DL Technologies, Inc. Saves 50% in Time Through Use of D-Tools System Integrator Software

Business Challenges:

  • Project Estimates too time consuming
  • Lengthy Design processes
  • Inaccurate Pricing

Based in Orange County, CA, DL Technologies, Inc. specializes in residential and commercial system integration.  DL Technologies is composed of engineers, developers, digital artists, systems administrators, and customer service representatives with the knowledge and experience to help your company succeed. With over 50 years of hands on technical experience and training, DL Technologies can help lead the way to the Internet age. DL Technologies represents the latest in whole home audio/video, lighting and automation.

While Systems Engineer Larry Assayag was flipping through an issue of CE Pro, an ad for D-Tools caught his eye and he thought the software would be a valuable addition to his company.  Soon after, an associate at Control4 also recommended the System Integrator (SI) software, and Larry soon adopted it into their business platform.

DL technologies was creating quotes and estimates in Excel which required them to perform the tedious task of copy and pasting every element of the project.  They would then save the spreadsheets and manually enter the products into QuickBooks.  “Before implementing D-Tools, we found our previous estimate process to be far too time consuming and inaccurate in that labor time was not allocated correctly.  Not only was money being lost, but I also noticed a lot of time being wasted that we could spend out in the field or reaching new clientele, making more money as a result”, said Assayag.

While DL Technologies used Visio for their designs before the addition of D-Tools, the software helped streamline the designs and save them time. “D-Tools SI really helped us categorize our projects by room because it placed the appropriate equipment and managed every aspect for us.  After we set it up correctly, we found that we didn’t have to use Visio as much”, explained Assayag, “which saved us time per project”.


D-Tools helped DL Technologies manage their pricing to help further streamline the business.  “We were all over the board before we adopted D-Tools into our business process, and it has helped us certify that everything is consistent so that we can ensure accuracy and profitability. Once you know how D-Tools is organized, you get the big picture”, said Assayag.

Assayag explained how D-Tools SI has helped streamline DL Technologies whole business due to the QuickBooks integration.  “D-Tools has helped tremendously in that we can integrate QuickBooks and as a result, it has left more time for us to work with new clients, rather than mess with existing client’s proposals.  We are able to meet their needs from the beginning and move on.”

In addition, Assayag attributes D-Tools as a contributing factor to DL Technologies increased professional image.  “We are able to print very nice and professional proposals which include reports and A/V equipment images which instill confidence in the client from inception.”

“D-Tools is a great product for us because when we noticed the time we were losing, we instantly took action and implemented the software.  If you spend the time to execute D-Tools correctly, it will become indispensible to your business and help save time and money.”


DL Technologies has worked on many beautiful homes in southern California including their latest job,  a  Corona Del Mar remodel overlooking the pacific ocean. D-Tools assisted with distributing quotes quickly and provided a means to easily adjust rooms to better fit the owner’s needs.  They were able to bend and flex with the customer’s alterations and return right away with the new revisions, ensuring that the client is instilled with confidence that DL Technologies will complete the project to his/her expectations.  The home was equipped with Control 4 home control system with 7” and 5” Infinity Edge touch screens throughout the house, Lutron Radio Ra2 Lighting system, Sony XBR Televisions and a media center that includes a 400 disc Blu-Ray library.


  • Saved 2-6 hours per quote depending on project size
  • Experienced a 50% cut in time spent on installations