indexThe Report Designer is a great tool with many features that sometimes go unnoticed. One such feature would be Report Binding. Report Binding is the process of taking an existing report, such as the client, installation, management reports, or an existing subreport and embedding them in another report. A subreport is generally a small report that does not display within the Report Explorer and is used exclusively to add data to another report. This process can create plenty of different combinations for custom reports. In this article we will be covering how to create a Proposal with contract payments.

Let’s start our custom report by opening the Standard Report Designer. This can be done by clicking Start>Reports>Standard Report Designer.

7-28-2015 4-33-55 PM

Within the Standard Report Designer, click the File button and select New.

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On the first window of New Report Wizard, we have two choices. The first, “New Report Based on Existing Report”, this option will create a new report based on an existing published report. The second option, “New Blank Report”, will create a blank page for creating the report. For our example, we will be choosing the “New Report Based on Existing Report” option.

7-27-2015 11-09-21 AM

Click Next. On the next window, we have the list of available reports to choose as our base. We will start by choosing the Proposal report.

7-27-2015 12-21-10 PM

Click Next. Now it’s time to give our report a name. Once the Report has been named, click next until the New Report Wizard is finished.

7-27-2015 12-21-58 PM

After clicking the Finish button the Report will be generated.  Scroll down to the grpSummaryDetail section, this is where we will insert the “Contract Payment” subreport.

7-29-2015 11-09-29 AM

Inserting a subreport can be done by clicking the subreport option within the Toolbox on the left-side of the Standard Report Designer and dragging it into the desired location on the Report.

7-28-2015 5-46-34 PM

Once the Subreport box is in the proper location, which in this example will be directly above the signature lines, right-click it and select “Bind to D-tools Report”.

7-28-2015 6-39-46 PM

Select the “Contact Payment” report and click OK.

7-29-2015 11-12-50 AM

Clicking File>Preview, while run the report using a sample project.

7-29-2015 11-19-54 AM

After all the modifications have been done, click File>Publish to make this report available for future use.

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