D-Tools MVP Manufacturer Partners realize the importance of bringing you their product information and have chosen to support the D-Tools user community by joining the program and making their product data directly available through D-Tools SI software. Read on for the latest manufacturer company news and product updates.

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3VNet Audio Authority Atlona Active Thermal Management
D-Box Ethereal Fortress Seating Kordz
Kramer Lowell Luxul Noble Fidelity
OmniMount Tripp Lite URC Wisdom Audio

Come see 3vNet at CEDIA

September 5-8, 2012

Booth 1013

Cody and Brian, our tech support gurus, will be at the booth, meeting and greeting. So, stop by and say hello, pick up a new brochure, and learn about all the upcoming news and events at 3vNet

Want to set up a meeting?

Want to get more detailed information on 3vNet products, future products and dealer programs? Get your information straight from Matt Curtin, our National Sales Director, or Mike Anderson, our CEO.

Contact Matt Curtin, at mcurtin@3vnetco.com, and set up a meeting. Space is limited, so contact him today.

Download a map to our booth.

Not going to CEDIA

Matt Curtin would still love to talk to you and share the latest news at 3vNet. Email, or call him at 888.964.8638.

Coming Soon: CG2 Control Gateway

The CG2 is scheduled for release at the end of August. This improved version of the CG1-1 incorporates our move toward plug computing modules for integration. With a reduced price and more usable form factor, this product is geared to help increase profits and reduce installation costs.

Read the datasheet.

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The Atlona® High-Speed HDMI® 4×4 Matrix Switcher (AT-PRO3HD44M) won an Exc!te Award!

Featuring the latest HDBaseT™ technology and CEDIA’s 2012 “Best New Product Award Winner”, the Atlona® AT-PRO3HD44M 4×4 HDMI® matrix switcher extends HDMI from sources up to 230 feet over Cat 6a cables at 1080p and 1920×1200, or 197 feet with Cat 5e/6 cables. The unit allows for effortless control of up to eight devices through IR remote control, RS-232, third-party IR control boxes, and the front panel.

The AT-PRO3HD44M has built-in digital audio S/PDIF loop outs that allow audio distribution to an AVR or amplifier. To ensure that all audio passes through, the 4×4 matrix switcher supports all lossy and lossless formats up to Dolby True HD — including DTS HD Master Audio pass-through for HDMI outputs — as well as 3D signals.

Programmable, learned EDID memory presets are loadable to any source connected to the matrix switcher, ensuring that any display can receive audio and video.

In Addition-Catch Atlona’s Manufacturer Trainings at CEDIA 2012!

Atlona Manufacturer’s Training 10:00am – 11:30am EST
Training topic will be: Understanding HDBaseT: A look into the framework and the technology that drives it. Course Code: MPT1108-1 CEU Value: 0.75


Atlona Manufacturer’s Training 2:00pm – 3:30pm EST

Training topic will be: Understanding HDBaseT: A look into the framework and the technology that drives it. Course Code: MPT1108-2 CEU Value: 0.7

Click Here to Register!

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Attractive, illuminated temperature display for racks– 

Active Thermal Management, experts in quiet thermal protection solutions, has announced the introduction of their new temperature display for racks, the Cool-view™

“Cool-view will allow commercial and residential users to know just what the temperature is in their equipment racks” said Frank Federman, CEO of Active Thermal Management. “It only takes up one rack space, is illuminated, and has a remote temperature sensor on a 24” cable. It is supplied with a universal power supply and can be switched from reading in Fahrenheit degrees to Celsius by pushing a switch, making it ideal for our international customers, as well as for domestic use.”

Available now, Cool-view, ATM part number 03-401-01, has a suggested retail price of $65.00.

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Audio Authority is giving away a 16-channel SonaFlex matrix amplifier at CEDIA. Stop by booth 4745 to sign up for the drawing!

Don’t miss us at CEDIA, Booth #1121

This is your last chance to register for D-BOX’s manufacturer training session on how to present the next dimension in home theatre entertainment.

Showing is not enough…

How effective is your sales process? Do you conduct lots of demos that never turn into sales? Are you tired of showing great products to people who are not buying and end up saying no to your proposals. Well, showing  is not enough. Based on the Art of the Demonstration, a proven presentation method, we will teach you the steps you need to take to deliver a successful presentation – plus how to convert this memorable experience into incremental revenues. Without charging less money for your services or showing other categories of products, you will discover why your customers did not buy in the past, and what you need to do so that they start buying from you in the future.


