video distribution, extension, and signal conversion solutions in Lexington, Kentucky since 1976. Responding to the increased demand for higher quality audio, Audio Authority will introduce SonaFlexTM, a new line of high-performance digital amplifiers with flexible installation applications.

Audio Authority’s current audio switching line includes ADX and HLX, both of which provide a quick connect system for the soon-to-be-released SonaFlex SF-16 amplifier, reducing installation time and wiring. ADX models are available in 8×8 and 16×16 configurations, while the HLX series, a modular card-based system, provides an audio source/zone capacity of up to 16×48.  Both ADX and HLX switchers provide ground-breaking Digital Signal Processing capabilities at breakthrough pricing. DSP features such as ZQ (10-band graphic EQ per zone) and a low-pass filter option for joining subs with two-channel zones, make these switchers ideal for both residential and light commercial audio installations. Custom installers can fine-tune zone EQ and subwoofer settings in each audio zone, based on the speakers and unique acoustics in each room.

ADX and HLX system features include:
– 10-band graphic EQ per zone as well as basic tone controls
-Low-pass filter output per zone for joining subwoofers with two-channel audio zones
– Integration with third party control systems – IR, RS-232 and Ethernet control option
– Quick-connect DB25 output to the SonaFlex SF-16 amplifier (Available Q1 2012)
– Source/zone combination presets, global source selection & zone grouping
– Configuration software provides on-site or remote programming capabilities
via RS-232 or Ethernet

The new SonaFlex Model SF-16 will feature 16 channels of robust audio performance for residential and light commercial applications. SonaFlex amplifiers are designed to be flexible – allowing an array of sources such as iPods, microphones and mixers to conveniently override amp channel outputs via FlexPort inputs. FlexPort audio modules (sold separately) allow audio sources to be connected via Cat 5 cable, either locally or up to 1,000 feet away from the amplifier location.   SonaFlex’s FlexPort feature allows for a multitude of installation applications such as paging, local source override, room combining and more.  The four FlexPort audio modules will be:  FPM-U (Stereo RCA Input), FPM-D (Digital Audio Input), FPM-B (Balanced Input) and FPM-X (Mic Input).

The ADX 8×8 (ADX-0808) and 16×16 (ADX-1616) audio switchers have a MSRP of $1,264 and $1,686 respectively. HLX systems are priced via the on-line configuration tool at audioauthority.com. The companion SF-16 16 channel amplifier and FlexPort audio modules are scheduled for Q1 of 2012 release.  The SF-16 is tentatively priced at $2500 MSRP and the four FlexPort audio modules are tentatively priced at $149-199 MSRP each.

About Audio Authority

In 1976 Audio Authority was a high-end audio retailer, that steadily transitioned into manufacturing innovative demonstration systems for retailers world-wide. In the past decade Audio Authority has shifted to designing more products for custom integration with an emphasis on audio and video switching and distribution. For more information, contact Audio Authority at 800-322-8346 or visit www.audioauthority.com.

New Model Highlights ENERGY STAR Certification Plus ‘Immense Power’ Levels

World’s First Energy Efficient, High Performance Two Channel Amplifier with Equalization

AudioControl, the leader in whole-house audio amplifiers announced that new Architect Model 210ES is now shipping! The Architect Model 210ES comes from a demand by dealers and installers for a high-power amplifier that can drive up to eight speakers (stable into 2 ohms) boasting 240 watts per channel from a two-channel distributed audio system combined with low energy usage.

The Architect Model 210ES takes into account the requirements of homeowners for more energy efficient solutions that reduce heat emissions, energy consumption and allow for greater utilization of rack space. The Architect Model 210ES meets stringent ENERGY STAR 2 requirements consuming less than 1 watt during standby while not compromising on any aspect of AudioControl’s legendary amplifier performance.

The Architect Model 210ES is the latest in the family of AudioControl’s leading ‘Architect’ amplifier products. A noted reviewer of AudioControl amplifiers recently stated, “‘I haven’t heard an amplifier at any price I’d rather listen to.’”

