Camera Corner Connecting Point Reduces Costs, Synchronizes Processes, and Increases Operational Efficiencies by Implementing D-Tools




Business Challenges:

  • Projects spread across various software platforms created inefficiencies in work flow
  • Slow to produce quotes and changes to customers led to possible losses in revenue
  • Manual processes bottlenecked project completion


Founded in 1953 and based out of Green Bay, Wisconsin, Camera Corner Connecting Point (CCCP) is the oldest camera/computer store in Northeast Wisconsin. Specializing in photo, voice, data and audio video, Camera Corner Connecting Point plays a part not only in the corporate sector, but also caters to education, government and retail customers alike.

On a particularly frustrating day dealing with systemic issues, Scott Tomashek of Camera Corner Connecting Point stumbled upon the D-Tools website via the AV Industry Professionals group on LinkedIn®. At this point in time, CCCP’s biggest issue was workflow inefficiency – the company was full of hard working people and long days, and they were aware that adding more people to spread the workload would only produce marginal growth. Seeing potential in the D-Tools platform, Tomashek organized his team to sit in on a demo; “we were all convinced,” he recalls. After deciding to give D-Tools a shot, Camera Corner Connection Point began completing more work in the same amount of time. “By adding D-Tools we increased our team’s efficiency,” said Tomashek. “Now, we need to add more people to support our growth.”

Another challenge Camera Corner Connecting Point faced was that each stage of the design process was handled by a different person, and that increased the susceptibility of errors and created additional workflow inefficiency. Initial design ideas were sketched by hand, quotes were created in Microsoft Excel and drawings were completed in Visio. “We had multiple systems to do our job and none of them were linked together to share information,” Tomashek said. After signing up for full access to D-Tools Data and Training, Camera Corner Connecting Point began to not only see their processes sync up, but they were also able to streamline projects that existed in various software platforms.

The greatest benefit for Camera Corner Connecting Point thus far has been the link/integration of Estimation Design. “This feature solves so many issues; if you change the design it changes the quote.” Because CCCP was already familiar with Visio, they started by integrating Visio into the quoting tools. “Being able to export data for wire and equipment labels has been really effective,” said Tomashek. In fact, by implementing D-Tools, CCCP began to see wire label costs reduced by 90%.

One day, Tomashek contacted D-Tools Founder and CEO Adam Stone about using graphics for the connectors in D-Tools SI, which is something used on CCCP drawings prior to working with D-Tools. After polling other users for ideas along this line, Camera Corner Connecting Point and D-Tools collaborated to create graphical line ends (among other new features) in a forthcoming service pack.

“The usability of the product speaks volumes about the commitment of the D-Tools staff,” Tomashek recalls. “To have a company take ownership like that helps me know that I’m supported in my efforts to use this product and do my job well.”

Benefits from Implementing D-Tools:

  • Increased Efficiency – More work in less time
  • Synchronized disparate processes
  • Costs reduced by 90% for wire labels alone

By implementing the D-Tools software platform, Camera Corner Connecting Point solved many of their large, hard-to-solve problems, which resulted in higher efficiency, faster turnaround times, and greater cost effectiveness in their everyday projects. Having all of their information in one place has proven to be exponentially helpful, and the easier, streamlined functionality of D-Tools software has shown clear benefits in many areas of the company.