Project: Imaging Advantage Video Wall, 4 × 4 video wall installation in reception area

Location: 2338 W Royal Palm Rd. Ste J, Phoenix, AZ 85021

Completion Date: Sept 9, 2011

Premier Mounts Prodcuts used: LMV, video wall mounts and model specific spacers

System Integrator:   Immedia Audio Visual Solutions

Architect:   Cawley Architects

Premier Mounts Sales Rep: Dennis Dillinger, Western US & Canadian Regional Sales Manager, (619) 318-6715; Misty Chalk, Anew C.T., Sales Director – Utah, Arizona and S. Idaho, (801) 413-8158,

Systems integrator Immedia Audio Visual was asked to produce an installation with “wow-factor” in the reception area of Imaging Advantage in Phoenix, AZ. With only a month to complete the project, Immedia turned to Premier Mounts. Dennis Dilinger, Premier Mounts Regional Sales Manager for the Western US and Canada, recommended the LMV video wall framing system. With Premier Mounts’ in-house fabrication and manufacturing team, the LMV and dedicated spacers for the NEC X462UN display, Immedia was able to deliver a high quality installation on time.

“The LMV was easy to install and the spacer made it simple to position each flat-panel without having to measure space between each screen, which really helped us meet our deadline,” said Conrad Taylor, Project Consultant at Immedia Audio Visual Solutions.

“We faced a very tight deadline, but Premier Mounts has always provided us with great customer service and quick delivery.”

Image provided by Immedia Audio Visual

The LMV has a unique spring activated automatic scissor extension feature that makes it easy to install and remove displays, regardless of their position on a video wall. Patent-pending, top-adjustable display mounting brackets allow six-way alignment of the flat-panel along the x, y and z axis to ensure displays line up and remain level, even on uneven walls. The model-specific spacers streamline video-wall installations. After the first mount is positioned, the rest interlock to greatly reduce the amount of measuring and leveling needed for each mount.

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