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Micro S White On Table Stand


Micro  A'Diva SE Sales Sheet

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Atlona New Products

Extenders Shipping Soon:

AT-DVITX-RSNET: Atlona HDBaseT TX DVI Extender w/Ethernet, RS-232, and IR
AT-DVIRX-RSNET: Atlona HDBaseT RX DVI Extender w/Ethernet, RS-232, and IR
AT-HDTX-ROADNET: Atlona HDBaseT TX HDMI Rental/Staging Extender w/etherCON, Ethernet, RS-232, and IR
AT-HDRX-ROADNET: Atlona HDBaseT RX HDMI Rental/Staging Extender w/etherCON, Ethernet, RS-232, and IR

Upcoming Atlona Events and Trainings:

EPSON EIC Tour: Integration Certification Technology Showcase
April 24th, 2013 Houston, Texas More Info
May 8th, 2013 , Tysons Corner, VA (Washington DC) More Info

AVProAlliance Training Tour: ISF/HAA/HDBT – AVPro Advanced Fundamentals
May 14th, 2013 Ontario, Canada (Kitchener)
20% off training classes (use code ATLONADLR13)

AVM 2013: Atlona at Maas Electro Systems B.V. Booth #42
May 15-16th, 2013 The Netherlands

InfoComm 2013: Booth 1749 (new and closer booth location)
June 12-14, 2013 Orlando, Florida


Lexington, KY – Audio Authority®, manufacturer of AV switching, distribution, conversion, and intercom products, announced that Mr. Tony Ferrero will join the company as Sales Manager.

Tony Ferrero has over twenty years experience in developing and managing successful sales and customer service teams. He is known as a mentoring manager with a “lead-from-the front” style, able to bring out the maximum potential of his team members causing them to be highly productive and efficient.

Bob Sollee, Audio Authority President, expressed enthusiasm for his leadership, “Tony has the intelligence, experience, and personality to make Audio Authority even more effective at taking care of our Customers, and that’s always been our top priority. In addition to sales and Customer service, Tony has a unique understanding of operations, analysis, project management and strategic planning. Those skills made him a vital part of the companies with which he has worked in the past, so I know he will be able to make a vital contribution in our company.”

Most recently, as the General Manager of the high-end audio start up, Bob Carver LLC, Ferrero led the company to a profit within the first year of business, and now they are doing business in over twenty-five countries.

Tony describes himself as a transplanted northerner, now residing in Lexington, Kentucky since 2007 with his wife Kim, teenage daughter Sara, and four cats that were supposed to stay “only until permanent homes were found”… (it has been six years now).
Audio Authority started out in 1976 as a retail hi-fi store where they designed and built the first demonstration switching system. They have continued to develop an extensive line of demo systems for retailers and manufacturers around the world. The company has long been a manufacturer of a leading brand of audio/video intercom systems for the banking and pharmacy trade, and more recently has developed a line of audio/video signal routing and control products for the custom integration market.

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Matinee installation courtesy of Shelley’s Stereo, Woodland Hills, CA

Shelleys Stereo Lala-10-Theatre Shades Down (1389)-High Res

Selecting seating for the home theater or media room can be a daunting task or it can be streamlined.  That is where Fortress can be of service.  We’ve been manufacturing seating for Corporate America for over 70 years and home theater seating since 1998.  We are continually adding new chair designs and accessories which address specific requirements within the home theater.  There is no reason you cannot have exactly what you want.  It only takes a little imagination from you and a company with a can-do attitude.

Comfort and customization go hand in hand when you are the prime manufacturer. We carefully choose the materials used to build the chairs so as to allow for customization and give us the opportunity to build a comfortable yet ergonomic chair.

The Matinee in Classico Ivory was chosen for this built-in unit with low backs.  The four center seats recline and the chaises are extra wide for ample relaxation.  The chaise units also have motorized reclining press backs and storage drawers in the foot of the chaise.


HAI by Leviton Announces 350 Five-Star Dealers

HAI by Leviton announced the recipients of its 2013 Five-Star Dealer recognition program on April 8 at the International Security Conference in Las Vegas, Nev.
HAI by Leviton’s annual Five-Star Dealer program was initiated in 2001 to recognize and reward select outstanding dealers. Recipients are selected based on various criteria including the number of years the dealer has been installing HAI by Leviton solutions, the number of systems installed in the previous year and unique marketing or programming solutions that involve HAI by Leviton products.

