Why You Don’t Want to Miss the Inaugural SIX Training in London

As a long time user and trainer of D-Tools, I’m especially excited about the release of D-Tools SIX.   I’ve been receiving snapshots of the progress over the past year or so and now that I’ve been beta testing I’m realizing just how fantastic this version of D-Tools is.  I won’t go into all of the specific features that I find so attractive (there are so many that I’m excited about it would take another full post to achieve that).  I’ll just say that it’s obvious D-Tools has been listening to their customers!

Now back to the training in London.  I believe this is my 4th or 5th time doing a regional training across the pond and this is the one I’m most excited about – I’m eager to share my enthusiasm for this new version and assist the attendees with their implementation of the best D-Tools software release ever.  It’s been about a year and a half since we were last in the UK – so if you are looking to upgrade to D-Tools SIX, don’t miss this opportunity to attend this comprehensive course.  If you’ve never been to one of our regional trainings, let me explain to you how these courses are organized and delivered.  Seating is limited to allow for quality interaction and personal attention, so hurry up and register so you don’t miss the opportunity to attend this course!

The 3 day regional trainings are completely hands on.  I lead the course from the front of the room and the attendees each have their laptop with a virtual pc installation of D-Tools (I’ll get back to the virtual pc in a bit).  As we go through each course module (see below) I demonstrate a process for everyone on the big screen and the attendees follow along.  Typically I will go through various processes a couple of times to be sure everyone is on track as well as to give me the opportunity to reinforce best practices and methodologies as well as address specific questions.  The course delivery is designed to have emphasis on the WHY and not just the HOW; with particular emphasis on efficiency, effectiveness and best practices.   I want you to understand the process and not just which buttons to push.

The course is designed to follow the progression of a project in D-Tools.  We start with some of the essentials like configuration of the software for your business and building/ managing your database, and then we move into creating a proposal and putting it through the typical project life cycle complete with proposal revisions, change orders, project documentation in Visio, installation documentation and reporting, scheduling and post installation service orders.  We then dive into advanced topics such as Visio and reports customization.

Questions are encouraged throughout the course and actually many attendees have testified in the past that the networking and idea sharing that takes place during these courses was one of the major advantages to their training experience.  Imagine a room full of your peers who are equally as engaged in improving their business processes with D-Tools.  It’s not uncommon for cards to be exchanged and valuable contacts made for assisting each other post training with ideas, processes and tips/ tricks.

We’ve received feedback and testimonials from experienced and new users alike that the training content covers the spectrum between core D-Tools education, best practices and advanced topics allowing users from all experience levels to obtain value from the course.

I mentioned the use of Virtual PC installations earlier in this post.  Several years ago we decided to pursue the use of a virtual pc installation for every attendee in the course.  This allowed us to ensure that every attendee is using an identical platform for the training, with the same D-Tools database and software installed, making it much easier for all the attendees to follow along with the training.  It also allows the attendees to engage in the training without making changes to their company’s production D-Tools database configuration.  (It also makes things easier as we don’t have attendees showing up without D-Tools installed, etc…)  It also ensures that the setup you are using exactly matches my setup, making it easier for you to follow along and focus on learning!

I strongly urge you to take advantage of this hands-on training opportunity for D-Tools SIX.  This is hands down the most powerful version of D-Tools yet, and you are not going to want to miss the chance to attend this comprehensive 3 day course. See you in London!!  Contact Jeff Oakes if you’re interested in registering for this course.


Here is a list of the topics we’ll cover in the course:

Day 1

  • Introduction to SIX
  • Setup & Configuration
  • Database Entry and Management
  • Creating a Proposal
  • Running Reports
  • Revision Management and Change Orders

Day 2

  • Visio Line Diagram
  • Visio Floor Plan & Installation Reports
  • Visio Elevations
  • Visio Schematics & Installation Reports

Day 3

  • Scheduling
  • Service Orders
  • D-Tools & AutoCAD
  • D-Tools and QuickBooks
  • Customizing Visio
  • Customizing Reports

Testimonials from past Attendees:

  • “Just learning the tips and tricks for using Visio has saved me more time/money than the cost of the course.”
  • “Excellent course for all but the very highest level users. Ryan is a fantastic presenter/ trainer and is very patient!”
  • “I was surprised by the level of content in the course. As a user since version 4 I was expecting to be bored!”
  • “The content was not so deep to get lost or left behind, but was deep enough to really understand the software”
  • “The presenter was very friendly and patient, he walked us through each step of the process.”
  • “There were good tips and help for an experienced user”