There are many ways to add a discount to a proposal.  You can use the Price Adjustments, which uses a percentage, or a Miscellaneous Item, which can be a percentage or a fixed amount. While both of these options are covered in detail in the Support Wiki as well as other blog posts, this post will explain how to add a discount using the Discount field on equipment.  We will also cover the differences between using the Discount field and using Price Adjustments.

Using the Discount field is pretty simple.  First we need to open a product.  This can be done by double clicking the item within the Project Editor.

Once the Edit Product window is open click on the Price Tab.

On the Price Tab input the desired percentage into the Discount field.

Click “Save and Close”.

Now that we have the Discount set up, we will need to verify that our report is set up to properly display this information.   Click on the Report tab at the top of the Project Editor.

Click on the Client button.

Click on the “plus” symbol next to the Proposal report to expand the Report Definitions.

Right-click the desired definition, in this case we will be using the “By Location” definition and select “Edit Report Definition”.

Click on the Parameter tab and scroll to the very bottom.

Check the “Show Discount Amount in the Project summary Section?” checkbox if it is not already checked.

Click the Save button. If you want this change to be reflected across all definitions under this report check the “Update Parameters to All Report Definitions” checkbox before clicking the Save button.

Close the Report Definition Window and click the “Run and Close” on the Project Reports Window.  Please make sure you have the By Location Definition selected.

Project Summary with Discount:

You can also change the text displayed for the Discount in the Project Summary section via the Report Settings.

Click on the Reports tab in the Project Editor.

Click on the Report Settings button.

Click on Summary in the panel on the left side of the window.

Input the desired verbiage into the “Discount display name” field and click “Save and Close”

Now that we have covered how to get the Discount displayed on the report, we are going to outline the differences between the Price Adjustments and the Discount field.

How is this displayed on the product?

The Discount field changes the Net Unit Price by taking the percentage and subtracting it from the Unit Price.  If you want to see the price of the item including discount, you would only need to click on the Price on that product.

The Price adjustment will blanket the percentage value across all items within the project and this will not change the Net Unit Price value for the items.  Price Adjustments are calculated as part of the Installation price.  The Installation Price is view-able on the Price Tab.

How is this displayed on Reports?

Since using the Discount field changes the Net Unit Price, that value will be displayed on the Proposal Reports.  The Discount Total will also be printed in the Project Summary section.

Price Adjustments will be displayed in their own section in the Project Summary.  The Item prices will be the price + price adjustments on the Proposal and Proposal [Equipment and Labor Price] as these reports do not display install price.  The Proposal [Install Price] report will display the item amount with the price adjustments included.


Proposal [Install Price]

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