Chris Kane, Head of Sales for AudioControl announced that “we are very proud to be leading the way with our launch of the Architect Model 210ES. It is the perfect amplifier for distributed audio systems as its huge power reserves make it ideal for use in large spaces or zones that require the use of multiple speakers, while, at the same time, delivering the best sound quality combined with leading edge energy performance

Kane also stated that “A recent study by the CEA concludes that more than 80% of consumers say that the electricity consumption of a device is key in their decision to buy electronics and AudioControl is leading the way in meeting this need through our ENERGY STAR certification and our best in breed Architect Amplifiers”.

AudioControl Architect Model 210ES Features

The Architect Model 210ES combines a number of leading features including:

–               240 watts per channel into 2 ohms with bridged power of 410 watts

–               Custom Speaker Optimization Controls

–               Ultra low current consumption of <1 watt at standby!

–               Dual speaker output terminals for each channel (optional 5-way binding posts)

–               Main plus Auxiliary inputs with Signal-Sense Turn-On

–               Signal Present LED’s on speaker outputs

–               AudioControl’s ‘bulletproof’ five year parts and labor warranty

–               Designed, created and manufactured in the U.S.A

 The Architect Model 210ES is now shipping and available through authorized AudioControl dealers.


 Metra Electronics’ home theater division, Metra Home Theater Group, is pleased to announce their participation at CES 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada, January 10 – 13, 2012. Visit them at booth number 21302 to witness demonstrations of cutting edge technology. Demonstrations include:

  • Six Audio Mounts by Audio Solutions™
  • New line of Sound Docks by Audio Solutions
  • Worlds first 8 HDMI cable that is DPL certified for 3D by Ethereal™
  • New line of headphone and ear bud products by Head Gear™


For more information please visit us at www.metrahometheatergroup.com and at our 2012 CES booth “Metra Home Theater Group” located in South Hall 1 Booth #21302 for a demonstration of these truly unique products.



Metra Electronics Corporation has a 65+ year heritage of supporting the independent dealer as well as small dealers and major retail chains. As the Metra Home Theater Group grows, our team will continue to deliver innovative products and customer service to both the custom integrators as well as retail partners. For ordering information, call 866.839.9187. For additional product line information, visit www.audiosolutions.com, www.etherealhometheater.com, www.myheadgear.com, and www.metrahometheatergroup.com.


D-BOX will be present at the CES 2012 show in Las Vegas!

We are inviting you to join us at our booth (# 3201A at the Venetian Hotel) during the CES 2012 show, taking place in Las Vegas from January 10th to the 13th, 2012.

Do not miss this chance to take part in a demonstration highlighting our award winning technology.

This year we have partnered with Kaleidescape and Digital Projection International, who are both major manufacturers. Along with these partners, in our booth we have support from CEDIA, a global trade association of companies involved in the electronic systems industry. We would also like to mention our other supporters:  Audio Design Associate, Cinematech, Crestron, Totem Acoustic, and Stewart Film Screen. Thanks to all of their participation, we will be able to provide a truly immersive and realistic experience. We will also be communicating to you the ways in which D-BOX can bring tremendous business opportunity to your company and how we have successfully integrated ourselves within the market.

Do not miss your opportunity to meet with us! We look forward to seeing you at CES 2012!

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact Mario Thibeault at: mthibeault@d-box.com
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FSR to Launch European Version of its Successful Table Box at ISE 2012

Unit Addresses European Power Requirements with Expandable Elegance

FSR, manufacturer of audio and video switching, control products, and connectivity boxes, has announced plans to launch its T6E table box, a European version of its widely successful T6 model at ISE 2012.  The unit will be on show alongside a full complement of AV products in Stand #7P215 at the RAI. The table box, FSR’s newest, answers the need for an expandable, elegant unit in a conference room environment.

 “We are delighted to debut the T6E, a table box designed specifically for our European customers, at our first ISE exhibition!” exclaimed Jan Sandri, FSR’s president.  “The unit has been extremely well received in every region where it’s been introduced, and we’re confident it will exceed expectations in the European market as well.”

The T6E provides easy access to audio/video equipment, computers, telephones or any device requiring electronic connectivity from a conference or boardroom table.  The unit features two configurable compartments that can contain Wonpro universal power outlets and either keystone audio, video, control and data connectors, IPS plates or a cable pull option.

