The new $19.5 million Weatherup Center at Arizona State University provides ASU’s Sun Devils basketball program with a state-of-the-art practice facility. Tannoy loudspeakers were installed throughout the space ensuring audio quality and vocal intelligibility for the coaches, teams and administrative staff.

The privately funded two-story building provides both the men’s and women’s basketball teams with identical court spaces on the east and west sides of the building. The building core is shared space for offices, locker rooms and lounges. Jeremiah Associates, located in Scottsdale, Arizona was tapped to design and specify the audiovisual and IT systems for the building.

“It is a very media rich environment with video walls and displays everywhere you look,” explains Jerry Davis, AV Consultant. “One of the requirements was that the audiovisual be state-of-art. Oftentimes you have amazing video paired with inadequate audio. This was not the case for this installation. It was imperative that the audio be of the highest quality.”

As a result, Davis specified an assortment of Tannoy CMS medium format ceiling loudspeakers for the offices, locker rooms and lounges and a pair of Tannoy VQ100 loudspeakers for each of the practice courts.

“Being highly reverberant spaces, the practice courts posed the biggest challenge,” adds Davis. “The systems primary purpose was for music playback during practices but we also needed to accommodate the occasional use of handheld wireless microphones by the coaches.”

The VQ100 is a full range, three-way loudspeaker system designed for high output with a wide and well defined dispersion characteristic. Both loudspeakers are flown from the ceiling firing downward equal distance from the center court line. As a result the floor space is covered while bounce-back from the walls is kept to a minimum.

Each head coach office is equipped with a left-center-right system consisting of three Tannoy CMS401e high performance ceiling speaker and the complimentary CMS801 ceiling subwoofer. The 4″ CMS401e can be entirely angled towards the listener within the fixed ceiling mounting ring allowing the loudspeaker to be discreetly pivoted towards the desired area of coverage. The

Tannoy CMS801 ceiling subwoofer is a compact unit that is specifically designed to complement the full range CMS ceiling monitor systems.

Twenty-four Tannoy CMS601 DC ceiling loudspeakers and 12 additional CMS801 subs are distributed throughout the rest of the complex to compliment the video displays located throughout the facility including those in the player’s locker rooms and the common lounge area. The Tannoy CMS601 DC comprises a 6.5” Dual Concentric™ transducer mounted in a vented, injection moulded, paintable front baffle.

Each team’s video editing suites, located on opposite sides of the building, also feature two Tannoy Reveal 5A monitors.