Indianapolis, IN – Indiana Convention Center
Westin Hotel, Grand Ballroom 2nd floor
CEDIA MPT 1081-1


Friday September 7th
8:00 am to 11:00 pm
2:00 pm to 5:00 pm

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Learn More at CEDIA 2012 Booth #1741

Ethereal Premium Home Theater Solutions, a division of Metra Electronics, is coming home. Returning to their roots, Ethereal introduces the Ethereal E/HD program.

What is the Ethereal E/HD Program?

The Ethereal E/HD Program is a more than a program: it is a philosophy. Concentrating on HDMI cables, the E/HD Program offers the same good value, well built HDMI cables. This is a dealer direct only program: no distributors, no Internet sales. You’ll deal with one sales person and a support staff.


Ethereal is on the cutting edge of technology. Working with HDMI engineer Jeff Coccaccio, our HDMI cables are getting smaller while performing at the same level. Mr. Coccaccio is President of DPL Labs and a well-known HDMI guru.


In addition to online training videos, the Ethereal E/HD Program offers E/HD University: biannual, two-day training classes to teach technology and best business practices. E/HD University is only offered to the dealers in the Ethereal E/HD Program.

Visit Ethereal Premium Home Theater Solutions CEDIA 2012 Booth #1741 to learn how you can come home and be a part of the Ethereal E/HD Program.

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Visit Fortress at Booth 3224 and Experience Motorization

Whether it’s an adjustable back height, a tray table rising from within the arm, or a touch panel that stores when not in use… even adjusting the seat height… Fortress has the solution.  In addition you’ll see three new designs along with the other chairs that have made Fortress the ‘go-to’ seating manufacturer for home theater solutions.


Incorporating high-tech accessories into our seating products – which results in the creation of a highly custom, one-of-a-kind chair – is a daily occurrence at Fortress.  But this is the first time for flight simulation.

On the Yoke Control Mount, the steering wheel lines up with the front of the arms and fits directly into the cup holders; The Rudder Control Mount was precisely and expertly installed for optimum performance and is adjustable for all leg lengths. Supplied steering wheel and pedals are connected via USB cable; USB ports are integrated into arms.  Throw in D-Box and you’ve got yourself one sweet ride.

As shown:         Model: Deco Common Arm Unit
Upholstery:       Classico Black Leather; Piping

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Ahead of the Curve: What You Need to Know About 4K
David Meyer of Kordz is a fully accredited CEDIA instructor with a big emphasis on HDMI.

4K video is the next generation in high definition, offering approximately four times the resolution of an average 1080p television. Could this new standard be the must-have feature upgrade for the new decade, gradually coming to be the expected format for quality home viewing? If it is, what do you need to know now in order to deliver the full potential of 4K to your clients at the level of reliability they expect?

Read on for the whole story!

To make sure you’re ahead of the curve as the excitement around 4K grows, add this course to your CEDIA EXPO registration. Click here to register today.

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Kramer Introduces the 840Hxl HDMI Test Pattern Generator
With its unique features, the 840Hxl is a powerful tool for troubleshooting HDMI systems.

Kramer Electronics is pleased to introduce the high−performance 840Hxl HDMI Test Pattern Generator. The 840Hxl can generate 32 preset patterns including several unique patterns incorporating motion, at 16 popular predefined resolutions. In addition, this unit has the ability to setup and store seven user−defined resolutions.

The 840Hxl can be used not only as a basic pattern generator, but also as an invaluable advanced HDMI troubleshooting device. The user can easily select the pattern, the resolution, the color depth, and the color space of the output HDMI signal, either through the front panel buttons or the included computer software. The 840Hxl also has extensive audio capabilities allowing the user to change the unit’s sampling frequency (44kHz, 48kHz, 88kHz, 96kHz, 176kHz and 192kHz) and bit depth (16 bit, 20 bit and 24 bit).

An important feature of the 840Hxl is the ability to read and adapt to the display’s EDID (Extended Display Identification Data). The 840Hxl has an “Output Native Resolution” setting which reads the detailed mode line of the native resolution of the display’s EDID. It then sets its output to send the optimum resolution to the connected display. In this way, the 840Hxl operates less like a test pattern generator and more like a computer graphics card that adapts to whatever is connected to it. In today’s world of non−standard resolutions where every display is slightly different, this ability is indispensable.

