2-22-2016 6-14-10 PMA common question we receive in the Support Desk is ‘How Do I represent a wire that splits into three parts in Visio?’.  While there are ways to represent these wires at the cost of not having these connections show up on wiring reports, such as using the Visio connector shape, in this article we will cover using a dummy equipment item with inputs and outputs to represent the split connections.   In this example, we will be using the Schematic view in Visio since this view is used to display inputs and output for each item. We will also be using Bulk wire in this example, because this wire type can be split into smaller lengths without adding additional costs to our project.

Within your project create a new item by clicking on the New Product button on the Home Tab. This item will represent the different connections.

2-22-2016 5-03-53 PM

For the Category, please make sure this item is designated as an Equipment Category Type.  2-22-2016 5-04-43 PM

Once the item has been given a Manufacturer, Model, and Category, click on the I/O tab to document the inputs and outputs of the connector.

2-22-2016 5-55-54 PM

In this example I will be using component wire,  so for the input I am going to assign Terminal as Component Connector, Signal as Component, and Label  as Component.

2-22-2016 5-11-43 PM

For the outputs we will use the three RCA outputs.

2-22-2016 5-12-43 PM

Save and Close.

2-22-2016 5-13-09 PM

Drag the wire and the connector into your drawing.  Connect one end of the wire to the input side of the connector.

2-22-2016 5-41-26 PM

Since we can’t connect the actual wire to three different inputs or devices without receiving connection conflicts, we will split the wire into three other wires to store these connections.  This will add wire to the project without increasing the price as we are just pulling from the existing wire.

Select the wire in the Project Editor and right-click.

2-22-2016 5-44-36 PM

Select Split Bulk Wire.

2-22-2016 5-45-16 PM

Within the Split Bulk Wire window, put a length of one and click the New button.

2-22-2016 5-45-44 PM

Perform the steps above for each different output type

2-22-2016 5-46-37 PM

Once you have every output that is needed, click Split.

2-22-2016 5-46-37 PM

Drag the wires from the Project Editor into your visio drawing, and connect the three wires to the three different outputs for the connector.

2-22-2016 5-48-05 PM

Each of these wire can be connected to separate devices or inputs.