The T6E is available with a round or square cover in black, aluminum or brass to match the décor of the room. Both round and square shapes fit in a 152mm round hole making installation extremely simple. Its cover can be closed while in use with cables exiting through the milled openings.
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Kramer Introduces Unique VP-81KSi Step-In Switcher

Kramer Electronics is pleased to introduce the high−performance VP-81KSi, an analog Step-in switcher for computer graphics video. The unit can switch any one of eight inputs to one computer graphics video, one unbalanced and one balanced stereo audio and one twisted pair output. The VP-81KSi is designed to work with a family of Step-In modules: the SI-1VGA, SI-1VGAT and WSI-1VGA. These Step-in modules are part of Kramer’s Table Mount Solution Products, such as the line of TBUS models, which are mounted in or below conference room tables.

With the VP-81KSi, meeting attendees can connect the computer graphics video and audio from their laptops into the module located in a TBUS at their seat. The module is prewired to the switcher that is connected to the projector.  Every attendee can make his laptop the active device on display by pressing a switch in the module.

 The VP-81KSi is HDTV compatible and has a very high video bandwidth of 440 MHz
(-3dB) to ensure transparent performance for signals with resolutions up to WUXGA.  It also includes Kr-isp™, Kramer’s innovative integrated sync processing technology. Kr-isp™ restores the sync signal waveform to provide a sharp, stable image even when the sync level is too low.

Additional features include: audio-follow-video (AFV) switching and an audio breakaway option that switches video and audio channels independently; DDC (Display Data Channel) communication between the selected input and output on pins 12 and 15 of the 15-pin HD connector; Kramer’s I-EDIDPro™ intelligent EDID processing algorithm that ensures plug and play operation for analog systems; a volume control for the audio inputs; a standard 15-pin HD output connector and a CAT 5 output for compatible Kramer twisted pair receivers to provide long distance signal transmission.

Larger virtual systems can be created by cascading eight VP-81KSi switchers to form a 57 input virtual switcher for use in a very large conference center installation.

The VP-81KSi switcher offers several very flexible control options including front panel buttons, remote step-in modules, RS-232, RS-485, Ethernet via a built-in web server, contact closure & IR remote control (remote is included).  It has a worldwide power supply that operates on 100-240V AC, fits a standard 19” rack mount and includes a standard pair of rack mount “ears.”

The VP-81KSi sells in the United States at a list price of $1295.00. The VP-81KSi is currently in stock and available from Kramer Electronics sales companies around the world. Complete product information can be found at www.kramerus.com.

Kramer Electronics is pleased to announce an expansion of our online presence with the creation of the Kramer YouTube channel!

This augments our existing social presence on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. These sites are updated frequently with valuable information about Kramer’s educational offerings, products, technologies, industry events, but never with spam!

Kramer’s philosophy on Social Media is very simple; we want to be able to extend the personal relationships we have developed over the years with our customers and partners into these online societies. We know that you spend time on YouTube to not only be entertained, but also to learn, and not to be inundated with poorly produced videos.

If you’d like to watch Kramer from the comfort of YouTube, simply Subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Kramer also provides other Social Network options, if you participate in multiple online social circles.

  • You can subscribe to our RSS feed to have each new product, support bulletin and educational post delivered to your RSS reader of choice.
  • You can follow us on Twitter.
  • You can become a fan of us on Facebook.
  • Join the Kramer group on LinkedIn so that you can provide us with feedback or pass along information to your colleagues.

We hope to see you on YouTube soon!

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ART LIFTS: Why clients love them!

For those who want to hide their flat panel TV with original art, decorative panels or even mirrors, Media Décor Eclipse art lifts have dramatically increased in popularity. Clients love them because they can use their own original art. There are no visible tracks. The art, mirror or panel simply hangs on the crossbars and may be changed at any time.  Easy to make a change in décor!


Aside from the aesthetic advantages of using an art lift to conceal the TV when it is not being watched there are other reasons to opt for a Media Décor lift.  They are the only lifts to use Lutron™ Electronic Drive Units.  The lift movement is virtually silent.


While most lifts are purchased to hide TV’s, our lifts have been used in other situations.  For example, a 9’ wide painting moves to reveal the recording window in an audio video studio.  A decorative panel in a bar moves to reveal a collection of vintage wines.  A mirror in the bedroom hides a jewelry safe unobtrusively.