Another unique and powerful troubleshooting feature included in the 840Hxl is the ability to toggle HDCP on and off. This allows the user to individually isolate the HDCP signal with one button, to determine whether HDCP is the reason that a source is not working.

The 840Hxl has an HDMI output, five dual−function control buttons, and two single−function buttons. It includes a USB port and RS−232 port, for connecting to a controlling PC (PC control software is included). The unit has a two−digit display, power LED, and an onboard EPROM option that saves the last unit settings.

The unit is housed in a compact Kramer MultiTOOLS® enclosure. With its powerful features, the 840Hxl is far more than a just a simple test generator.

The 840Hxl is currently in stock and available from Kramer Electronics sales companies around the world. Complete product information can be found at www.kramerelectronics.com.


  • Kramer Earns Best of InfoComm Award from rAVe Publications at InfoComm 2012!
  • Dave & Debbie Bright of Kramer Electronics featured in rAVe Publications article!
  • Kramer’s Facebook “Adventures with HDMI” T-shirt contest is now open! Official rules are in the notes section. Click on “Your Mission” tab to enter!

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Lowell Manufacturing Celebrates 65th Anniversary

 Missouri-based, family-owned manufacturer of rack, power and audio products takes a look back, reflecting on their six-and-a-half-decade history 

Throughout 2012, Lowell Manufacturing Company (booth 2213) will be celebrating its 65th anniversary as a U.S. manufacturer of AV and related products. As the company marks its six-and-a-half decades in the industry, those involved are taking the opportunity to look back, reflecting on how Lowell’s founding principles resonate today more than ever, and how those ideals and business practices will guide the company into the next generation.

The company was founded in 1947 by Ben Lowell along with his wife Dorothy, the parents of current company President/CEO John Lowell and his siblings, including Residential Sales Manager Tom Lowell, and Operations Manager Wilhelm Lowell. John reflects on his early years: “As a child, I vividly remember company picnics at the plant with my six brothers and sisters and all the Lowell employees. My father always tried to create a family atmosphere around the company, as we continue to do today. As we have grown in the industry over the last 65 years, we have never lost track of what it means to be a family-owned and -operated company. There are the principles under which my parents started the business, and they have served us well. Close personal relationships with business partners and a company atmosphere that remains focused yet friendly – the value of these things cannot be overstated.”


Today, the Lowell headquarters is located in Pacific, Missouri, about 40 miles southwest of St. Louis. Their core team of employees continues to serve the company with dedication and enthusiasm, and many of the team have been with Lowell for 20+ years. Engineering, metal fabrication, welding, paint and assembly are all located at the Pacific facility. Because the company’s products fall into three major categories (rack, power and audio), its engineering department includes mechanical, audio and electrical engineers.

John Lowell continues, “Our philosophy is – and has always been – to listen to what customers want, to do the job right by designing value-driven products of exceptional quality, and to build them in America, outsourcing as little as possible. Our goal is to provide real value by designing products that install quickly, minimize installation time and contribute to the project’s bottom line.”

John Lowell reflects, “When you provide service that goes the extra step, offering things like custom design and engineering from the ground up, consultants and integrators respond to it in a very positive way. Also, the fact that we use as close to 100 percent American materials as possible in manufacturing, and comply with and support initiatives such as ARRA (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act), BAA (Buy American Act) and TAA (Trade Agreements Act) is something we are very proud of. Very few companies can make those claims. Looking ahead, we are going to continue what we’ve been doing for 65 years – to design and build products that save time and labor in the field and provide real value to customers. And to keep building them in the U.S.A. to support the American worker.”

For more information, please visit www.lowellmfg.com or e-mail Lowell at sales@lowellmfg.com.

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XAP-1050 Provides High Data Rate Wireless Connection of up to 10km

Luxul, a leading innovator of IP networking solutions for CEDIA professionals, has announced the availability of a wireless bridge client designed to simplify some of the common challenges associated with installing an IP security camera in a remote location. Available now, the IP-66 outdoor rated Luxul Xen™ XAP-1050 allows for the use of any Power-over Ethernet (PoE) enabled IP camera at extended distances from the network source.

“The XAP-1050 addresses the real world challenges associated with delivery of IP camera-based security at a gate, boathouse or other remote location,” said Jeffrey Curtis, President and CEO of Luxul. “Historically, the remote security alternatives have been expensive, complex and labor intensive. As is the case with the entire Luxul Xen line, the XAP-1050 is designed to simplify deployment and help our dealers provide a reliable and cost-effective solution to their clients”

The XAP-1050 simplifies IP camera installation by providing 30W of PoE power directly to any PoE-enabled device. This allows the installer to run a single Ethernet cable from the XAP-1050 to the IP camera—delivering both data and power and eliminating the need for a separate power run.

