Cabinetry is perhaps one of the most stunning parts of any home.  Cabinets are functional, decorative, and made in all shapes and sizes.  Cabinetry is used for storing everything from fine china to sports equipment and the growing trend is to install electronic components in cabinets and conceal them behind closed doors.  While this may be aesthetically pleasing, heat becomes an instant problem.  A very common shortcoming in the design and construction of today’s cabinetry that houses this electronic equipment is proper ventilation for the heat generated by technology systems.  As a result, Cabinet Venting is the most common application for cooling products.  By using Cabinet Venting products from Cool Components, installers can quickly and easily solve the issue.

When designing a thermal solution consider aesthetics but, more importantly, also consider the type of equipment and the amount of heat that will be generated.  The Cabinet Vent (VS-CV) is a best selling product but the SlimSix System (VS-S6), HiFlo Lite Vent (VS-HFL) and HiFlo Basic System (VS-HFB) are also designed for venting cabinets and move significantly more air.

While installing cabinet cooling solutions, the first step, which is a matter of good practice not cost, is to maximize the natural airflow within the cabinet.  Space components according to manufacturer specifications when possible and keep wiring organized so it does not block airflow. Have sufficient openings in shelving to allow airflow between the shelves – the best method is to notch out the back of the shelves which provides for easy wire management as well as good airflow. If the size and design of the cabinet dictates that you must stack components on top of each other, consider using one of the Component Cooling Units (CP-CC) between the pieces of equipment to facilitate airflow. Then, install venting products high in the cabinet and focus on exhausting the hot air.  Cool air will be drawn into the cabinet through even the smallest openings.  If needed, a passive grill may be added in the lower portion of the cabinet to increase airflow.


By following these few, simple guidelines you can extend the life of your customer’s equipment, eliminate annoying thermal shutdowns and reduce heat-related service calls.

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