We are pleased to announce a new brand for the D-Tools family – Chrysalis Acoustics by Velodyne, the most prominent name in subwoofers.  Velodyne began building subwoofers in 1983.  Today, Velodyne holds more subwoofer patents than any other manufacturer.   Chrysalis is a distribution-oriented brand that enables Velodyne to do business with a broad range of national and regional distributors.   Chrysalis offers seven subwoofer models, all priced at under $1,000 retail:

  • Install Advantage IA-IWS1 In-wall Subwoofer and IA-400 Amp:        This in-wall subwoofer, and 400 watts Dynamic power, rack-mount amplifier combination is the industry’s best in-wall solution under $1,000 retail.  Customers love the deep bass, and you’ll love the easy installation whether new construction or retro-fit. Simply cut the opening, connect the wire,  screw in the cabinet and you’re ready for great bass.The remote control has four listening presets and Auto-EQ, for great bass in any room.
  • Photon-8:        A tiny subwoofer (just 10”x10”x12”) with prodigious output, Photon-8 is an installer’s dream!  The patented 1,000 watt RMS amplifier drives a 12 ½ lb. magnet structure woofer, for deep bass from an easily concealed sub.
  • Photon-10:      The compact Photon-10 is barely larger than the Photon-8. Yet this 21lb. magnet structure, long-throw woofer generates amazing bass.
  • Bass Matrix-10:           Great bass, from a DSP-controlled, powerful subwoofer, with infrared remote control features that customers love.  Four custom presets allow easy changes to the sound of different software (music, movies, games) or customer preferences.    “Night Mode” is perfect for condo owners and families with young children.
  • Bass Matrix-12:           This 12-inch version offers even greater output, with the same remote control benefits of Bass Matrix-10.
  • Starfire-10:      An excellent value, with solid, low distortion bass for very little money.  The ten-inch, front-firing woofer combines with a down-firing port that couples with the floor, for high efficiency and deep-bass punch.  The gloss-trimmed cabinet offers a first-rate appearance for this price range.
  • Starfire-12:      The 12-inch woofer version can play even deeper, louder and with more authority than Starfire-10

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Chrysalis_IA_Series_150dpi (2)