Welcome to MusicGiants! We are proud to announce our new partnership with D-Tools that will provide dealers a platform to sell HD content with their home entertainment system installations. This article is designed to introduce you to our high-definition music and movie collections and how they can be integrated into every custom installation to increase profit margins, as well as enhance the consumer experience. This new partnership with D-Tools aims at creating a higher excellence in home theater entertainment.
All collections NOW available through D-Tools!

MusicGiants, the leader in high-definition entertainment, aims to deliver the highest quality entertainment experience possible. Still the only digital music service licensed in HD from all of the major music labels; MusicGiants recently expanded its high quality content catalog to include video with the introduction of its new VideoGiants service. Consumers seeking the ultimate experience from their home entertainment systems can now get it with our unique distribution methods.
Consumers can purchase robust collections of music and movies, delivered on a hard drive and ready for installation. In the near future, customers will have the ability to download this same high quality content directly into their media servers via the MusicGiants HD Media Store which is currently being integrated into top hardware boxes.

Why become a dealer?

MusicGiants is the leader in high definition entertainment and there are several benefits to becoming a MusicGiants dealer. First, delivering a media server or PC loaded with top quality content provides an exceptional user experience from day one of complete installation.

Second, delivering HD entertainment provides you with a competitive advantage in the custom installation market by allowing you to provide a one-stop-shopping home theater experience.
Third, it allows you to increase your profit margin on every installation.
And fourth, it allows you to earn recurring revenue on all future content purchases that their clients make 24/7/365.**
**Must be a MusicGiants dealer to earn recurring revenue.

~Katherine Ryan
Director of Marketing for MusicGiants