Our MVP partner, Atlona, has recently published an insightful white paper about Active Cable Technology and we wanted to share it with our blog and newsletter community.  Read on!


As more and more features are built into the HDMI standard we’re forced to use cables that support greater bandwidth than ever before, which has led to design challenges with newer cables. As cable distance and bandwidth are increased we start to see changes to our signal.

With copper cable, as distance increases bandwidth is reduced, and while the low frequencies will pass untouched, the higher frequencies will be affected. This happens when a lot of data is being transferred between digital devices at high rates. Depending on the quality of the cable being used, at 15 feet we start to see severe attenuation at the higher frequency range. This variance can be as much as 17db which would severely compromise our signal. Even on extremely high quality cables we can see between 8 and 9db attenuation at 15 feet. For a cleaner signal attenuation must be minimized.

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