Implementing Luxul’s Xen3DTM Technology, the XAP-1050 enhances high data throughput coverage by as much as 400% over traditional Wi-Fi gear—allowing for longer distance coverage and consistently higher data rates.  When paired with a Luxul Xen XAP-1040, it is capable of consistently delivering data rates sufficient to support streaming of high quality video and voice data originating from Megapixel IP Cameras at distances of up to 10km.

Luxul Xen incorporates a full line of pre-configured modular solutions that simplify network design and deployment, while delivering a reliable and scalable network that is powerful, yet easy to install and manage. The complete Luxul Xen family includes:

  • Enterprise Class Routers
  • Managed and Unmanaged Gigabit Ethernet Switches
  • Power-Over-Ethernet Solutions
  • High Performance 802.11n Wireless Access Points

Luxul Xen products are available through industry recognized distributors of residential and commercial integration products, including ADIAVAD, WAVE Electronics and the PowerHouse Alliance.

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The Award Winning Noble Fidelity L-85 8′ In-Ceiling loudspeaker is being re-introduced as the L-85 mk II.

The mk II conforms to the new frameless convention with edgeless/rim-less Micro-Perforated grilles held in place by 24 ultra-high flux, rare earth magnets.  An outer diffraction ring has been designed and added to further address our focus on minimizing diffraction, early reflections, edge/boundary distortion, Et al.

Many Integrators have looked, or better said, “listened” past the sound quality of Noble Fidelity due to our here-to-fore visible frame look.  Now, those keenly focused on fidelity & aesthetics will find us present in both regards.

The “works” of the L-85 which are essential to it being so well-liked (and well-reviewed), are un-changed, only the mounting frame structure and grille have changed. This is an aesthetic upgrade to an already wonderfully musical loudspeaker.

Square grilles with radiused corners are available and will be either included or offered as an option.  Square grilles afford the versatility to mount L-85 mk II’s in walls with a proper In-Wall look as well as
offering the option of a square footprint in ceilings.

The Noble Fidelity L-65, L-65 SPS and L-85 SPS models are also included in this aesthetic upgrade.

**** Noble Fidelity would like to invite interested dealers to join the Noble Fidelity Authorized Dealer Program. For more information please contact Greg Ford @ 775-829-4434 or email: gf@noble-fidelity.com

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OmniMount Offers New Mount Technology for Connected Homes

Solutions for the TV and computer enhance interactivity between electronics and mount accessories

OmniMount, booth 3925, will showcase digital display mounting solutions for the connected home at CEDIA 2012. Designed to enhance the interactivity and ergonomic use of TVs and computers, the collection elevates what one expects from a mount accessory and offers custom installers new possibilities for multi-room projects. The collection incorporates Ergotron technology and addresses the emerging trend for products that promote healthier lifestyles.

“Dealers recognize OmniMount as a brand of TV mounts and furniture solutions, but we’re growing beyond the home theater,” said Geoff Miller, president of OmniMount branded products. “In addition to the home theater introductions, which will be groundbreaking, we’re addressing home technology like computers and iPads. We’re broadening our scope and incorporating our patented technology in ways that can be used in every room of the house.”

As part of the ActionMount series, OmniMount is introducing the LIFT40, a low profile tilt wall mount that utilizes Ergotron CF technology for vertical TV movement. The LIFT40 requires only a light-touch to adjust most 30-55” TVs up to 40 pounds. With 18” of vertical travel, the product lifts and lowers to achieve the best picture and most comfort, no matter the activity.

Joining the family of full motion ActionMount products are the PLAY70 and PLAY40DS, designed to give TV users more screen positioning flexibility for exercising, gaming and optimizing 3D. The PLAY70 fits TVs up to 70 pounds and offers omni-directional movement with only a light touch and the PLAY40DS has a satin black finish and double-stud frame for a different look and more flexible installation. The LIFT40, PLAY70 and PLAY40DS join the ActionMount PLAY20, PLAY20X and PLAY40.

The company is also showcasing computer mounts with the same CF technology, both add-ons and freestanding solutions, designed to maximize space and adjust to the ergonomic needs of different users. The DESK65 is a freestanding desk with easy lift/lower functionality, suitable for many activities, from computer use to crafts. Two add-on models, WORK15 and WORK20, clamp to an existing desk for sit-stand computer use.

