41aRDLu+xXL._SX355_Running a report with filters is a great way to have the organization of a report while gathering specific information for whatever the situation may call for. There are multiple ways to run a report with filters. One way is to right click the report within either the Project Explorer or Project Editor and select “Run with Filters”.  The Second way to run a report with filters is to use the Quick Filter function within the Project Editor and select the “Filtered Items” option located on the report tab prior to running the report. Both of these options are manual. In this article we will cover how to make a custom report that automatically runs with filters each time it’s generated.

  1. Open the Standard Report Designer by clicking Start>Reports>Standard Report Designer.
    7-28-2015 4-33-55 PM
  2. Within the Standard Report Designer, click File > New.
    7-27-2015 11-09-06 AM
  3. Choose “New Report based on Existing Report” and click Next.
    7-27-2015 11-09-21 AM
  4. On the next page choose the Purchase Order Request report and click next.  We are going to create a Purchase Order Request Report that only displays Products that are not marked as “Ordered”
    11-23-2015 10-59-42 AM
  5. On the Next Page, we will give our report a name.
    11-23-2015 11-08-07 AM
  6. Click next until you get to the Required Filters Page.
  7. On the Required Filtered Page we will set the Field to “OrderStatus”, the operator to “Not Equal to”, and the Value to “Ordered”.
    11-23-2015 11-01-15 AM
    List of Available Fields
    11-23-2015 11-00-49 AM
  8. Click next until finished.
    11-23-2015 11-10-22 AM
  9. Once the Report is generated click File>Publish.
    11-23-2015 11-01-36 AM

Purchase Order Request Report with Filters

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