“The annual recognition program allows us to amplify the reliable and innovative work that our installing dealers are conducting worldwide,” said Greg Rhoades, HAI by Leviton Director of Marketing. “This also provides HAI by Leviton with an opportunity to receive detailed feedback regarding our marketing, training and engineering efforts, helping to refine our products and support programs for our integrators and end-users.”

Home and business owners across the world can easily find all local winning companies named as 2013 HAI by Leviton Five-Star Dealers by entering a zip code or selecting a country in the dealer listing database at

The Five Star Dealer logo can be downloaded here:


Trapping Wild Hogs

State harneses power by using cellular network

Trapping wild hogs
Helping the state of Tennessee with a solar-powered, IP video-based solution to catch wild hogs, ICRealtime has installed an autonomous remedy by harnessing the power of Verizon’s nationwide cellular network.

Wild hogs cause an estimated $1.5 billion annually nationwide in damages to agriculture, wildlife habitats and waterways. In addition, they carry diseases harmful to livestock, other animals and humans.

The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) has the daunting task of controlling the wild hog population. An initial, informal return-oninvestment study revealed that the state pays thousands of dollars per year, mostly in man-hours, trapping and dispatching these hogs.

Most of the hours are spent attempting to learn the hogs’ feeding patterns by reviewing amateur snapshots taken by TWRA staff. The inexpensive, standalone cameras record only still pictures on an SD card and offer no live viewing.

This requires someone to travel to each site to retrieve pictures and replace camera batteries, or the cameras would fail and miss vital trending information. Additionally, scores of painstaking hours are spent reviewing images to establish when the hogs gather to feed inside a trap.

Once a pattern is determined, two officers schedule the best time to wait for hours in a tree stand for the hogs to return to the trap. Using a watchful eye and a keychain-sized remote control, they hit a button to trap as many hogs as they can.

IC Realtime’s innovative M2M solution acts as a digital force multiplier to increase the officers’ productivity by enabling them to be in two places at once. After deployment, these systems keep a watchful eye 24/7 on each trap.

The system records the movement in HD, then sends out snapshots of all of the action, instantly alerting the officer, who can be offsite conducting other duties for the state.

These systems can be customized to work in virtually any environment. They monitor themselves and automatically send out system health status reports, such as solar power wattage, battery voltage, charging capacity and temperature.

The system is built with self-correcting mechanisms to power down and recharge when sunshine is lacking. The cameras additionally send out alerts if any abnormalities occur.

The ICmyLIFE Portal allows these remote systems to send video and alerts to the cloud from long-term storage, further reducing costs by limiting the amount of video storage devices needed to be deployed onsite. This M2M cloud-based platform provides live video on demand without special software needs, or requiring staff to remember IP addresses and passwords.

Features such as instant time-lapse playback, advanced calendar searching, event-based notifications and digital output controls for switches, relays and lights help customers save money, one click at a time.

About the Author

Adam Cohen is the CEO of the M2M Advisors division of ICRealtime.

IC Realtime Adds 20,000 Square Foot Integration Center to Florida Corporate Office

Showroom demonstrates brand’s surveillance cameras, video recorders and Apps live, including integration into leading home automation, computer and mobile platforms;
also new are a dedicated training center and a larger tech support facility

IC Realtime, a global leader in the design and manufacture of advanced visual surveillance solutions for residential and commercial applications — with US corporate headquarters in Pompano Beach, Florida and a satellite office in Goodyear, Arizona —  announced that it has expanded its Florida offices to accommodate a brand-new 20,000 square foot integration center.  Now open and fully-operational, the center adds a state-of-the-art demonstration showroom, a dedicated training center and an expanded tech support / R&D lab.

The first thing visitors experience when they enter IC Realtime’s main corporate entrance is the fully-equipped showroom replete with individual workstations demonstrating the company’s many analog and IP cameras, DVRs, NVRs, Apps and accessories – all live, in action.  Also in place are workstations that show IC Realtime’s products fully-integrated into RTI, Control4, Crestron and Savant environments.

In the middle of the showroom stands a display center equipped with all the mobile devices that the company supports including Kindle, Windows8, Android and Apple (both mobile and home) platforms.