Additional to the prior existing Eclipse Vertical, Horizontal Art Lifts and the Dual Eclipse, Media Décor recently introduced their state of the art Eclipse Retracting Mirror and Eclipse Retracting Art. Both retracting units exclusively use the Lutron™ Electronic Drive Unit to move the mirror or art inside the wall. At the press of a button, the mirror or art silently retracts into the wall and moves up inside the wall to reveal the TV. There are no visible tracks. The systems include a complete custom system including the wall enclosure with only 8.5″ depth required among other unique features.

For more information on Media Décor Art Lifts click here

Lutron QS drives: Media Decor transitions to QS drives starting January 2012

The innovative Sivoia QS Wireless drive system is beautiful, scalable, and reliable. This wireless system is a perfect solution for retrofit and renovation due to the elimination of communication wiring between components.

Sivoia QS Wireless offers precision control of all Media Décor products in one room, multiple rooms, or an entire home or building all at the touch of a button. Using the proprietary Clear Connect™ RF Technology from Lutron, Sivoia QS Wireless also directly integrates with Lutron lighting control systems, delivering total light control to any space.

Technical Link: http://www.lutron.com/TechnicalDocumentLibrary/040249.pdf
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Pakedge RB-Kit Preconfigured Enterprise-Class Router and Security Appliance Is Approved for Use With Control4Home Control Products

Pakedge Device & Software today announced that its RB-Kit Preconfigured Enterprise-Class Router and Security Appliance has been approved for use with Control4®systems. The Pakedge RB-Kit Preconfigured Enterprise-Class Router and Security Appliance offers high-performance routing and robust security protection for custom-installation audio/video systems and home networks. It comes preconfigured with a single LAN (Local Area Network) for faster and easier installation in small to medium size systems that require uncompromised reliability.
“After extensive testing, we are very excited that Control4 approved our RB-Kit,” said Victor Pak, president and CEO of Pakedge. “With the RB-Kit, systems integrators have an enterprise-class router for their custom installations that provides high bandwidth and robust gateway security.”
“Successful home control requires all of the components in a home automation system to work together seamlessly,” noted Paul Williams, Vice President of Support Services at Control4. “The Pakedge RB-Kit delivers absolutely reliable, networking performance and compatibility when used in a Control4 system.”
The Pakedge RB-Kit is ultra-reliable, and offers extensive multi-threat security protection. It provides an ideal backbone for a Control4 automation system, and is preconfigured out of the box for simpler installation without the complexities that can occur with enterprise-level configuration. The RB-Kit has dual WAN links that ensure more reliable Internet connectivity – if one connection becomes inoperative the RB-Kit will automatically switch over to the other connection. It includes VPN (Virtual Private Network) access and comes preconfigured with a secure guest network.
The Pakedge RB-Kit Preconfigured Enterprise-Class Router and Security Appliance is currently available. Please contact sales@pakedge.com for pricing.

Pakedge RB-Kit Router Kit

Enterprise-class multi-threat protection security/router appliance
LAN/WAN/DMZ interfaces
Based on Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) design
Preconfigured for simple, quick installation without enterprise configuration complexities
Predefined basic and advanced settings with Pakedge support; additional unlimited customizations available if needed
Rack-mountable fanless design with all cables connected from the back
Supplied with mounting brackets
Dual WAN links for higher reliability
Extensive security features
Preconfigured secure guest network

Pakedge Device & Software creates innovative networking products for people who demand performance, features, and reliability. Our products use the most advanced wireless and networking technology. They are designed for professionals to install and consumers to enjoy. For more information and system specifications, visit www.pakedge.com.
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Tributaries® Offers Remote Protection and Filtering For Displays and Projectors

TRIBUTARIES® is pleased to introduce a new addition to its line of innovative AC Power products, the PWRI-XF In-wall AC Power Extension Outlet Kit.  Engineered to work in conjunction with T100 and T200 Power Managers, the dual-outlet XF model provides remote protection and filtering for displays and projections.

The PWRI-XF AC Power Extension Outlet Kit contains three main parts:

  • A dual AC outlet with filtering built into a housing that is designed to fit in a dual gang

Carlon® or Raco® box finished with an integral plastic faceplate including a “POWER” LED,            for installation behind the TV or projector.


