Technical Support.  What do your customers expect when they think about the support your company provides?  Is it a positive experience?   Is it progressive?

For the past few months D-Tools has taken a hard look at how we define our support and what our customers expect from it.  The answers we found prompted us to take a different approach and find new ways to deliver support to our customers.  When we started analyzing our process and services we immediately recognized the need to give our users access to view their own support inquiries and issues.  We felt an enhancement such as this would contribute an even greater value to our products and services.  Additionally, we found that our process was too reactive and lacked any social presence.   We could see the need to build that presence and provide a far more proactive approach to handling technical issues in order to help keep our user base informed of bugs and caveats they can avoid, in turn increasing productivity.

In the coming months D-Tools will be rolling out new systems used to document technical issues.  This new system will provide a portal for our customer base, allowing them access to and visibility of their support tickets.   We hope this customer portal will grow and progress to provide a base for end user feedback, visibility, and communication for our current products as well as planned products and services provided in the future.

To address the social aspects necessary to providing great service, we plan to build a support presence in our social media pages by fielding basic inquiries and questions when they arise.  By utilizing these platforms we can effectively feed our users information that will keep them informed and productive, preventing the need to contact support through traditional methods.

It is our hope these new methods and tools will help to create a progressive, positive experience when using our support services.   Stay tuned to our social feeds for more information regarding these planned services and many others to come.