Another focal point of the showroom is a demonstration of IC Realtime’s I-Sniper technology which illustrates how special sensors in the cameras capture images in detail both night and day, even under challenging mixed-lighting conditions.  This “pixel-by-pixel” enhancement technology is created exclusively for IC Realtime by Pixim, Inc.

IC Realtime CEO Matt Sailor has opened the showroom to security and AV dealers interested in demonstrating the company’s solutions to their clientele.  In addition, Sailor intends to fly-in dealers from around the US to experience the showroom and get better acquainted with IC Realtime.

IC Realtime’s sales and technical teams are also available to conduct demonstrations to dealers and their clientele.  Standard showroom hours of operation are Monday – Friday,

8 AM – 6 PM.  Special after-hours appointments can be made as well.

Annexed to the showroom is a brand-new training center that comfortably seats 40 people.  Making for more interactive and robust training sessions, the facility incorporates digital whiteboards that communicate via Bluetooth.  IC Realtime plans to offer educational classes throughout the year that earn participants 2 CEDIA University credits.

Also in place is a new-and-improved lab that IC Realtime uses for research and development and technical support.  The lab is 4 times larger than the company’s previous lab and incorporates new testing areas for newly developed product, R&D equipment, and specialty projects.  In total the company employs more than 30 people in the lab.

According to Sailor, the integration center cost IC Realtime more than $300,000 to build. “We’ve put our money where our mouth is here,” says Sailor. “The showroom is designed to show — not talk about — how our products truly integrate with these multiple platforms.”

The integration center is situated at IC Realtime’s US headquarters, located at 3050 North Andrews Ave Extension, Pompano Beach, FL 33064 – only minutes from Interstate I-95.  Dealers interested in visiting should call 954.772.5327 or email

Later this year, IC Realtime plans to put in place a 10,000 square foot integration center in its Arizona office.

For all media inquiries, please contact Paul Muto at 631.849.4301 or via email at

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Kramer Introduces the 9−Input VP−690 Analog, HDMI & 3G HD−SDI ProScale™ Presentation Digital Scaler/Switcher

The VP−690 supports up to 2K resolution

Kramer Introduces the 9−Input VP−690 Analog, HDMI & 3G HD−SDI ProScale™ Presentation Digital Scaler/Switcher



Kramer Electronics is pleased to introduce the VP−690 presentation scaler/switcher for 3G HD−SDI, HDMI, computer graphics, composite video and component video signals up to 2K resolution.
The Kramer VP−690 accepts one of nine input signals from amongst one SD/HD/3G HD−SDI input, two HDMI inputs, two computer graphics inputs on 15−pin HD connectors, two composite video inputs on RCA connectors and two component video inputs on RCA connectors. The unit scales the video, embeds the audio, and outputs the signal simultaneously to an HDMI output, a computer graphics video output and an RGBHV video output together with both a digital audio output and an analog stereo audio output.
The VP−690 automatically detects and selects the audio source for the HDMI input. If HDMI is not detected, then the machine uses the audio from the analog input. The unit is also HDTV compatible and HDCP compliant, which allows copy−protected data on the HDMI input to pass only to the HDMI output.
The VP−690 features Kramer’s extremely high−performance K−Storm™ Scaling Technology with high−quality 3:2 and 2:2 pull down de−interlacing and full up− and down−scaling of computer graphics video input signals.
The VP−690 has 20 output resolutions, a looping 3G HD−SDI input and a non−volatile memory that saves the unit settings.
Controlling the VP−690 can be done directly, via the front panel push buttons, by RS−232 serial commands transmitted by a touch screen system, PC, or other serial controller, via included handheld remote control, or via the built−in Ethernet port.
With its K−Storm™ Scaling technology, 2K output resolution, versatile video inputs and advanced feature set, the VP−690 is a perfect solution for mixing analog and digital formats in presentation applications such as boardrooms, conference rooms, churches and classrooms.
The VP−690 is housed in a 19” 1U rack mountable enclosure, with rack “ears” included.
The VP−690 is currently in stock and available from Kramer Electronics sales companies around the world.
For information about all of Kramer Electronics and Sierra Video products please go to


Luxul Webinar: Remote Network Access How To

May 8, 2013 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Time is shown in the Eastern Time Zone

A more technical webinar in which we’ll discuss how to set up and use VPNs, Dynamic DNS (DDNS) and Port Forwarding to remotely access a network from any computer or mobile device.
• How and when to use remote access
• Secure access with VPNs
• When to use Port Forwarding

Sign Up Here:

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Selecting the appropriate mounting hardware to support installations is of utmost importance, and sadly is one of the most overlooked aspects in installations.