  • A Neutrik® 120V/20A UL® rated AC PowerCon® inlet mounted on a single-gang white Decora® wall plate for installation close to the T100/T200 Power Manager.


  • A 14AWG shielded AC Power Cable with a Neutrik PowerCon AC plug on one end and a Nema 5-15, 3-prong straight or right angle AC plug on the other end.

With the installation of the PWRI-XF Kit, a TV or projector that is located at a distance from source components can be connected to a T100 or T200 Power Manager taking advantage of its surge suppression and filtering capability. The extra filtering in the PWRI-XF outlet box that would be located behind the TV or projector, provides a 2nd level of protection from EMI/RFI that could be induced into the unshielded in-wall wiring connecting the outlet box to the Neutrik inlet.

The PWRI-XF AC Power Extension Kit provides components with a clean source of power, free of signal degrading noise and distortion. The new model is designed to provide a maximum of 1800W/120V/15A of clean and filtered power to components.

Both inlet and outlet offer key points for safety and installation ease, with two UL® ratings, ability to fit dual- or single-gang wall boxes, and connection via 14AWG Romex® building wire. Kits are available in multiple configurations: 6-foot, 9-foot or 12-foot, AC power cable terminated with a Twist-Lock Neutrik® PowerCon® connector, with the Neutrik® Twist-Lock PowerCon® inlet.

In support of environmental protection, the PWRI-XF is RoHS compliant and also complies with the RoHS provision of California SB 20: Electronic Waste Recycling Act of 2003.

The PWRI-XF will be available in September, with SRP of $160-180 depending on configuration.

PWRI-XF Specifications


Line voltage                                           120VAC, 60Hz

Current / Wattage                                  15 Amp / 1800 Watts

Filtering Frequency/Attenuation   150KHz to 100MHz/up to 70dB

AC Power Cord                          14AWG shielded

Cord Connectors                                    Neutrik®NAC3FCA Power connector/NEMA 5-15

AC Outlet                                              UL® rated

AC Inlet                                     UL® rated 15A/120V Neutrik® NAC3MPA

UL® Safety Certified                    UL498 & UL514

RoHs                                                    RoHs


Net Weight                                         1.5 pounds (kit containing 6ft power cable)

Width                                                  4.75 inches

Height                                                 4.75 inches

Depth                                                  1.8 inches
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Wisdom Audio’s New Insight Series In-Wall Loudspeakers To Be Demonstrated at WCES 2012

– The Insight Series will bring key core technologies and performance characteristics of Wisdom’s award-winning Sage Series to more accessible price points

Wisdom Audio announced today that they will be demonstrating two of the new Insight Series high-performance in-wall loudspeakers in The Venetian, Suite 35-310.

“We are excited to unveil the performance from two examples within the Insight Series to our distribution channel, which has been anxious to experience this new range,” said Mark Glazier, Wisdom Audio President. “Other Insight models will be shown in static display form so that our dealers and international distributors can begin specifying the range of options within this new series. Our partners have been asking us to address the needs of their broader client bases, while maintaining our commitment to employ the superior performance of planar magnetic transducers and we are thrilled to offer the Insight Series in-wall options. As the leader in high-performance architectural speakers, Wisdom Audio will never compete at the lowest price levels in the market, but the performance our engineering team has been able to provide at competitive price points is truly amazing and needs to be heard.”

The Insight Series models incorporate both newly developed planar magnetic thin-film drivers and moving coil woofers. Unlike other Wisdom Audio speakers, the Insight Series utilize traditional passive crossovers to allow use with a single amplifier channel per speaker. Four in-wall models, one in-ceiling model and two subwoofer options will initially be offered in Q1 2012, followed by on-wall variants later in the year. Pricing begins at under 1500 dollars suggested US retail per speaker.

“The Sage Series has demonstrated to our partners and their clients the kind of performance we’re able to achieve with application specific, planar magnetic hybrid designs for use within real rooms,” said David Graebener, Wisdom Audio Executive Vice President. “With very helpful input and feedback from many of our partners, we believe the Insight Series will enable them to deliver compelling performance for their clients at entirely new price points for Wisdom Audio. My team has enjoyed designing all new planar magnetic and woofer transducers for this series and can’t wait for our work to be heard.”

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