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 Many times, installing an in-wall subwoofer is just not possible or practical. But you don’t want to use a big black box sub either. We have a great solution.

 Atlantic has an innovative product called the 10e CSB In-corner subwoofer. (See figure 1)  It sounds consistently better than conventional subs and solves most of the usual installation/appearance/décor problems that people object to about big box subwoofers.

 It is also inconspicuous in actual use, so it’s a great sub solution when you’re using in-wall speakers but don’t want to install an in-wall sub—especially if it’s a retrofit in-wall system, where ripping up an entire stud bay to install an in-wall sub is not practical or desirable.

Atl Tech CSB Figure 1
                                      Figure 1


 1. Corner-mounting reinforces the bass output. Think of each major room boundary (a floor, wall, or ceiling) as an “acoustic mirror” that reinforces the sound and think of the subwoofer as an “acoustic light bulb.”

 Regular subs are usually located at the junction of two such boundaries (the floor and one wall). So the light is reflected (magnified, if you will) by two mirrors. But put that same light bulb in the corner, and now you have THREE mirrors reflecting the light.

 More bass than from a sub located on the floor along the wall, or in the wall. That’s what the 10e CSB gives you. (See figure 2)

Atl Tech CSB Figure 2
                                                 Figure 2

 2. The sound of our 10e CSB Corner Sub is optimized for its corner placement location. The sound of a conventional sub varies greatly depending on where it’s placed in a room. Put it near a corner, it sounds one way. Put it halfway down the wall, it sounds completely different. Neither may be correct or satisfying. Even so-called subwoofer/receiver auto-room correction circuitry is a compromise at best, a rough approximation.

 But our 10e CSB Corner Sub has special circuitry to make it sound great in the corner–BECAUSE WE KNOW THAT’S WHERE IT’S GOING!

 3. It looks better than a “Big Black Box.” The shape is far less noticeable or objectionable.

 4. Since the driver is down-firing and there is no grille on the cabinet to get in the way, you can paint the cabinet (the logo is easily removable) to match the walls and the whole thing virtually disappears in the room.

 5. The 10” driver is a super heavy-duty unit and this thing really pumps out the bass!

 To sum up: Great bass output, easy installation, performance optimized for its corner location, and virtually unnoticeable in the room—practically invisible once you paint it to match the walls. Visit for the full story.