OmniMount will have live product demonstrations and offer daily in-booth giveaways. Visit the booth to enter in the PLAY it FORWARD promotion, in which one lucky installer will receive a package of newly introduced products to be used in future projects. Follow OmniMount on Twitter and Facebook for show updates. To learn more about OmniMount visit http://www.omnimount.com or call 800.668.6848.

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Tripp Lite will be in CEDIA Booth 3220!

We will be showing a new line of professional Pure Sine Wave  / Double conversion UPS systems featuring a new LCD monitoring system.

Interactive LCD interface reports UPS operating mode, detailed UPS and site-power data, plus enables a variety of UPS setup and configuration options.


Highly efficient operation in optional economy mode saves BTU heat output and energy costs.

Network management interfaces support communications via USB, RS-232, contact-closure and optional SNMPWEBCARD network interface.

Built-in DB9 port offers both enhanced RS-232 data and basic contact closure monitoring ability.

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URC is offering the industry’s best manufacturer training and education at CEDIA EXPO. Visit http://www.universalremote.com/cedia2012/ to view the wide range of courses available. Sign up today, because seating is limited and going fast! In addition, be sure to visit URC in Booth 4462 to see the world premiere of several new products for our Total Control whole-house and Complete Control remote lines.

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Wisdom Audio Challenges the Competition with the Insight Series

– The Insight Series will bring key core PMD technology and performance characteristics of Wisdom’s award-winning Sage Series to more accessible price points as well as demonstrate their innovative way to install these in-wall speakers

— The highly anticipated Insight Series launch comes after rave reviews from press and retailers for Wisdom’s PMD Technology at CES 2012 and T.H.E. Show Newport Beach

Wisdom Audio confirmed pricing and availability for their Insight Series™ high-performance in-wall loudspeakers today, bringing key core technologies and performance characteristics from the brand’s award-winning Sage Series® to more accessible price points and a broader customer base. These breakthrough technology products will be demonstrated at Wisdom Audio’s active demo at the Marriott Hotel’s Indiana Ballroom D at CEDIA 2012.

The announcement includes the following U.S. pricing:

P2i Two woofer Point Source Planar Magnetic Hybrid in-wall speaker $1250 ea.
P4i Four woofer Point Source Planar Magnetic Hybrid in-wall speaker $1750 ea.
P6i MTM Point Source Planar Magnetic Hybrid in-wall speaker $3000 ea.
L8i 48” Line Source Planar Magnetic Hybrid in-wall speaker $5000 ea.

“We are excited to confirm the pricing and availability for the Insight Series in-wall models to our distribution channel. After our Insight Series demonstrations at CES, and reaction to our PMD technology from many audiophiles at T.H.E. Show Newport Beach, many of our partners have been looking forward to offering this amazing new series to their customers,” said Mark Glazier, Wisdom Audio President. “Our partners have been asking us to address the needs of their broader client bases, while maintaining our commitment to employ the superior performance of planar magnetic transducers. We have also heeded the request to develop a better way to install in-wall speakers in the field. As the leader in high-performance architectural speakers, Wisdom Audio will never compete at the lowest price levels in the market, but the performance and installation system our engineering team has been able to create at competitive price points is truly unparalleled and needs to be seen and heard.”

The Insight Series models incorporate both newly developed planar magnetic thin-film drivers and moving coil woofers. Unlike other Wisdom Audio speakers, the Insight Series utilizes traditional passive crossovers to allow use with a single amplifier channel per speaker.

— Innovative, convenient and very robust Uni-grip system clamps the wall along the length of the speaker via actuator screws on the front panel, setting the Insight Series build quality and attention to detail apart from the competitors’ in-wall offerings

— 2mm thin grille held in place magnetically and can be ordered in custom lengths to match display heights and widths

“The Sage Series has demonstrated to our partners and their clients the level of performance we’re able to achieve with application specific, planar magnetic hybrid designs for use within real rooms,” said David Graebener, Wisdom Audio Executive Vice President. “With very helpful input and feedback from many of our partners, we believe the Insight Series will enable them to deliver compelling performance for their clients at entirely new price points for Wisdom Audio. My team has enjoyed designing both the all new planar magnetic and woofer transducers for this series and a better way to install them — I can’t wait for our work to be displayed at CEDIA and heard around the world.”

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