Veteran design firms Media Environment Design and Audio Design have teamed up to combine experience and best practices to deliver high quality outsourced design services to integrators.

October 5, 2009Media Environment Design, Inc. (MED), design firm and founding D-Tools certified partner have announced, along with system design specialists Audio Design, Inc., their plans to work together to provide a best of breed design service to integrators. Both firms have long histories in the industry and the relationship aims to combine their mutual experiences providing outsourced design, best practices, standards and design processes to provide the highest quality design services available to dealers today.

The cornerstone of the design offering will be the group’s ‘Fixed Fee Design Services’, created to provide dealers with high quality engineering documentation at a fixed price. “Curt and I have worked together to analyze our mutual design processes and historical data which allowed us to design a fixed fee price schedule based on the scope of an integrator’s system. Using our proprietary design fee calculator we’re able to provide a dealer with a fixed fee design quote in about 5 minutes,” explains Sam Cavitt, President and Founder of Media Environment Design. Also offered are engineered proposal services, project scope of work development and full service proposal/ design.

Upon leveraging these design services, the integrator will receive the project’s source files (created using D-Tools Si 5.5) allowing them to import the project into their own version of D-Tools or open the Visio documentation outside of D-Tools for printing or modifications on their own. Also supplied with the final engineered deliverable are pdf’s of the documentation, associated wire schedules and other reports created from D-Tools. “We feel it is an important part of our process to provide the integrator with the source design files for their system. We’re not trying to hold anyone hostage or force them to use us for post design revisions and change orders. Of course we provide this service, but it is not mandatory,” adds Ryan Brown, Vice President of Media Environment Design.

“The feedback we’ve received from many of our clients in recent years is the desire to have a predictable design expense for their projects. We recommend our dealers to mark up our design fees and include them in their proposals as a profit source. Our aim is to provide a high quality service that allows our dealers to be more efficient and profitable,” explains Curt Hayes, President and Founder of Audio Design.  “By outsourcing system design activities, existing staff can focus on the vital activities of sales, project management, installation and programming.”

“We’ve had a long relationship with Curt and have worked together on an informal basis for years. Sam and I have utmost respect for his business ethics, integrity and dedication to his clients, key factors in our decision to work with Audio Design in an official capacity. We’re very excited about it”, adds MED’s Brown.

In celebration of the announcement to work together, a 10% discount on Fixed Fee Design Services is being offered through October 31, 2009.

For more information, questions or to take advantage of the ‘Fixed Fee Design Service’ promotion please contact Ryan Brown at (760) 434-9040 or by email

About Media Environment Design, Inc.

Media Environment Design, Inc. (MED), founded in 1999 and based in San Diego, CA, provides a wide range of services to dealers in the systems integration industry.  Founded by industry veteran Sam Cavitt, MED has provided design and engineering services to integrators worldwide. As the founding certified partner and D-Tools consultant, MED has trained and implemented over six hundred integration companies on D-Tools software. This experience provides MED with a diverse insight into the integration business process. Our services are designed to help integrators elevate their businesses and to help them become more efficient, effective and profitable. It is our mission to make your business better. For more information, contact MED at (760) 434-9040, e-mail at or visit MED online at

About Audio Design Inc.

Audio Design, Inc. was founded in 2006 by Curt Hayes, a 20 year veteran of the residential system integration business. His understanding of the challenges presented from design to installation resulted in the creation of Audio Design, Inc., an Audio/Video & Automation design company. We provide outsource Design & Documentation services to custom integration companies, as well as consulting to Architects, Interior Designers and Homeowners. For more information please contact Curt Hayes at (954) 805-7441 or by email