Think of purchasing a car.  When you buy a new car you are looking at all of the bells and whistles:  the paint, the engine, the radio, and the rims.  Most do not think to check the quality of seat belts or airbags even though your life depends on them in a critical situation.

The same with mounts; many customers may not stress over the importance of what mount goes into a project, with most attention focused on the end result. In the case of a video wall installation, most attention, planning, and focus is geared towards the content and quality of the image.

We don’t know all the details on why the airport display kiosk in Birmingham, Alabama failed to bear the weight of a 10-year-old child and why the display stand tipped over.

Mounts and kiosks manufactured by us have never failed that’s why we can promise a lifetime warranty on all of our products, manufacturing only in locations where we can guarantee the quality of our products.

Our mounts are constructed of high quality, cold rolled steel to assure endurance and strength for the duration of their lifetime Read more


SAVANT® Adds CINEAK to Partners in Excellence Cooperative Program

Savant Systems, LLC has announced the addition of CINEAK to their PARTNERS IN EXCELLENCE cooperative program. Savant’s PARTNERS IN EXCELLENCE initiative has been targeted to achieve global compatibility between Savant’s control systems and a diverse group of best-in-class manufacturers from the audio, video, lighting control, HVAC, and security industries, as well as devices and subsystems from many related markets.

CINEAK was founded in 1999 as an alternative to mass produced home theater/media room seating solutions. Since its inception, the company has utilized top quality materials, aesthetic design, customized construction techniques and premium service to attract top integrators in 50-plus countries around the world. Handcrafted in Belgium, CINEAK chairs are manufactured at European ISO-9002 certified facilities and deliver a high-level of comfort by maintaining close attention to ergonomic design. CINEAK offers motorized functionality enabling integrators to automate the chairs, adding such conveniences as personalized memory positioning, all chairs to upright when the theater is turned off, a cleaning mode opens all chairs to provide access for vacuuming and even lumbar and headrest positioning can be controlled. “Connecting our motorized features to a Savant system would enhance the enjoyment of our chairs for users and provide dealers with an opportunity to offer more to their customers,” explained CINEAK president Alvin Hellemans. CINEAK is based in Belgium with North American, South American and Asian sales and marketing operations located in Sausalito, CA.

Participation in Savant’s PARTNERS IN EXCELLENCE cooperative program will facilitate the seamless integration of CINEAK’s products within the Savant system environment. “Savant is excited to welcome a luxury theater seating brand such as CINEAK to our PARTNERS IN EXCELLENCE program,” stated Savant’s Director of Business Development Bob Ross. “It is our goal to maintain compatibility with a broad variety of controllable devices and CINEAK’s solution provides value and opportunity to end users and integrators,” Ross concluded.

The core of Savant’s technology is an open programmable platform built upon the Mac OS X operating system supporting various communication protocols and offering high speed A/V switching, scaling and processing.

Savant’s PARTNERS IN EXCELLENCE program will open new doors for participating manufacturers seeking to expand their business in a rapidly growing industry.

Interested manufacturers can find out more about the PARTNERS IN EXCELLENCE program by communicating via email to Bob Ross at

SAVANT® Introduces SmartLink Digital Modules
The competitive advantages of HDBaseT technology enhanced by Savant’s intelligent diagnostics

SmartLink_RELSavant Systems, LLC has announced the introduction of the SmartLink digital modules. The SmartLink output and receiving modules can transmit audio and video signals up to 1080p over CAT5e/6 cable lengths of up to 100 meters (328 feet) using the latest HDBaseT technology. SmartLink service cards are available for Savant’s SmartMediaPro family of controllers.
The output modules are available in both 2 and 4-port versions. The receiving module comes in a wall plate form factor with Ethernet, HDMI and control outputs all accessible from the front panel of the device. SmartLink Modules break out the power, Ethernet and control protocol components of HDBaseT, directing them to a separate cable.

