Archiving projects is an easy way to clean up data you no longer need to see in the Project Explorer. Why should projects that you have completed long ago clutter your SI work space? Also, on the SI Server there are tools to help you clean up data to optimize performance.

Archiving Projects

Projects can be archived singly or in multiples. Hold the Ctrl or Shift key when selecting projects, then click the Archive button on the Home tab of Project Explorer. You’ll then see a prompt to confirm the archive. This dialog also includes a message to inform you of any tasks published to Mobile Install.

Archive Project dialog

Keep in mind that projects must be checked in order to archive them. This requirement ensures that all up-to-date data for the projects are on the server to be collected for the archive. Projects can be unarchived at any time.

Exporting Archived Projects

A new feature was released with a recent update – exporting archived projects! (Get the latest build of SI Client here: First, go to the Archived view in Project Explorer to view all projects you have archived.

Archived button

Archived projects can be exported singly, in multiples (Ctrl or Shift key), or all listed in the current view (hold Ctrl + A keys). Select the archived projects and go to Tools tab > Send To > Zip. You’ll then be prompted to tell SI where to store the exported files. Once exported, a confirmation message will be displayed.

Export confirmation message

The projects will be exported as .zip files in the designated folder, so they can be imported back into SI at any time.

Deleting Archived Projects

Exporting archived projects to a folder will not delete them from the Project Explorer archive list. However, if you no longer need immediate access to the old files, they can be deleted. Removing the old files will create more space on the SI Server, and ultimately, reduce the size of the backup file. This is very helpful if you are working with a lot of data and your backup takes a long time to complete.

Just like archiving and exporting, projects can be deleted singly or in multiples. Select the projects and click the Delete button. A confirmation message will display, which includes a list of the projects that will be deleted.

Delete Projects dialog

SI Server Options

Open the SI Server Manager and click on the Options tab to see some tools for quick cleanup of the SI Server. Specifically, the “Repair and defragment indexes on your SI Server” and “Remove unused files on SI Server” options are helpful for improving performance and reducing the size of the data folder, and subsequently, the backup file. There will be less data to backup, so the time it takes to complete should decrease as well.

Suggested Steps for General Cleanup

  1. Archive projects 
  2. Export archived projects to a file 
  3. Delete archived projects
  4. Open SI Server Manager > Other tab – Defragment database and remove unused files

If you need assistance with this process or have questions, reach out to the Support Desk at or go to and chat with us!