oldcomputerMiscellaneous Items have always been a very useful tool for adding or in some cases subtracting a monetary amount from the project.  With the release of SI2016, Miscellaneous Items got a bit of an upgrade. Within the Miscellaneous Item Window you have the option to Compute, which will calculate a value based on a percentage of the items within your project. In this article we will cover the different options and how to use the compute button.

First, we will need to add a new miscellaneous item.  This can be done via the Home tab within the Project Editor.2-22-2016 5-11-43 PM

On the Miscellaneous Item Window give the item a name and click the “Compute” button.

2016-05-23 5-04-38 PM

From within the “Compute Price from Project Items” Window you have several options.

“Compute price from all items” will calculate the price based all items (Labor and Products) within the Project.

2016-05-24 11-19-16 AM

“Compute price from all products” will calculate the price based all products within the Project.

2016-05-24 11-20-46 AM

“Compute price from all labor” will calculate the price based all labor within the Project.

2016-05-24 11-21-46 AM

“Compute price from specific products and labor” will calculate the price based on items selected within the Project.  With this option you will have two buttons available, one for selecting the products and the other for selecting the labor.

2016-05-24 11-25-12 AM

Selecting Products

2016-05-24 11-25-47 AM

Selecting Labor

2016-05-24 11-26-11 AM

Computed Price with Selected Items

2016-05-24 11-26-33 AM

In the Field section of the “Compute Price from Project Items” we have several data fields that can be used to compute the Miscellaneous Item Price.

2016-05-24 11-30-14 AM

In the Rate section you can input the desired percentage. The Price of the Miscellaneous Item will be shown in the Computed Price Field.

2016-05-24 11-48-50 AM

Click OK and you will be back at the Miscellaneous Item Window.  Keep in mind this is not an automatic process.  If a new item is added into the project that you want to be calculated in the Miscellaneous item price, you will have to re-compute the price.