Most critically, SmartLink modules combine HDBaseT efficiency with Savant’s intelligent infrastructure, providing remote access to powerful diagnostic tools such as the status of your HDBaseT connection, real-time monitoring of your video connection and resolution, Extended Display Identification Data (EDID) monitoring capability and other critical network status information. “SmartLink modules combine the competitive advantages of HDBaseT technology with Savant’s suite of system monitoring capabilities,” stated Jim Carroll, Executive Vice President Corporate Strategy & Business Development at Savant. “With the introduction of our powerful Enterprise Management System later this year, the SmartLink modules will enable integrators to fully leverage HDBaseT technology along with highly advanced diagnostics as part of a uniquely powerful end-to-end solution,” Carroll added. Savant SmartLink Modules with HDBaseT technology are shipping to authorized integrators Q2, 2013.


TruAudio Giving Away aFrame Acoustic Art: Sponsors “My Mom Rocks!” Photo Contest


TruAudio is giving away its new, ultra-cool aFrame Acoustic Art as part of its “My Mom Rocks!” Photo Contest for Mother’s Day. Contestants simply submit their favorite picture of their mom – showing how she rocks. The winner will be selected from the top vote-getters.

pictureMy Favorite Music, My Favorite Art

With the aFrame Acoustic Artwork, you can now use your Bluetooth device and play your favorite music on a TruAudio sound system hidden inside your favorite piece of art.

My Favorite Music

The aFrame comes with a high fidelity TruAudio stereo that is fueled by two 5” glass fiber woofers and two 5” glass fiber midranges for greater output. The aFrame also sports two 1” titanium tweeters that allow the aFrame to played at higher volumes without the listener experiencing ear fatigue.

My Favorite Art

Choose from the aFrame gallery of professional graphic art, photography or limited edition artwork at – or use your own image or artwork to create a personal aFrame. Your aFrame will be printed on an acoustically transparent material using inks that are non-toxic, non-allergenic and reproduce exceptionally bright hues for any type of artwork.

To be entered in the “My Mom Rocks!” Photo Contest, photos must be submitted before midnight on May 12, 2013. The winner will be announced May 31, 2013.


The new aFrame Acoustic Artwork is available through authorized TruAudio dealers. To learn more about the aFrame, for additional technical specifications, order options and accessories, please visit or contact TruAudio toll-free at 1-888-858-1555.

TruAudio designs, creates, and manufactures audio products that are both innovative and installer focused: The Sound of Innovation. TruAudio sells exclusively through AV integrators and is NEVER sold on the internet or through retail channels. Offering an industry-standard lifetime guarantee on its products, TruAudio prides itself on offering superior customer service and competitive pricing to its exclusive dealers.

Odd Shaped Rooms: Your New Revenue Stream

Webinar Hosted by TruAudio

Odd shaped roomTruAudio will be hosting a free webinar on how to assess the acoustic challenges of odd shaped rooms, how to address with speaker placement and acoustical enhancements, and how to generate additional revenues while remaining bid competitive. The webinar takes place on Wednesday, May 1st at 11 AM (Mountain Standard Time) and will be presented by Matt Call of Simplified Acoustics.

“We’re grateful to have someone of Matt’s background and expertise to talk about this common install challenge,” said Bryan Garner, President of TruAudio. “The nice thing about it is Matt shows you how to turn that problem into a revenue opportunity.”

Open spaces, hard corners, obstructions, poor TV placement can make giving clients a great viewing experience very challenging. In the free webinar, Matt will discuss how to properly assess the sound bounce and time domain scenarios an integrator faces in the odd shaped room.

Matt will take webinar participants through proper speaker placement and discuss the different acoustic treatments that can be used to achieve an optimal audio experience.

Another challenge for the integrator is recommending acoustic enhancements while trying to remain competitive in the bidding process. The webinar will walk integrators through the process of bid matching and ancillary services presentation so the client can see the integrator’s price competitiveness as well as their superior expertise and service.

The free webinar takes place on Wednesday, May 1st at 11 AM (Mountain Standard Time) and will run for 30-45 minutes with ample time for question and answer.


TruAudio designs, creates, and manufactures audio products that are both innovative and installer-focused: The Sound of Innovation. TruAudio sells exclusively through AV integrators and is NEVER sold on the internet or through retail channels. Offering an industry-standard lifetime guarantee on its products, TruAudio prides itself on offering superior customer service and competitive pricing to its exclusive dealers.

Press Contact:

Todd Packard
1-888-858-1555 ext.4699