D-Tools Partner, formerly known as Colorado vNet, 3vNet plans to increase staff and provide new dealer programs


Colorado vNet, a manufacturer of advanced, elegant and easy to use whole-house automation products, has announced it will formally operate under the new company name 3vNet Inc., effectively immediately.

The rebranding follows the completion of the purchase of Colorado vNet Corp, led by company CEO Mike Anderson, in April 2012.

“The name 3vNet is a natural fit for this brand,” said Anderson. “We understand the ups and downs the brand has had over the past few years and we want our dealers to know that we recognize that and will use it as the foundation for going forward.  Keeping the past top of mind will keep us humble and make us work harder to make things better. The third generation of this brand will be different than the previous two and 3vNet customers will soon see the benefits of our efforts. Key factors in the strategy to move forward are: a more open architecture; new pricing strategies; increased product development efforts; and, more and better training.  These efforts will combine to ensure our customers will receive the best this industry has to offer.”


As part of the rebranding strategy, 3vNet is driven by a renewed commitment to customer service. The company has already doubled its tech support team to provide customers with an even greater level of support.


Operations in New Hampshire and Colorado are being consolidated into a single location in Orlando, Florida.  This consolidation will streamline internal operations, reduce overall costs and provide a much better pool of talent to support the aggressive growth of the engineering and software development teams.


The new 3vNet headquarters are located at:

2400 Sand Lake Road, Suite 600

Orlando, Florida, 32809

Main: (800) 987-8638

Support: (888) 864-0303


Key team members from Colorado and New Hampshire will continue with the company and will be relocating to Orlando over the coming months.  In the meantime, the company will utilize available technologies to make the transition appear seamless to dealers.


The servers that support existing systems and the commissioning of new systems have been located to a new secure site with 24/7 maintenance and support.  Additionally, the management of 3vNet is investing heavily in the company’s infrastructure to ensure its support programs are made more readily available to customers.


Thanks to the development of better vendor relationships under its new management, 3vNet is rolling out a new pricing structure for its products that enables dealers to be more competitive and provides homeowners with a more affordable solution for total home control.


For more information on 3vNet, please visit http://www.3vnetco.com.