Workflow Rules is a new feature that was released with v12 that allows you to set up notifications to appear in SI when criteria you have set are met. The notifications will appear at the top right of SI. People who are not using SI will receive an email (yes, you can send a notification to any email address).

There are five modules for which Workflow Rules can be set up:


Purchase Orders


Service Orders

Service Plans

When setting up a workflow rule, you’ll first set up the trigger, “Execute On”. This will initiate the rule. For example, selecting “Update” will trigger the rule when the module is updated. 

Next, you’ll select the criteria. All criteria must be met in order for the rule to complete. The AND rule is in effect when multiple criteria are selected. For example, if “Status” and “Published/Unpublished to Mobile Install” is selected, both events must occur for the workflow rule to execute.

Once the trigger and criteria are set, then you’ll go to the Notify section to tell it who to notify. Resources assigned to the task, for example, can be easily notified by simply checking a box. Any user listed in SI can be added, whether or not they are assigned to anything. Also, any email address can be added, so important stakeholders outside of SI can be notified.

Finally, in the Actions section, you can set certain actions to take place. The task or task reports can be locked until further notice. This section is optional.

Only users with permissions to lock/unlock will be able to unlock the task or reports.

For more information, visit the Workflow Rules article.

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