Located in Wilmington, DE, Delaware Audio Visual Integration & Design (DAVID), is a solution-oriented company servicing both the Commercial and Residential System Integration market. As they started to organize their business, Delaware Audio Visual Integration & Design sought a program that would assist with final system drawing and designs as part of the documentation package clients received upon job completion.  They lacked a solid method to create system drawings and were forced to create mock-up drawings that did not reflect the professionalism they desired.


  • Lacked method for professional designs generation
  • Lacked method to accurately quote Jobs
  • Under-estimated labor rates and time
  • Lacked a method to track project equipment and pricing

After looking into many software options, the DAVID team chose D-Tools because it offered an easier method for creating drawings at a more professional level. “After looking at competitors, it was clear that D-Tools software was the solution that would do the trick,” said Stephen Michaux, President & Chief Engineer of Delaware Audio Visual Integration & Design.  “It incorporated Visio and AutoCAD to generate highly professional drawings without extensive training, which made perfect sense to us at the time.”

Stephen Michaux hard at work on a rainy day at the Jersey Shore


As the company expanded, Stephen began involving himself in sales engineering and began exploring more efficient quoting software options.  After spending time working with D-Tools, he quickly realized D-Tools could facilitate that function as well. “D-Tools filled a huge gap,” said Michaux. “We were able to streamline our designs directly into our documentation.  With all of our equipment pre-loaded and quoted accurately, we were able to easily move into the design phase, which was crucial in expediting the closeout documentation to the client.”

After realizing that D-Tools is more than just design software, Delaware Audio Visual Integration & Design spent more time utilizing D-Tools capabilities and tailoring it to fit their particular needs. They became proficient with Business Manager and embraced work, change and sales order functions as well as the scheduling attribute.

Over time, D-Tools has become a more important and fundamental tool for the company.  Quoting has become more precise, everyday project accessories are now accounted for, and proposals are created quicker and more accurately. “D-Tools is vital in helping us track assets for each job and estimate labor accurately.  Over time, we have been able to figure out labor estimate and time management so that we are near precise every time.  This saves us a lot of time and money,” said Michaux.

Delaware Audio Visual Integration & Design is one of the top integration companies in the Delaware Valley and although D-Tools helped them build their business, this thriving company stands apart from completion due to their expertise, professionalism, and exceptional customer relations.  They have been able to win numerous impressive jobs over competitors, while remaining profitable.

“D-Tools is a critical piece of our process and allows us to create  more precise and professional  proposals. This impresses our clients and allows us to capture more projects.  We don’t have to undercut competition to acquire the work because our accurate and fair proposal speaks for itself,” said Michaux.  “We demonstrate our value to the client upon the initial meeting, set the professional bar, and win the job. D-Tools is key to our business process.  It has provided us with the opportunity to be more efficient and expand our business and excel in a market place where value and expertise are of utmost importance.”


  • By utilizing D-Tools full capabilities, Delaware Audio Visual Integration & Design is accurately estimating labor within 5% or less, thus resulting in reduced errors,  enabling them to ensure that their projects are profitable.


Wildwood Boardwalk at the Jersey Shore:

Delaware Audio Visual Integration & Design integrated a versatile public address system for 2 miles of boardwalk on the Jersey Shore.  The speakers are used for public service announcements, safety and security of the visitors, weekly fireworks shows, boardwalk performances, fairs, and festivals. D-Tools assisted with the designs, invoicing, labor management, sales and work order management and the scheduling of this intense 2 month project.

Morey’s Piers and Beachfront Water Parks:

Delaware Audio Visual Integration & Design also integrated all the sound and technology for a well known amusement park that spans over eighteen acres along six beach blocks and includes three amusement piers and two beachfront water parks.

They were responsible for the implementation of over 80 zones of audio distribution for the piers, attractions, and the water parks.  This year they were closely involved in the audio and special effects for a brand new haunted amusement ride, “The Ghost Ship”.  This included multiple zones of background audio, video screens, and triggerable audio visual effects that enhanced the guest experience in this very thrilling attraction loosely based on the Philadelphia Experiment.  They utilized D-Tools to help them map out the project step by step and allowed for quick change orders as the “Ghost Ship” project was a dynamic process, with fast pace requests coming in daily.